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12mm f/1.6 Noktor
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  • This 12mm lens have some focus gear, but i don't know if there is an to order/buy. This gear makes it easy to use with follow focus no GH bodies ... I think this leans gear would work even as 360 degree ... Check video below:

  • That's the most ridiculous video I've ever seen of that problem. It reminds me of this commercial that's airing in the US right now where a guy doesn't know how to use a Q tip properly and jambs his brain. Very good propaganda piece to sell product :)

  • Since September, most of the lens gears were factory installed onto the 12mm lens before selling, and once the lens gear was installed on the lens, it should NOT be removed. Uneven pressure on the lens barrel might cause the lens barrel to come loose. We had sold some lens gears to our 12mm customers, and they installed the lens gear by themselves. However, we already had couple cases where the customer found it difficult to find the most suitable spot for the lens gear, and two customers installed the gear and then took it off, and damaged the lens barrel, and had to return the lens for repair. The lens gear costs US$ 80.00 including UPS shipment. We will bear this UPS cost only one time, and we suggest that customers return their lens to us by post with tracking, and we install the gear and send back to them. We cannot be responsible for our customer's lens, and therefore you must send your lens back by post, with "tracking" number, so that both you and we can track the lens. If you do not want to send your lens to us, and want to install it by yourself, firstly you have to understand that you have to put equal pressure on the screws (not fixing one extremely tight before working on the other); and you have to try and look for the most smooth spot to fix the gear on, before you screw all screws tight (please do not screw them extremely extremely tight). And, once installed, the lens gear should not be removed. Below is the link from one of our customer installing the lens gear by himself for your reference: SLR Magic 12mm F1.6 Lens Gear test Kindly inform us whether you choose to have your lens send back to us to install the gear, or you want to install the gear by yourself. In either case, please remember that the lens gear should not be removed after installation. You can give us your day time mailing address and day time contact phone number, and we will issue a Paypal Request to you. Our address: Asian Team Development Ltd., 2 Cheug Yue Street, Ka To Factory Bldg., 1/F, Flat B, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2310 4282 We also have a SLR Magic 58-77 step-up ring for use with filter (due to wide angle lens), and this step-up ring is made with thinner inner diameter to avoid vignette. If you order it with other items, the cost is US$ 50.00. If you order it separately, the cost is US$ 80.00 including international shipping by UPS.
  • No I'm not getting one.

  • I love the step up ring price. I already got in to that with Andrew before because anyone can find one of these rare and precious rings for $5 from Amazon. There's no reason they should be charging people $50 for that item. That being said I just shot a hotel promo in The Keys with this lens and it looks great. I'd say over 75% of the video is the 12mm.

  • @vicharris

    So basically, it's a good lens that you paid a great price for, that you use a lot of the time. =P

    I think the step up ring helps a ton with reflections, as I get them a lot with my "5 dollar" amazon step up rings when shooting. They were never designed for video, and if you look at Duclos' step up rings they are HYPER similar in finish and build to the SLR 58-77.

    Basically, I think that maybe we just need to research a bit and expand our knowledge base before making any claims that we can't exactly prove. =B

    And of course I definitely think the 12/1.6 down to the gear is pretty fantastic, it feels close to a cinema lens experience but in a very compact form. Can't wait for the 25 and 35 hyper primes.

  • This is a really good lens based on reviews and videos I have seen. But the construction should be better as of focus ring should be placed in better position, as it is now it's too close the camera body. Also @slrmagic, if they release version 2 than it should have the format as their "cinema" lenses with integrated lens gear. That would make me buy one :-)

  • @feha Agreed, the focus ring is in the worst possible spot but what I've learned to use it for, that isn't really a problem. I pull F Stop changes with this lens more than focus pulls. I'm sure if they make one to match their cine line, it'll do very well. It seems like they have all the kinks worked out from the early runs of the lens.

  • Honestly I really like this lens. It is my #1 go-to "artistic" lens. I absolutely love the flares you get from the sun when using this lens, really great for b-roll cut-ins. A fantastic value at its price.

  • It is one of my favorites. 12mm 1.6, 25mm 0.95, and 14-140mm.

  • Just for shits and giggles, I pulled up one of the first things I ever shot with this lens. We went to Hurst Castle last year and I was able to sneak in some video while we were taking a tour. Sorry for the shakiness, they really weren't too keen on me holding up the tour while I was trying to take video and I'm sure they wouldn't be stoked with a monopod or tripod either. I tried to smooth some stuff out but it just looks like you're on acid! Also, yes, I see the wonderful banding in the first shot. Not sure why it's in that on and not the rest. Oh well. It's a cool place!

  • @ vicharris

    looking good!

    Hearst Castle was the inspiration for Xanadu Castle in Citizen Kane, the courtyard pool was used in Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus.

  • @jleo I think I remember them telling us that in the tour. Pretty insane place. The guy thought he was a rock star for sure.

  • This lens is on my shopping list. Are most of the issues worked out? Those who just recently bought it, where best to buy, straight from Noktor or Adorama in the US. I will probably be buying it with the 58-77 focusing ring.

  • @Hilltop1 Are you in the US? And you don't need to buy their ring. I'll give you a link to one that works just as well

  • For some reason the one I bought is no longer available. Interesting. Anyways, here's another one that looks like it's the same profile.

  • Thanks @vicharris, did you buy yours straight from them? How about the lens gear for follow focus like the one posted up by @feha above. Do you have that?

  • @Hilltop1 I bought my lens from them but wish I bought it from Adorama. If the lens has a problem, it will cost you too much to send it back the SLR. I'll never buy a lens direct from a manufacture again. As for a gear, i just rigged up one i bought from ebay. No way I'm paying those prices they charge for the add ons. Buy the lens from adorama, that step up ring i sent you. This lens isn't the best for racking focus anyways IMO. It's just not designed right.

  • One caveat about Adorama. It seems they r not returning bad copies to SLR Magic either.

    I got my 12mm 1.6, and it seemed ok, but I returned it. Later I bought it again but too much play. I returned 3 more times before getting the one I like. But I suspect the final one is the first one I had gotten.

    If you like your copy, don't sell it :)

  • Interesting. That would suck if they are recycling lenses. Maybe they just had a bad batch for a bit.

  • Prolly other resellers aren't any better. It was a different seller. I had to return Samyang 7.5mm lens a few times. They kept sending me a same copy. LoL. Eventually I got Rokinon copy with much less play.

  • hi all, I was wondering what ND filter would you recommend to use with this lens? Thanks in advance.

  • No good, so there are still issues with this lens with the build quality? So basically not much difference if you buy it straight from Noktor or Adorama?

  • @apix Go for 77mm at least.

  • Thanks @stonebat, any brand or product recommendation?