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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • 2nd real world test yesterday. Shot in a Bikram Yoga studio in 100+ degree heat and high humidity. Camera got real hot but never failed. So that's a good sign for the stability. Lack of audio meters, preset white balance settings, and a few other issues make the camera a little quirky but still a powerful little camera.

  • Just got my cam in today that I ordered on Thursday (still have the B&H one in limbo), threw on the Voight 17.5 at f2 to play with lower, available light and the first thing I got out of the camera and graded looks like this. Yeah, I'm impressed. :) It was much darker in the room than this pic shows. 800ASA.

    Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 6.28.57 PM.png
    720 x 391 - 547K
  • @vicharris Just got an email from B&H they are still filling out order for people that had order on April 8th, not sure how many there are but I assume it is a lot, so I think I have to wait for a while for mines to come, since I had order on April 10th.

  • @apix Just crazy. Learned my lesson. :)

  • Haven't tested it yet, but pretty sure that the Pocket Camera is cleaner than the 2.5K. I'm hoping the color adjustments/curves can be an optional firmware update for the 2.5K as well.

    Gut tells me that the easiest way to describe the camera is calling it "The Filmmaker's Point and Shoot."

    Lack of audio meters, etc., doesn't stop you from grabbing the random nice image, but a lack of DR, detail, and accurate/nice color will.

    Almost at a point where I can comment on the camera in depth!

  • I'd also like to know what lcd shade @Trumpetman is using.

    I got my camera yesterday and here in Spain it's become evident that focussing from the screen outside is virtually impossible. It's also hard to judge exposure. So I've been looking into EVFs.

    One question I have is why are EVFs so large? Rather than one the size of a drinks can why isn't there a variety of HDMI EVFs like the tiny ones you can buy to clip into the Sony Nex cameras, like this

    It seems there's nothing that says an EVF has to be massive.

  • @kholi I might agree with you that it's cleaner. From handling if for one day, something just feels different in the footage to me.

  • One question I have is why are EVFs so large? Rather than one the size of a drinks can why isn't there a variety of HDMI EVFs like the tiny ones you can buy to clip into the Sony Nex cameras, like this

    You need all connectors to be present, battery mount, etc.

    Plus making tiny connectors is very hard as all small panels supply is tightly controlled and no one will provide them freely.

  • The lcd screen shade is a JJC 3.5" shade for camcorders. I modified it to just attach to the top shoe mount. They are on Ebay and Amazon also under Rainbow Imaging. It works ok, but will ultimately need a loupe.

  • B&H just confirmed shipment of my order for a BMPCC. I ordered on April 9th. That's only six months.... less than the time I waited for my BMCC, so things are improving. I wonder if I should order a BMCC 4K?

  • Yup - I just got confirmation of my order from April 9th from B&H too.

  • Thanks for the update guys, I order from april 10th, so hopefully mine will come soon :)

  • I talked with a customer service agent at B&H and while he couldn't tell me exactly how many camera's we on order he said it was in the thousands and that they were receiving a shipment on Oct 1 of around 150 cameras. He also mentioned that they received 750 BMCC.

  • @MaulKentor

    Not bad news. But still slow.

  • Over here in Singapore, it's easier to get the BMPCC from smaller retailer. Just last week while window shopping, I bought the BMPCC from a small camera shop. No pre order nonsense. Same goes to the BMCC EF when I bought it 6 months ago. There's always a long queue in bigger shops I reckoned.

  • @PixCanFly, could you please indicate some companys you might know so we can try to order from these shops?

  • The BMPCC is now available here in India @ Rs.108000 ($1729), no pre ordering, can be picked up off the shelf, Id say its very expensive considering that products by other companies are priced much closer to the prices in the US.

  • Hopefully I´ll have mine in the mail tomorrow! Good times! :)

  • I ordered it from B&H July 26th (took me a while to save up ok!) so I guess Ill get mine mid 2014. -facepalm :(

  • @Greenidge that sounds like a total rip off man, I think that's shop owners taking advantage of limited availability. I wonder when we'll see our first 'Blackmagik' or some other scam like that.

  • The screen is at least two generations behind the mainstream manufacturers in terms of contrast and brightness. It is also physically extremely soft. In fifteen years of using, testing and working with digital cameras on all six continents and in extreme conditions I have never scratched a rear LCD. Yet somehow I managed to scratch a big hole in the BMPCC's LCD screen on the first day or field use. I have no idea how, but I now have a group of about a dozen bright yellow pixels engraved permanently at the top left of my screen

    Camera arrived with one visible hot pixel, and also a large dust booger on the sensor. The dust was easily removed with a blower, but the hot pixel is there forever unless Black Magic comes up with a sensor refresh mode, which many camera makers offer.

    There is no in-camera card formatting, no file erase, no thumbnail review. More importantly, there is no indication of the amount of time left on the card. Camera can not remember the last aperture used when the lens is changed or the camera restarted.

    Autofocus is, to put it politely, a work in progress. It doesn't work with all lenses. Indeed it seems to only work with a few lenses, and when it does work with these lenses it does so in a slow and inconsistent manner. Pressing the Focus button puts a white square on the center of the screen and the lens then starts to slowly autofocus. Maybe.

    I'll be gentle. The audio in the BMPCC sucks. Problem is not just the tiny in-camera mic, but the audio pre-amps as well.

  • Just for the other side Vitaliy he also said

    "I've shot video with just about all of the available video-capable DSLRs, the Canon 5D MKII and III, the Nikon D800 and D7000, the Panasonic GH3 and a wide variety of other compact system cameras. None of them can hold a candle to the image quality available from the BMPCC, or come within 3-5 stops of its dynamic range and gradeability. And that's without raw yet!"

  • @johnbrawley

    Yep, but we already had bunch of same stuff in the topic. I specially collected complains in one place.

    As for your quote. I think it is just not really too fair comparison made by reviewer. As actually you need to compare downscaled RAW photos made by mentioned cameras and footage of BMPCC to understand real potential.

    My point is - it is quite easy for big guys to add ProRes and raw. All it requires - adding fast USB 3.0 implementation and external connector. But it is much harder for BM to catch and implement all else that they have. I am working on few posts with single title "Why Black Magic can die".

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev before you kill Black Magic, I think we can watch his video. Some peaceful music - we've got to dvořák ourselves sometimes - and inoffensive leaves :-)

    Well, can't make stream of video :-( if pips interested the video lives at L.Landscape's link Vitaliy provided or here

  • It still cracks me up when someone posts crappy audio complaints for a camera.