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Editing FCPX on an old/cheap Macbook
  • I will be shooting and editing a documentary in Central America in a place where a few things could happen to my equipment (kind of "risky" area).

    So I thought, I buy a cheap old Macbbook take it with me also for viewing, put all the footage on a lower quality and do an offline editing (original footage will be shot on GH2 and be sent to a "safer place").

    Anybody has experience down to which Macbook and OSX, FCPX still works, RAM etc?

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  • Footage? 1080p? 720p? I'd say a MB equipped with an Intel i5 core and 8gb of RAM should be ok. External FW drive highly recommended.

  • You can just make hackintosh note.

  • I work with a Core Duo 2.53, and 8 GB ram, slowly but good, even with FCX (but better with FC7).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev you mean like I could install fcpx on a small acer, for example one which has the amd 450 processor and use it for editing once converted into a hackintosh? What about the video card?

  • @gameb

    I agree with VK. Don't even think about using FCPX without a current model laptop. It is too dependent on GPU (which will be slow- or nonexistent on an old laptop).

    So either new Apple, or hackintosh. Something like a ASUS G74SX. Goes for about $1700- but you get a i7 for that.

    I wouldn't suggest going with AMD for 1st time hackintosh. It requires a custom kernel, and won't be supported as well.

    Are you sure you need a laptop? You could build a state-of-the-art desktop for much cheeper, (with power inverter and your set!)

    Cheers, A

  • Proxy media is your friend. Or an ssd.

  • Yes @willieturnip, it is. However if this is your 'only' FCPX machine proxy can become problematic if you need to decide what is out of focus- or small details. recently did an article on the makers of George to the Rescue, proxy was used for home editing on laptops- yet the studio was decked out with lots of cores- thunderbolt etc- (you get the picture).