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Travel in Europe through the GH3
  • My friend and I spent a month traveling Europe (along Mediterranean and the Adriatic) and we made a video encapsulating our trip. There was so much life that ended up being captured after we picked a shot and filmed, I just loved to film and film

    And what else can be said about the GH3? I've never had such a better time color grading footage. So glad I brought this camera over the GH2

    Camera: GH3, natural, -5 -5 0 -5, 200 iso for everything minus the couple night time scenes (never went above 800 IIRC), used the EM5 for couple of scenes (Thank god for that stabilization!) Lenses: 12mm olympus f2, 75mm olympus f1.8, 25mm Voigtlander f0.95, and 35mm SlrMagic

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  • Wow, amazing!

  • Looks great! Did you bring a small tripod or monopod for some of these shots? Very stable footage, something I struggled with at times in my own travels through Europe.

  • Thanks! I definitely had to bring a tripod in order to get the steady shots (I was debating even bringing it before but I'm so happy I did)

  • This might be the best thing I've seen shot with this camera! Most of the footage I've seen has been with Pany glass, especially the new lenses. I just can't believe the difference with this other glass! I have the whole line of SLR glass and the GH3 just might be amazing for the price with it! BMPCC or GH3, hmmmmmm?

  • Very nice! Wonderful work!

    I just can't believe the difference with this other glass!

    Yea, never did quite understand what goes on with Panny glass... I just know to avoid it. Loving the color-science on the GH3 though. And the 60fps at 1080p is superb. Looks like a perfect match for slow motion counterpart to the BMC line-up. Colors seem quite similar... just a bit less latitude, obviously.

  • Wow, I think you have reached full potential with your GH3! Brilliant composition, very tasteful color grading and just a real pleasure to watch. The song really works well with the slow-mo too. I may have to give natural mode a try now.

  • Thanks! I also don't really vibe with panny glass… Recently tried out the 35-100 and wasn't too particularly thrilled with it. The 75mm olympus and the 25mm voigt are just magical…

  • nice framing and thoughtful editing, good demo for the camera. what shots are on the Panny lenses? from my experience they were not that bad, on a GH1 !

  • @leftedit thank you, actually none of the shots were filmed with panny glass. I meant that I tried the 35-100 after having come back from the trip but I didn't really like its character

  • Awesome images @jhero !

    Already made your mind dear @vicharris? Asking myself the same question over and over about this... G6 is a quite strong contender also.

  • @Flaaandeeers I have no idea! I think I can get some kids used GH3 for $1000 right now. I might do it just to try it out. I'm sure I can resale it for that if I don't like it.