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Ligeia (Poe Project Best Film)
  • Here's our adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's 'Ligeia'. It won the Sacramento Poe Project last night. Shot it on a GH3 (figured I'd give a blind try over my GH2), standard, -5s all across, SLR Magic lenses, Canon FD lenses, 20 pancake, graded with DaVinci Resolve and ColorGHear. Let me know what you think.

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  • Hey fellow Sacramentan! I have a buddy who just did this one. Won best college film

    Unfortunately I couldn't help out because I was out of town, but this was shot on GH2, and I provided technical consultation over the phone.

  • Great job on yours as well! looks great. Can definitely see why you guys took the prize :)

  • Nice looking stuff guys.

  • @bmorgan83 That one played right after mine and I loved it. Happy he won! I heard he used a GH2 when we were at Blackbird, but I couldn't find him when my drunk ass got up. Tell him I say congrats and he definitely got my audience vote.

  • Will do! He said he really enjoyed yours as well. The production quality definitely shows you guys put some solid work into it.

  • @Greek_m43 great stuff! And the guy, when I saw his first shot: he looks SO Edgar Allan Poe!

  • @flablo thanks!!! And I was blown away during wardrobe and make up tests!

  • Thanks guys!