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Naked & Famous Denim - The World's Most Innovative Jeans (Short-Doc Shot on GH2)
  • Hey all - check out this short documentary we shot on Naked & Famous Denim. Thought everyone might be interested to see how Driftwood's Moon 3 worked on it.


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  • nice job Matt!

  • Great job. Where in Montreal are they located?

  • Wow, really liked everything about this vid. Great job.

  • @spacewig they are located right in St-Laurent (on St-Laurent?). They have an amazing shop connected to the factory called Tate & Yoko if you live close by. If not you can order online too.

  • Very professionally done. Seriously for the none pv'r/gh2'r, the audience would be amazed the footage came out of this cam.

  • Lovely.. What lenses?

  • Excellent work! One of those you don't give a damn what it's shot on. The gh2 really shines though, but the work makes it great. Thanks for sharing, guess I'm going to buy a new couple of jeans ;)

  • @adamquesada

    Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95

    Olympus 12mm f/2

    Nikon G-series 24-70mm f/2.8

    Contax 70-210mm Macro f/3.5

    Contax 16mm Fisheye f/2.8 (1 shot only)

  • @Fontee, that was great! Very well done.

    What did you use to compress for Vimeo? Looked very clean. What settings did you go with?

    How did you guys handle color management on set? Did you shoot grey cards/color charts? Did you set color temperature by kelvin, or did you white balance to a grey/white card?

    How did you handle post? NLE, color grade, sound mix?

    Sorry for all of the questions. I just get curious when I see things done well? Always something to learn.

    That's a nice lens collection by the way.

  • Thanks @smsjr

    No colour charts or grey card. I think we went Auto White Balance for Bahzad and 3200 for Brandon. I was familiar with the lights we we're using so just did things by eye.

    Cut in FCP7 --> XML out to AE using FCP2AE Script.

    Sound mastered simply in FCP7, no ProTools.

    Treated in After Effects w. Neat Video + Shian's ColorGHears + a few simple plugins. Rendered out w/ Shian's 444 Linear Off setting.

    Brought into QTPro7 and rendered out for web using x264 @ 18,000 kbps


    Ps. Big thank you's to @Driftwood @Vitaliy_Kiselev @Shian - You guys have all enabled some great tools for the filmmaking community.

  • @Fontee Awesome! I just picked up Shian's ColorGhHears recently and will check it out this weekend.

    Again, nice job squeezing every last bit of quality out of the GH2.

  • Absolutely whiz bang job! Loved it!