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2014 m43 cameras, including GH5 aka 4K Wizard
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  • @Raysito22

    "There's already a 4k DSLR 8 bit 4:2:2. I'm talking about Canon 1DC. If you think that's better than Blackmagic's 12 bit RAW, and that's general opinion, then at last I can say I don't understand the human race at all. I hope it's not that way."

    Why do you assume that I would think the Canon 1DC is somehow better than BMCC...just because it's 4k? It's pretty crappy 4K (and overpriced) and I wouldn't hesitate to choose a BMCC in preference. Perhaps I should have included it as an example of 4k gimmicks, along with the JVC 4 SD card camera.

    The rest of what you say about 4k reminds me of:

    "Everything that can be invented has been invented." Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899


    "i'm glad i have no gh3, mwahaha. what a fail"

    Haha...don't be so sure. I finally got mine this morning and have been evaluating it all day under more relaxed conditions than the few minutes I played with one before. Superb little camera! (...and I even like the EVF) and a worthy upgrade from the hacked GH2's.

  • 4k tv's are going up on display here in japan,... and this was in the smaller city of fukuoka so no idea how much theyre pushing it in tokyo and osaka.

    but alot of people got new tv's last year when the tv stations all went digital,... and i reckon 4k just wasnt ready then so they threw in the 3D thing,.. so just how much theyre going to push or going to be able to push 4k remains to be seen.

    and to confuse the techy side of photography with the arty side of photography would be a silly thing to do,... they have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.

  • @brucker

    "and to confuse the techy side of photography with the arty side of photography would be a silly thing to do,... they have nothing whatsoever to do with each other."

    ...tell that to James Cameron and Peter Jackson...:-)

  • @GH2UW, thank you for your recommendation, i got a new gh2 for a good price when gh3 came out. i did go with the gh2 because i thought it will be good enough to learn DSLR video, as this is my first camera. i really like it.

  • @bumsklumpen

    If you are just entering the wonderful world of video DSLRs then starting out with a GH2 is a very good move. Even with the very positive impression I'm getting with my new GH3, I'll still probably keep at least one GH2 for a while...if only to hack it now and then to keep in practice:-)

  • @GH2UW If consumer/prosumer cameras move towards 4k, and even more when talking about 1-5k $ cameras, I don't really think they'll be doing anything better than Canon's 1DC, not this year at least. Canon 1DC is 4k gimmicks...and most of our HDSLRs are 1080p gimmicks too. Even so, they give us a lot to work with and to impress the audience, but 1080p could look a lot better thant it does today. Think of Arri Alexa 1080p prores.

    I didn't assume you were saying 1DC is better than BMCC, I just tried to make a point about how big companies take little, stupid steps forward mostly in the name of marketing, and we never get what we truly want. I believe you said 4k cameras this year might overtake BMCC and low-end REDs, maybe I just missunderstood you. I tried to say I don't see that happening as of now (though I'd be delighted if it happened obviously!).

    Lets hope video does reach the point photography has reached today, where any DSLR (or CSC) camera is an almost no-limit tool for artists. But video is much more complex, so I guess we are few years away from that. Hopefully, little companies making cheap RAW cameras might pace up the race towards what we really ask for. As of today, BMCC is the camera that gets closer to that point in my opinion. Just add better ISO, more fps, global shutter, et voila. That would be the dream.

    Anyway, we'll see and talk a lot this year about new cameras. I'll just wait and talk then, as I'm the skeptical guy here hehe. And enjoy your GH3! :)

  • @Raysito22

    The choice which now exits for us entry-level players is fantastic. For me (a well published still photographer since the 70's) serious video first became viable with the introduction of HDV several years ago...and really took of with the Canon 5D2 and the GH1 hack.

    Got excited about 3D...for about a month. But I see 4k as the next logical step. Baby steps at first (maybe 2013, maybe 2014) but relatively soon I will be regarding today's rather excellent 50p 70mbps material from my GH3 with the same amusement that I look at the image quality of my archived super 8/16mm and DV tapes.

    What I've seen of 4k is breathtaking. Perhaps less suitable where suspension of disbelief is required (The Hobbit...don't want to see the rubber noses and cardboard sets)...but very appropriate for the wildlife documentary photographer and others who are attempting to capture the full beauty of the real world.

