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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @Renovatio The ProRes works amazingly well in Vegas, you just have to make sure you have the Apple quicktime decoder installed in Windows, but I think it is now a standard part of the Quicktime installation. I've been grading directly from Vegas with Magic Bullet Looks and am blown away by the quality of the output I am seeing. The DNG I cannot speak to (yet) with Vegas.

  • Anybody using the viewfactor cage and set up by any chance on their BMPCC?

  • @apix

    Many have the ViewFactor cage and they all seem to like it.

  • I have it. Love it and makes the camera lookmmean

  • Thanks Brian202020 and Vicharris for the info, Do you recommend the cage basic kit or just the cage, i am starting to rig this thing up and see what is the best option. Thanks again for the info and advise for everything

  • The BMPCC MFT camera arrived new today from a small Canadian store and was out of the box for an hour when this was taken. I actually asked them to open and try it out before sending it out, they said it was OK regarding orbs and black spots... Left edge shows vertical bars that are constant throughout various exposure and camera setting modes. The vertical bars are clearly apparent and do not disappear into the blacks regardless of exposure setting or lens used (Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42, 40-150, various Voigtlander and Leica primes). I have made available on YouTube unedited unconverted footage with no grading straight from camera in ProRes 4:2:2 Film Mode. ISO 200 and 45 Degree shutter, color balance at 5600K. Two second interval time lapse recording. f-stop progresses from f16 through to f2 at the end. Focus distance begins at infinity and is set to 100ft at the end. Did not stop to reset ISO to 800 as this is not a dynamic range test. Leica Summicron M DR f2 50mm M mount lens, Panasonic M to MFT adapter.

    The GUI is indeed klunky, the screen is tough to judge color balance and exposure on, even with zebras, you'll need the sekonic. Playback of files glitches at the start and plays parts of previous movies in the current clip, forward/backward navigation across clips has delays. Build is solid and the grip holds well, though the battery almost falls out once the compartment is opened. The 16mm type grain is cute, but also means I won't be hanging up the canon scoopics anytime soon when solid blacks are called for. I included recent 16mm film grain and saturation comparison links from my own development below. I am a software tester and understood the risks of getting this camera, still, something makes me think a few more cancelled orders and GH3 purchases will motivate BM to get on top of the quality before shipping out units with obvious defects. Now how am I going to get this fixed, .ca -> .au -> .ca?

    newly exposed and developed but thoroughly expired (ie: supposedly very grainy) 16mm canon scoopic ms footage for comparison:

  • @vicharris is that the cage that has all that glare? Cuz I love the look and feel of it, but the plexi has got some killer glare on it.

  • @shian Yep but that's a $15 add on. I'm going to remove it. Maybe just put it on for travel to keep the amazing screen safe :)

    Screen is still complete crap. Going to buy an Alphatron or Cineroid EVF this week for both cameras.

  • This is a fantastic little camera that packs a punch. If I was a photojournalist or someone who was out running and gunning a ton.. then this camera would be in my pocket

  • Here is my BMPCC cage. It's a nice tight fit, and gives lots of rigging options.

    DSC_4187 copy.jpg
    900 x 601 - 84K
  • Here are my very first shoots with my beloved BMPCC. Unfortunateley, I used only Oly 12-50 F3,5-5,6...

    Please, is there any solution to export 10bit 422 in Adobe Premiere Pro CC? Thanks!

  • @kholi Hey man can you send me a link to that Sony HDMI cable the works for it? I bought one (cheapo) but maybe the plug going into the camera is too long seems to stick out? It wont show up on my lilliput and on my HDTV it says some bs about signal.

  • Here's some behind the scenes of a shoot with @Shian with both the 2.5K and the Pocket. Made me realize an EVF is a must, even with the Ikan D5W.

    Shian was operating the Pocket in the Rolls from the back seat while we had the 2.5K mounted on the side.

    Can't wait to see the final, graded stuff!

    1440 x 1080 - 489K
    1440 x 1080 - 497K
    1440 x 1080 - 378K
    1440 x 1080 - 425K
    1440 x 1920 - 668K
  • Is that B-bo?

  • @vicharris You weren't kidding: looks like fun! It's always awesome to see the pocket out in the wild on a proper shoot. It's still hard to believe that tiny camera produces the images it does (I should say CAN, in the right hands). @Shian How are they cutting together? Are you needing to sharpen the pocket or blur the 2.5k or anything like that to get them to match?

  • @Stylz You mean Deebo...yep.

  • My BMPCC has vertical bars on the left side and the small Canadian shop I bought it from has authorized a free RMA warranty exchange without having to wait for Blackmagic to repair the unit. If anyone is curious about how the BMPCC ProRes 4:2:2 footage looks through an anamorphic lens I have uploaded a quick and dirty bedroom video - one version is ungraded, the other very much graded (don't try this level of saturation at home). Yes, the video is shaky - makes for a great rolling shutter test. ISO 1600 shutter 360 degrees film mode 29.97 fps - Leica Summicron f2 50mm - Bell & Howell 1.75x anamorphic modified to focus at 3 feet. Original unedited ungraded footage:

    Descoped and color graded in Lightworks Pro Beta v11.1.1.Q:

  • @Vicharris nice, can't wait to see the finish products :)

  • I'm not editing it, and I haven't had time to play with them, I'm onto another project. I will be grading this though when they have a lock on it.

  • Right on, well I'm looking forward to seeing it!

  • Yep, Shian is the one that will make it look good! I was just there to hit the red button and keep it in focus :) Here's a few more set photos.

    960 x 631 - 77K
    960 x 720 - 81K
    960 x 720 - 96K
  • @vicharris @shian Noticed you are using the ViewFactor cage with the LCD protector - do you know what size allen key I need to tighten the LCD protector? All of my allen keys are too big

  • @theconformist 1.5 metric but I took it off. Adds even more glare to the worst screen I've seen since my HVX200. Actually my 200 had a better screen :)

  • Update: My BMPCC scheduled for replacement has shown a hot pixel and faint horizontal bars in the footage as well. I will be asking the store to send me a test video before accepting a replacement unit under warranty. The original videos are available a page back in this thread. image

    1920 x 658 - 916K