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Nikon V1 raw burst 4K (download original for 4K UHD output)
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  • good quality with the little v1...a real shame taht the raw file can be max 4 sec...have you used only the kit lens?

  • Yes, I have only the kit 10-30mm but also the 100-300mm that I plan to use on a video later this year in raw mode with my anamorphic Kowa. Just to capture some one second intercuts. Could be interesting considering the possibility of greater DR than my GH2/3. Don't know yet how it's gonna turn out though.

  • AlbertZ how are you getting 4 secs on the V1? i thought 30 frames was max

  • What? You can get the 4k resolution for 4 seconds with the v1? How many fps?

  • 1sec, sorry, the keybord was fooling me ;)