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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Ok, I did some grading test, keep in mind that I used the HD MP4 video, not the original MOV. I used only GH2 raw clips! So the quality is smashed, but the question is about the look which is much more cinematic in my opinion:

  • @producer, I like very much what you did to the GH2 clips and yes more cinematic! Very nice to see that the hacked GH2 can be be pushed to create such artistic looks with the right knowhow and software. Would be interesting to see the same grade on several of the BMPCC raw clips for comparison. Anyhow, I guess I've been trying to grade more toward what my eyes saw in reality - white sand, tanned Asian skin with reddish, brown tones etc. Think I first need to become proficient in such basic skill before moving onto more such artistic looks but yes now what was that software you used! LOL Not wanting to get too far off topic with color grading talk but thanks for showing how flexible and cinematic the GH2 hacked footage can be!

  • @crowbar: Ok, no problem, I will spent few minutes soon for grading the BMPCC scenes from your video.

    Telling you in advance that the settings of my FilmVision Pro developing plug-in applied for GH2 look more than terrible on BMPCC!!!

    Let's not change the topic, but I did very fast grading on an ungraded Sony a6000 clip and the results simply shocked me - I've never supposed that a6000 is more than amazing camera for video grading, even that it's only 8-bit! Just fantastic!!! With the right vintage lens this camera can give very cinematic motion picture. And after an easy grading the result can be extremely amazing!

    Just compare below. GH2/3 (not sure even about GH4) can't even dream of such a look and grading:

  • @crowbar: Ok, here it is:

    P.S.: Just in addition few hours after this upload - accidentally I've found a frame from "2 Guns" (Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg). The tones, nuances and the general look and feel of my grading is very close to the movie.

    You can easily suppose that the both frames are from the same movie, can't you?

    1280 x 544 - 204K
    2 Guns Trailer (2013) HD []_(1080p).mp4_20131104_124927.142.jpg
    1920 x 804 - 133K
  • @producer, No. The first frame for some reason seems softer

  • @sleepy32: Ha?!?!?!? Actually the 1st BMPCC looks drastically sharper, and of course thinner - that's what you mean, I'm sure (typical for BMPCC). Well, that's what was in the original source, what can I do?!? There is a sand on the 1st picture - very fine sand. While there is a coarse soil dry ground on the 2nd. Please, judge and compare objectively!

  • Where can one find this plugin? I'd like to try it. Thanks

  • @producer. No, the highlights look poorly colored on the BMPCC shot and the saturation looks strange.

    There are some odd color tones going on in everything that you grade, it looks like magic bullet gone wrong.

  • @jpbturbo: As I wrote already, I did the grading process onto the Vimeo converted hd.mp4 file, not the original one!!! Download the same file and post your grading here, then let's see if it has any kind of a motion picture analogy.

  • This grading motion picture cinematic look whatsoever talk is going nowhere. It's somewhat subjektive and should not be discussed in this topic…

  • @sam, this topic got lost a long time ago haha

  • I think we should have a Grade-off, where everyone downloads the Vimeo comverted hd.mp4 file :-)

  • I can only wonder if all this motion picture look talk is just a guy trying to sell his plugin. All I see in these examples is a lot of crushed blacks and over saturated colors. I don't like most of the "afters".

    Let's get back to something worthwhile, like driftwood's upcoming next release.

  • Well, there's that jitter problem I reported a few days ago. Once again, the details. Shot scenes with the Moon T7 version that shoots at pure 24 and 30 fps. My 30fps footage has this vertical jitter, as though every other frame was one pixel higher or lower. No such jitter on the 24fps footage. (This is playback within Premiere Pro.) Any idea what's wrong?

  • @Jim_Simon

    I see, and when you mean span. I assume when the file size hits 4gb it stops recording correct? If that's the case, then I definitely need to get the 64gb size. Thanks!

  • LOL, shoots, sorry my video upload started a grading debate. I thought about providing a dropbox link for the original files but forget about it! Bottom line is that these hacks with settings turned down allows one to push the grade to what ever look they want. Some people like Producer prefer darker shadows/higher saturation and others don't! Good thing were all different otherwise it would be boring. I agree with sam, no need to continue that topic here. Even though I now have the GH4, I also look forward to Driftwood's new release and plan to keep the GH2 no matter what! It will make a good B camera to the GH4 more so than the GH3 I think, at least in terms of video. And it is small so Ideal for mounting on a Gimbal.

  • @Brian_Siano In case your 30FPS Footage was recorded in HBR mode its most likely a misinterpretation of your NLE. GH2 writes these files into an interlaced container, if you don't tell your NLE manually that its progressive footage inside its can result in the kind of problem you describe.

  • @Brian_Siano,Yes, what I said is @Meierhans, true and very important for 30p,or 25p

  • @Meierhans Thanks. I'm not sure how to do this in Premiere Pro, but I'll hunt around and report back.

    But it seems to me that, if I'm using Moon T7, I ought to use the version that shoots at 23.97 and 29.97 fps.

    ADDENDUM: Just went into Premiere Pro. Selected the footage, right-clicked on Modify/Interpret Footage, and selected Progressive (Ignore fields). Footage now looks great. Thanks, Meierhans and Kris!

  • @Brian_Siano, This road is,...This is true not only for Luna7.I'm glad if we helped

  • moon T7 :) igloo test

  • 2 questions for whomever..

    Which version of moon had the smaller files?

    Also has anyone found definitive evidence of recordings at 24p versus 23.976? thanks

  • @flaschus

    Moon T-5 has smaller files. Also your question about 24p versus 23.976 is very vague?

  • Shoot 23.976 fps

  • Hello Everybody, hope all's well. First post here. My GH2 on DrewnetT9 needs a reboot to clear the warning 'this movie file cannot be played', when recording on any 24p mode. Has this happened to anyone? I can live with it, but it is annoying, and costs me some precious time. DrewnetT8 worked perfectly, except the HI 24p modes were erratically decoded in FCP X - some had some nasty drops, which resulted in some file losses - the files played fine on the GH2, and were mostly ok on FCP X, so the cards were wiped before the problems were spotted. Again, has this happened to anyone, and can i do anything to save those files? These are post-import .mov files. Thanks, and all the best. PF

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