    Besides, no way will 4k mean the demise of least for a long, long time. I suspect that both types of cameras will continue to evolve in parallel as long as a demand remains for 2k.

  • Hmm, GH5 features i would like to have:

    1. Removable wireless LCD screen monitor 4" that could work as a remote control too :-) (you can place it wherever you want on your rig ) ...

    2. over 100 fps for slow motion (full hd)

    4k ? no i still have an old tv 720p HD-Ready also you can upscale Full HD to 4K (if needed) in post production, gh3 have already very sharp image ...

    1. battery grip with place for two batteries also magnesium housing.

    4 ... ?

    I think this would be great ... possibly 4.2.2

  • @gh2uw,... lol james cameron and peter jackson's cameras/computers/lenses/vfx people would just be cameras/computers/lenses/vfx people without james cameron and peter jackson directing them,... but we're getting OT here :P

  • My first post here. I just purchased a GH2 and am very happy with it.

    As a colour grader and professional editor, I would like to see 10 bit 4:4:4 from the camera. 4k is just not necessary unless going to feature film release. Fully sampled colour at luminance resolution and dynamic range allows a lot more control in grading and effect work. I grade Canon C300, 5D, Sony XD-Cam and Blackmagic CC. By far the best results come from the BCC due to the RAW data.

  • Ah, I love being broke. I can just be happy with my GH2 and not have to think about what new camera to buy. Thanks, @Vitaliy_Kiselev for hacking the GH2. Truthfully, it brings me a lot of joy every time I use it with modified firmware.

  • @B3Guy Nicely said the GH2 is still an amazing little camera, would not trade it for nothing.

  • Panasonic would not sabotage GH3 sells and sabotage their Pro Camera line by including 4k on the GH5..

  • @TrackZillas

    "Panasonic would not sabotage GH3 sells and sabotage their Pro Camera line by including 4k on the GH5.." are correct. That's why new 4k Pro cameras will also be released soon. Haha...isn't it fun (and a little bit silly) to try to predict the future...:-)

  • Sure is fun @GH2UW yep their 4k Pro cameras better come out by this summer if not they will be way behind in the 4K race.. Sony is kicking butt by coming out with all those body's with 4k options, Red always been the leader. Let's not forget Blackmagic may surprise many people by coming out with a Super35 - 4K camera sometime next year that's my prediction.

  • UK hire outfit Procam TV conducted a poll of interested parties in the TV industry and came up with the following interesting responses:

    Over a third (36%) of those questioned said they expected to begin filming some content in 4k within the next 12 months, and a further 13% within 24 months. Only 9% said they don’t foresee a time when they will film in 4k.

    More than one in three (36%) say they expect more than 40% of their content to be filmed in 4k by 2015.

    The types of content respondents said they would initially focus their 4k efforts on were drama (56%), documentaries (54%), music (35%) and Entertainment (25%).

  • 4K is now the "buzz". Every major camera manufacturer will now scramble to deliver "4K" branded video products. Most of them won't really resolve 4K (just like how few cameras now actually resolve 1080 HD) but that sort of detail never stopped anyone.

    GH5 with "4K" onboard capability before the 3rd quarter of 2014 is my guess.

    I like how if you accidentally hit the shift key 4K becomes $K.

  • From 43rumors


    700 x 221 - 10K
  • I dont mind for the high 4 resolution actually. I would rather see the Panasonic GH5 with HDR and global shutter. Then the camera will surely be a serious tool to work with.

  • GH5... are we there yet?

    • Include all new features from G6
    • Better EVF
    • Higher All-I and 60p bitrates
    • Relocate built-in mic
    • Redesign strap lugs
    • Polish the dust-proof body (e.g. memory card cover)
    • fatter AA

    I'll be happy with the minor updates.

  • Never mind. Just get G6.

  • @stonebat: Video RAW and 4K?

  • Why not. But my heart is on G6... for now :)

  • @stonebat do you have one and does the image resemble the gh2 at all?

  • More excited by upcoming fuji cams than gh5 to be honest!

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