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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • You could always get the Pocket, play around with it, see if you like it, wait for raw and see if that is enough for you and if you don't like it, I'm sure you can sell it for retail really easy if you get it anytime soon. I wouldn't base my decisions on something that will happen sometime in the future though. What are your needs right now? Do that!

  • Thanks guys... Well since mainly I shoot cinema/narrative I want a cam with a good color space and the dynamic range to achieve high quality graded visuals. The last piece I did i had to crush the bejesus out of the blacks to kill the blocks- Shot it all (Intra Venus 2) and it just made me ill I really cant stand these 4:2:0 8bit cams anymore.HOWEVER I also need a platform for commercial work, and photography too though to help with the bills . My current job is solid but the pay is not so solid.

  • If you need both seems like the GH3 is your best bet that will net you some income and provide a decent platform for narrative. You could always save up and buy a pocket second hand, down the road if need be.

  • Yeah kinda leaning that way.Plus I could sell my GH2 set up and get a better lens like the 12-35mm if I go that route. Thanks for the input.

  • I said it was a POS from day one. Damn I'm 100% right.

  • I'm right there as well. GH3 for now building up lenses and waiting for the dust to settle a little bit.

  • And here we go. It's JimmyKorea 3.0!

  • People who call this camera a POS have no idea what they are talking about. Just got mine today and I love it. I'll be shooting some test this week with Lumix and Nikons. I have GH 1,2,&3 and think they are terrific cameras, but the pocket cam is in another league.

  • Just received my BMPCC yesterday, and I must say this thing is simply magic. I already have the BMCC MFT, so using the BMPCC is second nature for me. I am simply amazed by the quality you can get from such a little camera. I still don't have any SD cards, so I spent yesterday doing tests recording ProRes to my Hyperdeck Shuttle 2. I'm waiting to buy cards as long as I can, because I want to make sure the ones I do buy work with RAW when it's implemented. This camera is far from a POS. The only beef I have is the same beef I have with all BMD camera's fix the audio and give us VU meters.

  • @QuinEtiam

    No trolling here. Find another place.


    And here we go. It's JimmyKorea 3.0!

    Nope, he is not 3.0. I think it was too boring for him, so he just want to troll your guys.

  • I kept my expectations low and so far the camera may be exceeding expectations. There are some quirks, no doubt. But having this kind of IQ in such a small package opens up all kinds of possibilities. I will probably keep mine rigged up for most things but the test I did bare camera and 11-16 lens was a bit better than expected. You just need to be careful about the shaking.

    If RAW becomes available, that will stretch this camera's potential even further. I'm going to create some LUTs today and see how far I can push the ProRes film mode.

    I highly recommend getting the Wooden Camera pocket cage. It keeps the form factor small but gives you ability to rig if you need to. i attached a handle, a mount for SmallHD DP4, and configured a shoulder rig as well.

    Audio is my next challenge. :-)

  • @smsjr

    I'd love to see a picture of how you attached a handle to the Wooden camera cage if you get a second.

  • Hard for a company to invoke the same feeling twice, but the Pocket Camera definitely surprised me and continues to surprise me as I get used to it. Definitely the same kind of awesome as getting the 2.5K MFT the first time.

    At the moment, it's very difficult to say which I actually prefer, the 2.5K or Pocket Camera, and just glad that I do not have to choose.

    Also... Anamorphics (picture attached)

    1920 x 1080 - 303K
    1920 x 1080 - 306K
  • I've only had the BMPCC for a day now, but I think I still prefer my BMCC MFT over the BMPCC. I do not own any electronic MFT lenses tho. If I did, I might think differently. That said, I will be using both regularly for different types of shots or for 2 camera set ups.

  • @Brian202020 Is one screen easier to use over the other one in bright daylight?

  • @SuperSet

    I've only had the BMPCC just over 24 hours and it's been raining here, so I haven't tested it in bright sunlight yet. It is a matte screen so I would assume it would be better than the BMCC's glossy screen, but by how much, I don't know.

  • I have to say, just shooting randomly last night and today in the park, I'm really loving the images from the camera. It feels like when I got the GH3, moving from shooting with Canons, how much sharper the images were, how much better it was to grade, better colors etc. Now its feels like the same leap again, sharper, better colors, so much fun to play with in post, and awesome skin tones. People look real again. I've just been dropping the Dr Hook LUT on things with minor tweaking and its amazing.

    The hardware side is kinda hit or miss. The battery issue is there, and SD cards aren't ideal, and the screen feels cheap. Changing settings while shooting is a little annoying too, but I guess I'm not changing white balance, ISO and shutter angle THAT often. It would be nice to have those functions mapped to hardware buttons that go unused though.

  • Blackmagic Vs RED

  • @Brian202020 Here's a pic of the handle.

    1296 x 968 - 518K
  • Nice. For some reason I was envisioning a side handle tho not the top handle. I'd like to see a cage with a operator left, side handle.

  • @kurt10 Yeah Dl-d that the other day and peeped it....Its Just a bit noisey in the shadows, like on the shed...otherwise yeah you can really see how sharp it is and the DR of the camera.

  • Here are photos of my pocket anamorphic rig. It's a Soligor focus through adapter similar to the Century Optix. I have it on the Lumix 14mm and the 14-140mm. Works on both with no vignetting. I will be shooting test this week, but I have to practice with exposure settings and learn DaVinci. Hopefully will post footage by the end of the week. Initial results aren't too bad, need to see how much I can sharpen in post.

    1008 x 567 - 170K
    1008 x 567 - 190K
  • That's just a bizarre fucking vid. The video is a cliffhanger from the standpoint that you wait forever for something useful to be said, but it never is. "Buy a hacked GH2 maaan, you won't need as much hard drive space." Brilliant analysis from the Drew network. I feel empathy for his clients, if they exist.

  • @Trumpetman which LCD sun hood is that?