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    Last week I put a GH2 on hold w/Samy's Camera. The price is $679.00 new body only. Yesterday, a friend sold me his brand new never used same for $550 (I tried to talk him into keeping it. He said he never used it.) Meaning, the on hold Samy's GH2, will be on hold until tomorrow, and I won't be buying it, unless I'm really crazy.

    If anyone here wants it, you can shoot me a PM and I'll give your the order number and sales reps name, so you can have what is perhaps one of the last reliable dealer new GH2 camera's around.

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  • And it sold lol

  • @jasantana Thanks for not buying it after all, I was able to get it, not a bad deal considering what new bodies are going for online these days

  • @sanzadez, that's great. Yes, I think that's a very good price for what the GH2 does. Glad it worked out for you.