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RJ Lens Turbo m43 adapters
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  • the Nikon to MFT is a snug fit on the BMPCC but not so with the Canon EF, it's loose.

    What side is loose? Lens? If it is so, check topics we have, usually any adapter can be made tight with easy.

  • @CameraRick To get the blue dot, close the aperture on the lens turbo (the higher the f-stop, the more visible the dot) and have something bright near by, e.g. lamp, monitor (it doesn't have to be in shot!).

    My tests indicate, that when having the aperture wide open, the blue dot is also there but it is spread out covering the whole picture with an invisible faint "halo" - it really is only a problem when closing down the aperture.

    And yes, on the GH2 with its wider sensor, the Tokina 11-16 gets to wide with the Lens Turbo, but that is no problem for me, as I will cut top+bottom to get 1:2.35 aspect ratio;-)

  • @Psyco not having a blue dot, only something like a purple one when at a specific angle towards the light; I'd call that lens flare. Tested with Tokina 11-16mm and Samyang 35mm

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev I actually also have a tiny bit of play on the camera-end. Not too bad though.

  • I actually also have a tiny bit of play on the camera-end. Not too bad though.

    In this case check camera mount and try few other lenses first. As usually such adapters are die cast, so all the same.

  • @CameraRick yes it is some kind of lens flare, but this one is not moving when moving the camera - at least thats the problem with my adapter, which looks very strange in a video.

  • @Psyco Nah, don't have that? Does it only work with the Sun?

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev I tried other native Lenses and Adapters, which are fine. On both, GH2 and BMCC, I have this tiny bit of play

  • @CameraRick A computer monitor in a dimm room is enough. Close aperture, point Tokina to some dark area besides the screen: I used my mouse pad, part of the screen is in frame, blue dot in the center of frame, blue dot does not move like a normal lens flare, looks like a reflection between the two glas elements of the lens turbo.

    Would be interesting if others have the same problem, as the two lens elements of my lens turbo are not locked together (I can move them individually) - maybe thats a problem?

  • Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I don't have that. I never changed position of the elements

  • Here's a little something in video. I don't have a Vimeo Plus so no 1080p anyway, uploading a better version the G+ Drive and adding a Link to the Video later

  • I see some green on your white walls (are they white?) in a few shots. I had the same doubt with mine. Is it the green issue of the gh2? Is it the lens? Is it the booster? Thx for the test anyway.

  • @CameraRick, that image quality looks VERY nice to me, do you agree? I've been really tempted by the setup of the Lens Turbo and the Tokina, and this didn't help! Lol

  • Yes my Canon EF version is loose on the camera side, on both the GH2 and BMPCC. Nikon version is almost too tight on the Pocket cam.

  • @CameraRick @Psyco , unfortunate to hear the Tokina 11-16mm doesn't work on the wider sensor of the GH2.

    I've got the RJ Lens Turbo myself, and use a GH1 (and will probably get one of the G3/G5/G6 by the end of the year) and looking at getting the Tokina 11-16mm to use with the RJ Lens Turbo for ultra wide shots.

    Have you tried the Tokina 11-16mm with the RJ Lens Turbo on any other Micro Four Thirds cameras than the GH2?

  • @IronFilm no, the Tokina 11-16mm works quite good with the Lens Turbo and GH2. Its just that you get some vignetting when going super wide to 11mm (this would be equivalent to a 8mm F2.0 lens!).

    To avoid it, just zoom in a bit (to 12mm?) which will give you the same FoV when using the Tokina at 11mm on a camera with smaller sensor (GH1,..).

    But I haven't used the combo on any other camera.

  • @CameraRick So your Lens Turbo was set correctly for infinity focus with the Tokina out of the box?

  • @gameb It's the evidence that the minus green-gel I just ordered for the LED giving a backlight is an investion worth :) It's the grading and the light, not the Adapter (this is shot on BMCC though)

    @Tjabo I tried to also give a look at the edges, as those are (as you can see on any ISO chart) not too well. Yet I don't see a really big problem tbh. Personally I like what I'm getting from it - the 55mm for example is not a too sharp lens at all, but you can see how well e.g. the Samyang performs slightly stopped down! :)

    @IronFilm It works perfectly with the GH2. SLIGHTEST vignetting (like, you see it on a white wall) at 11mm. Focus to 11,5 or 12mm and you have it out of the way - not a problem at all! :) I can make you an image of what I mean, but I'm not home tonight so it would be tomorro evening. I don't have another MFT Camera, but I can show you in 16:9 and 3:2 which is, from what I understand, what other MFTs record on the widest setting

    @Psyco To be honest, I don't know. I have a fulltime job so you can imagine I only have time in the evenings to test this, haha :) However I did a test in my bedroom, and I could focus to everything (even 4m away), without reaching to infinity on the Lens indication. I want to make tests regarding this on the week end, when it's still bright outside to see for sure :)

  • Last week got mine and I must say I'm impressed! GH3 + Nikkor lenses (also new ones) works great at night clubs. Also tested with Sigma 35m F1.4 with no problems whatsoever. I must run some daylight tests also to get more results.. but still the first looks are amazing for this low price.

  • @CameraRick @Psyco , thanks, that sounds fantastic about the Tokina 11-16mm!

  • I experianced the blue flare problem shooting last nigth : Only happens at very small apertures with direct light on the lens. happened with my samyang 14t3.1 and my tak 50f1.4 Otherwise I'm happy, but I noticed something really strange : the focusing scale on the samyang seems to be working in reverse with the RJ, I need to focus near minimum distance to get infinity focus! the scale is completely wrong, any input on this?

    1999 x 1353 - 1M
    2000 x 1500 - 2M
  • @Adam_Mercier What the hell is going on with the bokeh in that shot with the guy?! Wow that is crazy. What lens is that?

  • I got mine in today as well. Here are a couple of screen shots. GH3, Rokinon 35mm, F4. Focus is on the Vegetarian Cookbook.

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 974K
  • Is there any chance of a RJ Nikon F to Nikon 1 Lens Turbo?? If it is a 0.51x or wider like the one for the BMPCC that would be fantastic, but even keeping the same 0.71x would still be absolutely great! "I am almost certain that there will be new Nikon mirrorless lenses announced at CP+. A redesigned Nikon 1 V3 camera with 4k video is also very likely."

    Nikon 1 cameras can already do 4K raw video (in very very short bursts), and if they get 4K compressed video that could be interesting.

    Anyway, I imagine a Focal Reducer for the Nikon 1 system would hold an appeal to many people (especially as their 1" sensor is so small it can make the FoV unweildly when usually using your DSLR lenses on it :-/ ).

  • Is there any chance of a RJ Nikon F to Nikon 1 Lens Turbo?? If it is a 0.51x or wider like the one for the BMPCC that would be fantastic, but even keeping the same 0.71x would still be absolutely great!

    Have no idea for now. If Nikon 1 will become big success, may be.

  • I understand Micro Four Thirds is a much bigger market than Nikon 1, but if RJ did this then they'd be only people providing a focal reducer for Nikon 1 system so they might sell more than for m4/3 which gets divided among many other competitors.