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3-axis stabilizers ala FreeFly MOVi or ZenMuse - DIY and commercial
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  • @Francklin This is 3-way and does not include the controller.

  • Anyone know if the Alexmos controller would work with the above product? I'd gladly pay the 450 for the rig and 100-150 for the controller.

  • Yes alexmos controler is working for this 3 axis gimbal (and any other one) you need two boards to have 3 axis (2axis per board)

  • This is the alexmos controller you want for 3-axis Still waiting for him to design a 3-axis in one board though. The video of the 5-axis is blowing my mind. The guy's a genius and should be designing and releasing camera rigs.

  • @bimdas thanks for the link. I might take the plunge and buy the above motor package and board for around $700 and give it a shot

  • @kevin_kirchman let us know if you take the plunge, I look forward to seeing your results. I've been playing around with a small 2 axis gimble with my nex5n and the alexmos firmware to get my head around how it works. Turns out its not too complicated. Alexmos is definitely the best option out there right now in regards to ease of tuning and results.

  • @tosvus Any footage available from the gimbal you got on Ebay? I'm considering it, along with the above gimbal/controller set-up.

  • I'm on a 10 day shoot in Austria with the BMCC, and had the opportunity to try out the Portahead 2 gimbal mount. I'm pleased with the results -- some lovely smooth footage, although since it was a prototype, there were some issues with drift in the remote control that need correction.

    Generally, once the camera is balanced, then the gimbals support it very well, but getting the balance right takes two people nearly 30 minutes, so it eats into the production budget.

    The Portahead 2 supports 2 kg, which means the BMCC and a Voigtlander f0.95 lens. The team from Portahead were extremely helpful, and drove all the way from Germany for two days to set up the rig for us, and give us a chance to try it in a real life production environment. Note this is not a full review, as my chances to use it have been limited, but I have high hopes this will be a great tool for future film work.

    ** EDIT: Added picture of my regular 1st AC using the rig.

    2448 x 3264 - 2M
    642 x 480 - 75K
  • Looks exactly like the aliexpress, famoushobby movi clone. Good to know the motors can support a BMC.

  • @kevin_kirchman I think you are referring to the gimbal "frame" I linked to, not the gimbal w/controllers+motors I bought? If so, I have not yet bought the frame, so I cannot say unfortunately.

  • The gyromatic gimbal certainly looks quite slick and well thought out. Much more so then the stabilgo which failed because they were asking for more then people were willing to pay for something that could be put together for under $200. At $550 for this one, I still think its too much and will probably not reach its goal but good luck to them.

  • @MikeLinn nice footage!

  • I've been doing my research. I'm going to build one. I ordered a 5010-360kv motor to test. I will rewing the motor. I wish Martinez and Alex Mos had 3 axis single boards designed already. I've been looking at the Evvbg board which is 3 axis. Has a better microcontroller. And I've seen footage where both the Martinez and Evvbg are running Alex Mos firmware.

    I do think the virticle axis is needed. That is the major benefit of a real steadycam. The arm absorbs the up and down motion of walking or running.

    Since I will only be using it with a GH-2, I'm thinking of downscaling the rig. I don't hava a controller yet, but I will report back on my progress.

  • @Mikelinn What's your solution for the remote HDMI monitoring?

  • Did anyone test this kit as a starting point ? It look well made, better than the falcon's and ok for a gh3 ... I know it's a 2 ways but it may fits my needs (a shoulder mounted rig like the Tom Antos one, so I want it to pan with me !)

  • @ahbleza - pretty sure they use the Paralinx Arrow: Www.paralinx.ner

  • What's your solution for the remote HDMI monitoring?

    You can check topics about WHDI -

    It is cheapest option for monitoring without lags. But range can be limited.

  • Heres a new video from Alex. The GUI seems pretty straightforward and not too complicated. The results in the video look just as good as the commercial rigs too. Ahh what to do...

  • Looks like the Movi has started shipping....

  • adamquesada wrote: I don't think this one has been posted here:

    Thanks adamquesada, we are also testing a smaller 3-axis gimbal for GOPRO3:

    jlcortex Quaternium

    2010-07-06 11.26.44.jpg
    500 x 385 - 66K
    2010-07-06 11.22.47.jpg
    500 x 560 - 65K