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Shutter Count Issue
  • I recently purchased a new Nikon D5300 and after checking the shutter count it already has 700 actuations..Would you consider this normal for a so-called new camera?I have barley shot anything with it yet..My issue is the thought of being sold a used or a floor model camera at a new price,do you think I should be concerned?

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  • @CFreak yea the 700 does sound a bit excessive,doing a google search I have yet to discover anyone sold a new camera with that number of shutter counts..oh well guess I should take it back,I'm hard pressed to believe it came from the factory with those many actuations..

  • I think you could take it back and ask for what you paid for (a new camera) not one that someone took home or a floor model. 700 seems a bit excessive, but, I wouldn't know what's typical for testing at the factory. That's the real question here.