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Why Black Magic will die, part 0
  • Disclaimer. I really like all BM cameras, so posts won't be about how you must buy something else or any such shit.
    It'll be just collection of my thoughts focused on economics, distribution, tech side and marketing.
    And, yes, title has some marketing purposes :-)


    First part will focus on pure technical side of things. Difference to other cameras including hardware and software.

    Second part will focus on local BM issues. Like marketing and distribution.

    Third part will be about global marketing and economical analysis. Including few optimistic and pessimistic predictions.

    Each day I'll be publishing one part.

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  • Oh boy. This is going to turn into one hell of a thread! :-) I'm just going to get some popcorn and sit back.

  • juajaja no time to find shelter, the total tecno soap opera doom prophecy is on its way!!!
    I love the graphical arrangement... what wicked mind would have time to luxuriate in such?!! :P

  • Damn, I just clicked over to here to get away from all the negative BM threads on their own forum! lolz!!!

  • @rockroadpix

    Is that shit still going on over there? I can't go back over there. People think I'm mean here but good god it's like the wild west over there. I'm scared to ask a question or post anything.

  • I just clicked over to here to get away from all the negative BM threads on their own forum! lolz!!!

    Do not worry, it won't be flame based opinions and it won't be negative.

  • To be clear, is the thesis that Blackmagic will die as a company, or is it that the Blackmagic camera line will die as Blackmagic is forced to get out of the camera business? Those are certainly somewhat different claims.

  • @forkazoo

    Read disclaimer, please. :-)

  • It should be an interesting read.
    However, I don't think the disclaimer answers @forkazoo's question.
    I ask the same question.

  • @kavadni

    title has some marketing purposes

  • @vitaliy I am not understanding ... marketing is probably a weak point for me
    I look forward to either way, as usual

  • 'leans back in chair'

    Oh boy, this oughta be good!

    'eats a handful of popcorn'

  • What?!! iphone 6 has built in 4K Cinema Cam??!! :)

  • iPhone 7 has interchangeable lens mount too! ;-)

  • No pink model?

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm - I don't understand. Vitaliy - you have a new camera to market to us as a contender? SO if they die - who will live he he he

  • I guess Vitaliy found something spectacular in the GH3, like RAW recording to DNxHD or how to turn the flash into a continous light for video ;)

  • I would bet that Vitaliy is wrong. And I have strong reasons for claiming it.

  • Maybe?

    (Yes, i'm going crazy, they say it will cost much. My poor pockets...)

  • Maybe, but cameras are just a small department of BlackMagic.

    Camera department could also die tomorrow without affecting BM's global stability in a unrecoverable way. Their strength is on other hardware/software.

    They are pushing things hard on camera, but they do so ONLY because other departments cover their shoulders.

    So, I think BM will not die, whatever they will achieve or not with camera sales.

  • Anyway when will we know this "marketing reasons"? Is there something to find out, that is good for us? Thanks

  • I think "marketing reasons" is VK's way of saying that he made the title intentionally vague and catchy in order to get people to click on it. :)

  • @vicharris - yep, the dooshnozzlery reigns supreme over there.

  • ROFL @ this thread. At least there can be no basis for discipline against trolling in this thread.