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3-axis stabilizers ala FreeFly MOVi or ZenMuse - DIY and commercial
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  • Actually met with some of the guys from Relentless, cool group of people. It sounds like they are really trying to get the defy gimbal out as soon as possible but want to make sure it's quality before releasing it.

  • Any Relentless updates? Any feedback about AG700? C'mon people! :D :D

  • Here's a web site where you can pre-order the Defy Gimbal from Relentless. This would be ideal for stabilizing a GH3 or BMPC.

  • Here's the latest footage from the Defy Gimbal team, who are building something that will fly the BMPCC, Sony Nex and maybe more.

  • Defy video looks good...for some reason I'm not blown away...but it's definitely a step towards B-grade steadicam market crash :D when the price point drops couple hundred percent, I'll get interested :D

  • I don't know if its been posted yet but here's the Stabilgo currently on kick starter. Only for gopro size cameras for $699

  • Steadycam seems like a serious product...3000€ tag...still way under Movi's 12000.

    The oncoming tide of these products is evident...and the days of glide, slide, steady, fly, nano and whatever else -cam's are over. I can smell it. Smells like...stabilized victory :D

    Everytime I see a new one I get excited and jealous...excited to see technology move forward in favor of end users and jealous because I'm not in the club yet and I feel like I'm missing out :)

  • I don't think this one has been posted here:

  • Next tests, end of development stage. BeSteady One.

    More info or on facebook

  • So jealous. When/how much?

  • In some of these test videos I wish those people would stop purposely swinging the rig side to side. I mean...."we get it."

  • Just announced: Defy Gimbal G2 small stabilizer (2lb limit) cost for $2,300 USD. For me it's still expensive. Im sure a lot of people will find this is affordable. From

  • GH2 + 20mm with battery runs about 544g / 1.2 lb

    GH2 + 14-140 OIS lens...1.99 lb

    I need some monies quickly :)

  • Design looks solid and nice but this is no go for me. The price too high and the "paid load" of 2Ibs too small IMO. 2Ibs don't really give you much room to work with some good lenses on the GH2.

  • The starting price of the BeSteady one (handheld) will be 2999dollars, max load 2 kg / 4,4 pounds I guess more of these things will pop up soon, so a little more waiting; though i am prety sure i'll spend some cash on one of these things soon ;-)

  • Hello,

    we plan to offer a handheld brushless stabilizer soon for cameras up to 5 kg, like the Red Epic. There’ll also be a smaller version for cameras around 2 kg and a larger one for cameras up to 10 kg. The mid sized version is the most advanced in the moment.

    We have first prototypes to test and improve step by step and plan to add small joysticks to the handles for better control of pan and tilt in single operator mode. For more information, upgrades and new videos you might visit our website

    Andreas Kielb

  • @Andreask what is the cost for the 2kg version?

  • We didn't settle a final price yet but it might be around 3.000 Euro, like most of the other DSLR stabilizers in progress.

  • Damn, people are charging ridiculous prices for these stabilizers, it's not that complicated to make!!

  • Im just gonna wait for china-knock-off version of this. Im sure withing a few months China will catch up with this. I have faith on them....

  • Damn, people are charging ridiculous prices for these stabilizers, it's not that complicated to make!!

    Everything is not complicated until you start making it :-)

  • yes and no @vk. I work for a small company and im in a position that I know about our production, cost, capital etc and based on what we charge our customers after accounting for cost of production it's not that complicated. Yes I know it's a company, they have being doing it for years. Yes it's complicated if all the capital is coming just from you.