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Official Final Cut X topic, moving to ARM and vlogging
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  • @ahbleza Thanks for the ClipWrap recommendation. It's working like a charm for me. I get the same issue with FCPX's import window (using 10.0.6). It's not consistent, but I usually get a few clips that fail to import. ClipWrap's pretty fast, and totally does the trick.

  • I actually like the workflow with ClipWrap better b/c I get to organize my clips into folders first and then import those as keyword collections

  • Running FCPX 10.0.6 on Macbook Air, 10.8.2. It's working fine so far, importing Apocalypse Now clips. It appeared not to import the 24H clip, but when I refreshed the Event Library, it was there.

  • I don't know if this helps anyone else out or not, but this problem hasn't happened since I switched over to Drewnet Cluster V6. Before that I'd been using Quantum 9b.

  • Final Cut Pro x v 10.7 now up;-

    • The Letterbox effect "Offset" slider is restored. (This is a good move!)

    • Fixes an issue that could occur when creating a single layer DVD.

    • Fixes an issue in which some third-party effects could cause Final Cut Pro to stop responding during background rendering.

    • Fixes an issue in which some third-party transitions would incorrectly use black instead of source media.

    • Adds support for editing MXF files that are still ingesting.

    • Fixes an issue with rendering Motion Templates containing Image Units.

    • Fixes an issue with the display of the Modify RED RAW settings button in synchronized and compound clips.

    • Fixes an issue with the upload of clips that are larger than 1 GB to Vimeo.

    • Fixes an issue in which an incorrect frame size is used with filters on two adjacent clips with different pixel aspect ratio.

    The company also issued a minor update to Compressor to address an issue with uploading large videos (over 1Gb) to Vimeo and an update to Motion fixing several issues.

  • 10.0.7:

    I can report that it nearly imports hacked GH2 clips. I've imported about 20 clips with a 40% success rate.

    The ones that fail say 'There has been an error' but display with a camera symbol on the bottom LHS. You can use these to synchronise clips but if you use Lock and Load it will claim that you need to apply it to a clip in the timeline (which of course is just what you did).

  • No issues with importing footage longer than 1 hour (or any issues with FCPX 10.0.6): Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now- DREWnet' 12-15 GOP Sharp

  • I'm very happy with FCPX, and it looks like the product is getting more industry acceptance.

    Here is a review that thinks it's getting better, from a very experienced editor. This is part 1 of 3, but he summarizes his key points as follows:

    I do think FCPX could be the NLE of the future. There are three main reasons:

    Power. Despite the fact it’s called FCP X (X as in 10) it’s really more like a 1.x version. considering everything it can already do as a 1.x version (now officially, a 1.7 as of this writing), it can only get better from here.

    Proliferation. Specifically the proliferation of 3rd party developers. They are springing up everywhere, giving creatives more options and flexibility (and power) in their editing. As more developers come online, that will mean more people talking and marketing it.

    Price. At only $299 expect more first-time, student and indie filmmakers turning to FCPX. Think about it. It pretty much can do all the essential tasks the old FCP did, but at a third the price. That’s huge. More and more small Mac-based producers like me looking for editing help will find that a majority of applicants will be FCPX users.

  • The only thing keeping me from buying it is that it doesn't easily export to audio programs. Hopefully Logic X is not too far off and they can communicate properly with each other. For what I do, I don't need powerful VFX or anything. FCX is already amazing for editing and integrates nicely into Resolve for grading. It really just needs audio and I'm set.

  • Had to do some digging to find the Conan sketch, since it was referenced so much Putting it here.

  • finally! Now they need to allow LUT importation, and my journey toward the dark side will be complete.

  • @stonebat Premiere has adjustment layers built in. I find it very usefull for applying global effects and corrections

  • @shian hopefully they'll add that too. Gotta hand it to 'em, they keep adding stuff here and there.

  • Lame. The adjustment layer doesn't operate anything like Adjustment layers in AE, PP, Photoshop, or SpeedGrade. You can't adjust the opacity of the layer. If you lower the opacity it lowers the opacity of everything below it.

    It's really just an easy way of applying a correction or effect across the board in one stroke without copying and pasting attributes.


  • So, they lied. On the internet no less. Pitchforks, anyone? I've already got some torches :-)

  • I think the adjustment layer thing is just a side effect of the way title objects work in FCPX - not really an intended feature. I too was quite hopeful and eventually let down when I first heard about them.

  • there is another problem in fcp which is cinemascope 2k 4k supports. we can only set a project upto 2:1 which is 2048x1024 but for theaters we need 2048x858 which is 2.39:1. these settings are must for a NLE. more over custom frame rates is also essential. custom resolution & custom frame rate projects settings can bring more flexibility. FCP X lacks in broad project selections.

  • I think there's a hack to get around that (yes - annoying that it must be a hack, but it apparently works) - make up some blank quicktime movies of your desired resolutions and frame rates and put them in an event. Then make a new project with the video format set to conform to the first media dropped in. Drop in one of those blank movies to start the project, then I assume you can remove it after you have at least one other clip in the project. Have not really tried this myself, but have heard it works.

  • That's one expensive mouse to control FCPX.

  • After using iMovie app for iPhone, I'm done with Apple editor. Since iTunes disabled a way to copy files into iPhone, I had to use DropBox app to copy footages. Yeah I had tried FCPX, too. Using 3rd party plug-in or Motion for using layers really sux. The weird looking color grading box... arrrrgggg. Sometimes I wonder if Apple is serious about this competitive market.

  • I have some really great footage of a model working, but she has a sizable scab on her chest from a skateboard accident.

    Can I remove this with FCP X?

    Will Motion be better?

    Is there any other reasonably priced software that might help me do this easily?



  • @RBD It all depends how much relative movement there is, and how many frames. Just last week I shot a music video, and one of the models asked me to "airbrush" away her double chin.... the difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.... :-)