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RJ Lens Turbo m43 adapters
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  • Unfortunately, FD does not adapt to eos without an additional optical element to compensate the flange distance so you can't mount FD glass on the eos RJ but the other way around may be possible...

  • @CFreak "That's a clear sign it will make minimum focus farther away".. so, if I understand, minimum focal distance become shorter using RJ adapter? for example, if I use a 50mm lens that can focus at 0,40m, using this adapter (or speedbooster) I will able to focus at a closer distance?

  • @Adam_Mercier that's exactly what i mean, keep Canon EF, Nikon F and Canon FD glass, mount all of them on FD->m43 adapter since both FD and F have higher flange distance.

    Nonetheless, i don't quite see many adapters to use Canon EF glass or Nikon F glass on FD.

  • Don't know if this review was already posted here:

  • Just received my FD -M4/3 RJ Lens Turbo and I was pretty impressed! The build quality is nothing to rave about but for $139.00 USD it does what it is supposed to!

    My copy has a substantial amount of dust between the lenses unfortunately and when I contacted RJ, they suggested I pay to ship it back or take it apart and clean myself ( not great customer service )

    As far as performance goes, the Lens Turbo goes above and beyond what I expected. The sharpness doesn't seem to drop off as much as I was told around the edges and the centre is tack sharp.

    I have used it with both my 50mm f1.4 and 24mm f2.8 and they perform equally well when compared with and without adapter.

    It is so nice to have the option to get closer to the true focal length of the lenses, but I have realized since getting it that I kind of liked the fact that a 50mm is closer t a 100mm lens at 1.4 on my GH3 it gives such an intimate feel on my videos that it may take some getting used to what a 50mm lens SHOULD look like!

    I will be posting some tests with and without the lens as soon as I get some spare time.

    Overall, I recommend buying the adapter to see what it can do for you.

    Hopefully you get a copy that has no internal dust!

  • @tylerknight

    If you check posts above, adapter has two groups of lenses, so they can be screwed out and cleaned without trouble .

  • Oh good to know! Thanks Vitaliy! I will attempt a cleaning tonight. Either way the product is a hit as far as I'm concerned! I shot some video of myself performing an acoustic set at a bar in my town as well as shot some photos of the opening band and will post them tomorrow hopefully!

  • For those of you who received the new RJ, is there a tripod collar mount that will fit this? I don't like having my lens hanging from my camera, especially the heavy Rokinon 35mm.

  • Here are some photos from my first shoot using the RJ FD to M4/3 lens turbo.

    These were taken using a GH3 with an Canon FD 24mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.4 wide open.

    I am really happy with the results as far as sharpness and CA everything looks pretty darn close to 35mm equivalent and makes it much easier to get a wide shot in a tight space!

    640 x 960 - 53K
    640 x 960 - 64K
    640 x 960 - 49K
  • Has anyone seen a comparison between the RJ lens and Metabones Speed booster? Searched but havent found anything.

  • Another video test, this time the blue dot issue is disturbing me a little bit...

    G6, Samyang 14t3.1 & Tak 50f1.4

  • I know this is an apocalyptically bad question but does the speed booster have an aperture control wheel on it ?? That is if I have a lens that does not have a manual aperture, it I'll be able to adjust it on the RJ speedbooster...

  • Has anyone seen a comparison between the RJ lens and Metabones Speed booster? Searched but havent found anything.

    Didn't try very hard, did you? ;)

  • @bruta030 I've bought a RJ speedboster, Nikon to m4/3, and it have the aperture control wheel - at least in the description, was not delivered yet. Looks like that the FD version have one too.

  • I don't believe that's true about the fd version . All fd lenses have aperture rings.

  • @kurth A lot of normal FD adapters have it - the function, in this case, is to fully open the aperture in the adapter without needing to change the aperture in the lens.

  • @MarcioK well, maybe I live in a limited world but I've never seen an fd adapter with aperture control, nor can I even fathom a guess why you'd want one. Nor can I find one with a little googling. I see some fd to eos with focus confirmation. All fd lenses have an aperture ring . The nikon G to m43 focal reducer adapters have one 'cause alot of nikon g lenses don't have aperture rings and must be set in camera. The eos/m43 focal reducer adapter doesn't, so you'd either have to use a nd, or change the eos lens aperture on an eos camera. I'm sure RJ had a reason why they couldn't do the same on eos.

    Maybe someone could come up with fstop inserts like lensbabies ?

    I personally wish RJ had made the eos/m43 just like the nikon g....but they didn't ask me. Are you sure you're not thinking of "eos" to m43 or nex lens adapters having aperture control ? There's alot of eos to m43 adapters with control. I've seen a hundred of those. And I'm still tryin' to understand your "function" explanation. I think you mean "fully close" because you'd normally open the lens wide open, and adjust the aperture on the adapter.

  • @dtr: Unfortunately, your dpreview link isn't relevant because it doesn't discuss any RJ Camera products.

  • What's even more confusing is that RJ appears to be allowing these to be marketed under different brand names as well, making identifying the particular manufacturer based purely on product images on ebay and amazon. I think I count about 6 different brand names, other than RJ, of these identical adapters ! And what's even more confusing is these offbrand retailers are picturing the wrong adapters in their descriptions. For example, one shows images of an eos/m43 on a fd/m43 page, which made understanding the situation more confusing still.

    And I found the dpreview link informative but obviously weighted to NEX cameras using fd mitakon lens turbos.

  • OK I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these bad boys but through more reading I'm having second thoughts on going Nikon or canon to m4/3.

    I already own three Nikon lens and was thinking about buying a d5200 for photos vs gh3 (whole other topic...) I was set to buy Nikon mount.

    But from what I gather, going canon offers more flexibility via adapters ( Nikon to fd ect) where going Nikon really only means Nikon glass. The only downside is the canon mount doesn't have an aperature ring? So my tamron 17-50 is toast?

  • I think these are cheap enough to own more than one.

  • Well I guess that's one way to answer.

  • The only downside is the canon mount doesn't have an aperature ring? So my tamron 17-50 is toast?

    You mean EF? EF mount lenses do not have any levers ala Pentax, Nikon, etc. Hence only specific electronic adapters can change aperture.

  • Ok, sorry, let me rephrase.

    What is the most flexible setup, Cannon mount Focal Reducer and using a adapters for other brands ( mainly nikon)?

    I own both the Tamron 17-50 and 35-75 both nikon mount, which i adapt to m4/3. The 17-50 has no aperture control, while the 35-75 does.

    The Cannon mount focal reducer have manual aperture control like the nikon model, correct? ( so this wouldn't work with Nikon G lens)?

    So is my best bet just sticking with Nikon mount RJ?

  • @kurth

    All FD adapters I've seen have a ring to operate the aperture mechanically just like the "Open" / "Stop down" button on the cameras. It's not meant to move the aperture to a specific value, though.