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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • The horizontal noise patterns in this camera footage are very distracting to me. I wouldn't try to recover shadows in anything shot at anything higher than ISO 100. If there is a way around this, I'd like to hear it.

    1920 x 1080 - 435K
  • For Android 3.1+ users this app works well with the D5200:

    It'll give you full control, liveview and RGB Histogram. Refresh rate was lower than framerate on my Acer tablet, but still quite nice and helpful with the histogram.

  • @QuickHitRecord Can you upload the flaat12 6400ISO file to Vimeo so that I can download the original? I think I can clean up your video using the AA Avisynth script and Neatvideo.

  • @Craftwerk Sure, I'll do it when I get home.

  • D5200 has the shadow banding issue in stills as well, so it appears to be a sensor issue :(

    edit - Nikon is looking into it apparently

  • I've got a D7100 on preorder at Amazon ($5 next day shipping :D ).

    I originally started shooting video with the D90, then moved up to the D7000 because of the significant improvements in video in just about every category (the photo part was pretty badass, too). Then I got the GH2 and the D7000 was pretty weak (and heavy) in comparison. Been using the GH2 as my main camera ever since, with the D7000 downgraded to B camera (or even lower if my GoPro3 Blacks can do the job instead). Hopefully the D7100's video is nice enough to slot in between the two. Though, I won't be too disappointed if it's not, since my D7000's 90% photo, 10% video at this point already. It can only be an improvement, especially on the photo side.

    I'll post some tests once I receive it.

  • I hooked up my d5200 to a PC via USB and I can confirm that "Camera Control 2" works and controls all the functions on the d5200. You do loose the on camera LCD in live view, the image is displayed on your PC screen with a slight lag but its somewhat useable. You can not use the external HDMI output when connected via USB. Which means you can not use an external EVF or HDMI recorder at the same time.

  • Well. I dug out my old Canon 550d today and did a comparison between the d5200 and the 550d. Basically the old 550d is much better for noise and equal in sharpness (this was in Magic Lantern at 1.4x bitrate). If you use a VAF-XTI filter in it I'm guessing it will react as well to sharpening as the d5200. Actual dynamic range came out about equal - maybe a tiny edge for the d5200.

  • @eyenorth

    Well that's disappointing. I thought I saw a test compared to a 5D II and it came out about the same?

  • @mojo43 Yeah - it's quite disappointing. I'll be posting the comparison later so others can have a look-see. My 5d II is way better than the nikon d5200 in the noise department. Jello is worse on the d5200 as well. So much for the hype.

  • Damn it! Just sold my D5100... Oh well, I guess I could use my other cameras for a while.

  • @eyenorth

    When do you think you'll have the comparison up?

  • [repost of accidently lost LPowell post]

    Nikon Gamma Controls v0.1 Beta Test:

    Check it out, this is the breakthrough that takes Nikon DSLR's where no GH2 has gone before!

  • @eyenorth

    "My 5d II is way better than the nikon d5200 in the noise department."

    ...and it has that lovely pinkish (Canon lens) soft focus/low res/high moire image for portraits as well...:-)

  • @GH2UW Well... color depends a little bit on how you set up your profiles, also the VAF filter does a lot of good for artifacts and compression efficiency. But not saying it's up there with GH-series for resolution. But probably as good as D5200 if not better. Will post 550d vs d5200 test soon :-)

  • Had a Look At the D5200 and the D7100 today at the BVE in London and If the D7100 is the Same Sensor as the D5200 I think I will Order One as the D5200 felt like a childs Toy against the D7100 but saying that my GH2 feels like a childs toy against the D5200.

    I did like the fact the D7100 had 2 SD card Slots but the guys at the show said no cards could be put in the camera to see if it would roll on from one card to the other when recording movies, it had a nice bit of Gaffer tape inside stuck over the slots lol. But was told just to use a Ninja to get around the 29.59 mins issue. Infact all the Nikons on display had Ninjas attached.

    Strange thing was the nikon guy i was chatting to said he thought the D800 shot better footage than the d5200 and d7100 but I guess they want you to spend all your money on the most expesive camera.

    The D7100 did have the screwdriver connector for the older Auto Focus Lenses and was told that the aperture could be changed when in liveview which it did as i checked. And with the £50 Wifi Modual attached can be controlled and viewed like the GH3 with the free software.

  • Here is comparison between 3 yr old t2i and Nikon d5200:

    It is a bit quick and dirty, but you can get a good impression from it. The t2i is set up with Visioncolor Tech profile and the nikon with portrait mode contrast/saturation/sharpness dialled down. Same lens on both. Magic Lantern used to boost t2i ISO to match Nikon.

    The horizontal noise patterns are quite pronounced in the d5200, and pretty nasty stuff to get rid of compared to other cameras.

    HQ video file here:!54wxUJpJ!Z0NdyAnOqzzY3N38rWGSgyAPL_th2M1VgD0DStiFDoQ

  • Thanks, will check it out now!

  • The D5200 withe balance settings affect the noise level. The fluoro setting is the least noisy followed by incandescent and flash. Direct sunlight is noisiest. 100, 400, and 800 ISO are cleanest. 100 ISO on the D5200 is cleaner than any ISO on the 5D MKIII except 1250 ISO which is almost completely noiseless (a revelation).

    Another revelation is that 60i recordings are almost free of noise at high ISOs but so far every recording I've done at 60i looks like shit and I haven't figured out why.

    The rolling shutter doesn't look bad at all.

    I suspect the image on the LCD is RAW! Which could explain why it looks like a jellovision.

    Noise reduction does affect video but it doesn't reduce the noise, it just muddies it.

  • Squig, have you seen the video above by eye patch? It doesn't seem like the 5200 is cleaner than the T2i.

  • @eyenorth Here is a low-light/high ISO videotest between the Canon T4i and the Nikon D5200.

  • @Craig_R They share the same sensor, but the D7100 does away with the antialiasing filter. Nikon claims that with 24MP, moire should be almost a non-issue. Pentax did the same thing with a 16(?)MP camera, and there was about 10% increase in sharpness, but at that resolution, it also brought in some moire.

    What this means for video is anyone's guess, though. The video should be slightly sharper, but who knows if the D7100's downscaling algorithm will play nice with the moire or not. It's possible someone will come out with an antialiasing filter down the line, like what happened with Canon, if the camera is popular enough, and if moire is that much of an issue. Won't know anything until someone gets a D7100 in-hand.

    Also, the $50 Wifi add-on's functionality is very limited. You can't control the camera beyond telling it when to shoot. It could be great for event work if you want to upload pics to FB/Twister as you take them, or need to control shooting remotely (like GoPro's Wifi Remote), but that's about it.

  • I know 24p is noisy at high IS0, I have the camera right here in front of me. What I'm trying to figure out is how to get around it or defeat it. eyenorths test has some value but it's a skewed test until we learn more about the cameras emulsion. I've done a complete set of lens cap noise comparison tests vs the 5D MKIII but there's no point publishing them until I've ruled out every possible variable like the white balance noise factor for instance. It took a while to make the Canons look good, I'm not drawing any conclusions yet but a few people have been too quick to write it off with testing methodology that's been less than thorough.

  • @squig Yeah - hope there is a way around the noise problem. But the jello is quite bad - maybe not as insane as on the liveview but still pretty bad :-/

  • I thought the D5200 looked better in Eyenorth's video :) The Canon was jittering all over the place as well, and had a lot more CA Harder looking like the GH2 in the other D5200 vs GH2 video