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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • @Maya :

    Yes, GH2 is a contrasty camera, that's why I insisted many times that the mighty persons here who create the patches should pay a lot of attention especially to lowering the contrast and its settings in the GH2 profiles.

    The patches of those higher qualities and higher details are more that enough. I'm sure that at least 80% of all the patches are not used by the GH2 owners, only few of them.

    So, once again, the hard work should be dedicated especially to the GH2 profiles and extending their parameters (especially the contrast and sharpness settings).

    GH1 one was released, then GH2 was released, now GH3 is released and still no any patch or just a try about the PROFILES.

    I know this my post now will be followed by the same avoids and denials as before, but please just think about my words: a GH2 Profiles Patch would be THE MOST important and THE MOST popular if existed after some efforts otherwise spent for many similar patches to each other...

  • Some crop overlays would also be nice

  • And now that Canon 5D MkIII is able to shoot RAW video.... Don't we just hate Canon and Magic Lantern for doing this? :) Yet, I would love to see another Zacuto Great Camera Shootout. It's a must watch for anyone who hasn't seen it yet

  • @GravitateMediaGroup That would be great. I just use the custom guidelines. The horizontal one is roughly at the top of a Cinemascope frame, the vertical one is roughly the right edge of Academy ratio. Sort of helpful, but not really. It's nice for making sure my horizons are straight..

    @benzopilas Yeah, it's pretty cool they're getting RAW video, but for me, and I think a majority of people, RAW isn't practical; nor is a FF DSLR. Between price point, and then the workflow (not to mention computer hardware required) to work with the DNG files, it's a bit more than I'd like to deal with. Also, I'm not going to ditch all of my m4/3 stuff just for RAW video, I'd rather go with a BMCC. I think if you already have a 5Dmk3, you've hit the jackpot.

  • @producer You might be happier with IV2 - see how it works for you. I haven't encountered the issue with Moon 5 yet (or any recent patch from @Driftwood, @LPowell or @bkmwcd, et all) but I haven't looked for it either. It did not show up in the "EX24H Painting Detail" tests I have done, however. Did you carefully control all variables and shoot a reference clip with different settings to ensure that the results you experienced were in fact caused by the settings?

    Also, I don't think anyone is saying that it wouldn't be great if the color profiles/film modes were hacked. If it happened, I bet everyone would be enthusiastic. Some people simply think that it's more likely than others and the conversation often reflects that.

    @vicharris Remember, Moon 5 is designed to scale well up to extreme detail settings while IV1 and IV2 were designed to maximize detail in lower scenes (eventually running out of bitrate in higher detail ones). Also, keep in mind that IV1 may somtimes record as much as 20mpbs more than IV2 in low detail scenes. If you mainly want to max out detail in low detail scenes, one of those might make more sense.

    Personally, I've found Moon 5's detail-scaling to be quite effective in the scenes I've been shooting and has led to being able to use slower cards on low-detail shots. Also, keep in mind that the performance at low-bitrates for Moon 5 completely outclasses what you would get with older low-bitrate intra settings (like SMBU v1) when they approach the same bitrate. If you want to smile, do a head-to-head comparison. :)

  • Here is my 2nd GH2 video shot with Moon T5 and Drewnet T8.

  • Filmed using Cluster X Drewnet Trial 8 and Panasonic 14mm f2.5. It's been butchered by Vimeo by comparison, but the details in the original mts files are incredible, and when I shot similar test footage with an earlier trial the camera repeatedly crashed. No such problems this time on the 45mbps card.

  • Clip from my feature 'Cuffed' using the Moon Hack, the lens for these shot area 28mm AIS f/2.8 and the close up is the legendary 85mm AIS f/2

    (The Color Correction isn't great just wanted to throw something out there for you guys)

    Thank to Nick and everyone from personal view you guys are great!

  • @producer u r rite. but, improved Dynamic Range and Bitrate will sure help i believe.what is the actual Dynamic Range of Gh2. i heard its around 8 - 9 is it true?? 5D Mk III claims a 11.5 Nikon D800 has 13Fstop why Pany is so slow, Gh3 again has a same Dr range??

  • @maya You're comparing two full frame cameras against a cropped sensor. Some of it has to do with the inherent size difference, but also, the sensors themselves. Consider the price for a 5Dmk3 or a D800 vs a GH2/3..I'd expect a compromise somewhere..

  • Be careful not to compare uncompressed vs. compressed either. The GH2 has about 9.5 stops (measured with Xyla 21).

  • Hopefully moon T6 later tonight...

  • @driftwood

    I just left work...on my way home...battery charging.... SD card formatted... the countdown has begun...let the games begin! Haven't looked forward to something like this since I bought my GH2. Hats off to you Mr. Driftwood.

  • Shot a promotional video for my local Airport with Moon T5. Some of the shots are stock footage. 95% are GH2. Thank you @driftwood

  • @x_worpig_x Nice work. Very nice. Moon really works well for this style and feel. Nice choice in music bed. Emotional...complements the video instead of complicating it. Also nice sound work with the interviews and VOs. Baffles me still to this day that "videographers" seem to often regard sound as an afterthought.

  • @maddog15 Hey thanks a lot for the kind words! I was working along side a CBC award winning journalist. He knows quite a bit about sound editing and interviewing. He definitely helped us out with the whole process and flow of video editing and sound editing.

    I absolutely love the Moon hack & GH2.

  • Some of you might find this useful when it comes to GH2's dynamic range:

    Just in case you haven't seen it ;)

  • @x_worpig_x

    "I absolutely love the Moon hack & GH2."

    Did you see the post here from Driftwood today at around 2:20? Scroll up and check it'll be delighted.

  • @benzopilas

    yea it is there, but maybe it would be best to do it in Davinci

  • @maddog15 Oh boy! Can't wait!

  • moon T6... anything for us poor fellas with average class 10 cards? :\

  • "...moon T6 later tonight."

    oooohhhh... can't wait for the worlds best setting!

    (moon t5 - hacked GH2 was used in last David Bowie video productions, is this is true)

  • @botha, come again? Are there details about the Bowie thing anywhere?

  • @dado023. Try Slipstream 1b. Youll get nearly 3x the bitrate vs the highest stock firmware setting. Works flawlessly with my 32GB 30Mb/s cards.

  • @maddog15 from your experience, is it stable for longer recordings?

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