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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • @squig

    So far I'm not getting any of the horizontal bands in fully Manual mode. If that continues to be the case the image quality is redeeming enough for me to warrant keeping the D5200 for topside/tripod video work. Also, even with manual AIs Nikkors (which I prefer) I think the D5200's LCD is accurate enough to give a decent WYSIWYG exposure estimate once one gets used to it (and there's always the exposure meter pre-live view).

    As fate would have it I just got a call to say my GH3 body has finally arrived. Looks like that's what's going to be my dive buddy for the next year or so :-)...Plus the GH3 has way better AF than the D5200...another big plus for the uw work I do.

  • I would donate for a D5200 hack.

  • If you want to use a CPU Nikkor (which has an aperture ring) with the D5200 in true Full Manual exposure control during live view ...i.e. using the actual aperture ring to control exposure via the LCD (no meter...just eyeballing) it's possible by simply taping over the pin contacts with insulation tape. The camera then treats it as an AIs/non CPU lens and doesn't require that the aperture ring be fixed at the smallest f-stop. Focus must be done manually.

    The lens goes on/off easily and the tape can be removed any time.

    Pins covered.JPG
    1024 x 768 - 100K
  • @LPowell look forward to your developments on D5200 The camera, is fine as is. I never change aperture during the shot, good enough to be able to chage ISO, to accomodate for fine tuned exposure.

  • @Lpowell Great news that you'll be releasing a mod for Nikon DSLRs soon. Not going to start spouting off a wishlist, but being a long time Nikon shooter i'm just happy that we will possibly be getting something to make our cameras that much better.

  • @Lpowell

    I'm not Nostradamus - but if someone held a gun to my head - maybe it's some super custom profile tweak ? And it's applicable to ALL Nikon bodies, correct?

  • Looking at the Dpreview article, it seems the D5200 has much more clumpy noise pattern than the fine grain of the GH2

  • @last_SHIFT That's what I'm hoping too. I'll definitely try this in my D7000 and D800 bodies, and see what results. Thanks, @LPowell!

  • @CoolColJ

    Looking at the Dpreview article, it seems the D5200 has much more clumpy noise pattern than the fine grain of the GH2

    Where did they do a D5200/GH2 video comparison? Did they even test any video?

  • @Coolcolj Yeah I looked at that. I call bullshit on it (d5200 actually has iso 160). GH2 is a noise beast from 160 onward anyway. If you look at raw...the GH2 is close until iso 400 and then its downhill.

    Im not impressed with the jpeg output from the D5200 (5n is much better in this regard) but the Raw files are in a whole other league.

    Battery life is terrible...thank goodness spares are cheap and so are battery grips.

  • @gh2uw

    Where did they do a D5200/GH2 video comparison? Did they even test any video?

    Not video just sensor test I just brought up the GH2 myself in the table

  • @Mimirsan GH2 blue channel noise is much worse though - hence the narly skys :)

  • D5200 vs 5DIII:

  • @QuickHitRecord thank you, it seems that D5200, provides more lattitude on many shots, is it your observation?

  • @olegkalyan After downloading this and watching it, I think that they are pretty comparable.

  • Аndrew had sharpness on Nikon all the way to minus, you can have it sharper without moire.

  • I haven't seen any moire yet. For the price, this camera is looking pretty good to me. It might make sense for people who have a set of Nikkor lenses.

  • The D5200 acquitted it very well compared to the 5Dmk3. It looks so close that it's shocking. You just don't expect such a cheap camera to be so close to that of the 5D3 in low light. I even preferred it in some ways. This is with the internal codec too? It reminds of how good the FS100 internal codec works even for such small bit rates. Very Impressive.

  • D5200 looks better than the 5D mk3 to me! Better dynamic range as well...

  • agreed on the range, D5200 looking more cinematic

  • Very tempted to get a D5200 with kit lens packaage right now...

    Not really in love with the GH2 + 14-42mm kit I picked up for cheap this week, even after trying some hacks. Good, but not, great - a tad noisey and dynamic range is a bit lacking.

  • D7100 has a fixed screen though....

  • Yeah a 1.2k 3.2" fixed screen! and kelvin white balance adjustment, double the battery power, weather sealing, and a headphone jack. I've never had an articulating screen so I won't know what I'm missing, but I would miss all those other features. The D7100 doesn't have an OLPF so moire is a concern.

  • @squig, no aa filter in the d7100, this could be great for stills and detail but a total nightmare for video aliasing/moire! we'll see, plus the swivel screen and size, not sure am digging the d7100 at all. They made the d5200 too good!