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Animated Music Video
  • Hi everyone, Here is a new animated visual that i worked on

    Its a bit crazy and weird, but hope you guys like it. Do let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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  • Liked it!

    Thanks for sharing. Would be interesting to get feedback from people in a club where it be a good fit.

  • Liked it too Arteology. Not weird. Would like to hear a little rundown if you don't mind. Looks like AE/C4D realm. I'm trying to get more into this myself. How long did it take for you to produce this?

  • Thanks guys. Really glad you like it. Yes i used AE/C4D. If i try to put in the work days, then i would say it took me about a month to produce this thing, from idea to final execution.

  • Thanks for sharing. I was hoping it didn't take that long. ;) But, i will still try to learn it anyway.