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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Exactly, and GH3 and this thing are a great combo. For mix of sensor size/strengths, sharp 1080p, frame rates, etc.

  • That girl has a funny job.

  • Assuming that it has the same sensor as BMCC's but cropped, what would be the noise penalty?

  • I'm not really that worried about the IQ of the S16 BMC. I think Moire is a solvable issue and we may eventually see a solutions from Mosaic if this thing is as popular as I think it will be.

  • @zigizigi 2 minutes for fighting.

  • Hey all of sudden PV is becoming a one thread (site) show! ;) this is blackmagic i tell ya!

    @shian and all maybe we should start an open petition with all these features requests and send it to Blackmagic.

  • I agree with you all, better have two or three, maybe four camera bodies and use the best features from each one, but...

    Would not be better sell everything and go for something more expensive with all features together?

  • I gotta say this. Paid software update for 2.5k!

  • Any reason for software cropping?

  • Another video about the pocket cinema cam. Here the sales rep mentions a completely new sensor.

    Edit: Maybe he had no idea and mixed up the specs of the cams.

  • What does the "active" MFT mount means? "With full electronic control of your lens, you can simply point and set iris all on command". Does it imply that the pocket camera allow to set the lens focus and the iris from/via the camera? Focus button turns on peaking (no AF?), while iris button automatically adjusts lens iris settings so no pixel value is clipped?

    Anyhow, the Pocket camera looks more interesting from the two announcements.

  • Yeah I think this guy is a bit clueless, he says it's not writing raw...what...I think he doesn't understand the compressed raw and pro-res aren't the same thing.

  • @tobsen I am a sales rep, and know a lot of other sales reps. What do I say about sales reps? Never trust a sales rep.

  • Im ready for this camera ;) My c-mount Arsenal :

    Im excited whether my Fujinon 5,5mm lens will not vignette on this. I bought as a set of a Bolex 16mm camera; finger cross ;)

  • @No_SuRReNDeR crop multiplier is like times 2.8 or 3. Luckily there is a 7 mm for m43

  • @Tungee78 so it's you always betting more on the damn c-mounts!!! ;) Nice collection, hope you use them enough ;)

  • Strange they're saying it doesn't write RAW while on the BM website it says it will record RAW.

  • This little camera changes EVERYTHING for ultra low-budget filmmaking! If it delivers on these specs, it will by leaps and bounds be the new best deal for sub-$2000 camera packages. It's going to be ideal for discrete shooting, or carrying places where any bulk is a major issue (e.g. backpacking, mountaineering, large crowds, etc). On larger productions it looks like it'll be a perfect B-cam, especially when paired with a BMCC or BMPC-4K, or as a crash cam, or to bring when location scouting.

    My main concern at the announcement was rolling shutter, but looking at that video that @stip posted on page 7, it's not even that bad. Definitely nothing that a little processing couldn't fix. To me it doesn't look as bad as any DSLR I've worked with, including the GH2.

    I'm going to sell my bulky GH2 rig (cine cage with handles, matte box, FF, etc) and pick this camera up as soon as I can. This time around I'm going to keep my rig minimalistic. I'll get a lightweight steadicam system, and maybe just put a Metabones Speedbooster on it for use with AI/AI-s Nikon glass (28mm f/2, 50mm f/1.2). That'll give me a Super-35 aesthetic in RAW / 10-bit PR422HQ with 13 stops DR, for $1500. I still can't quite believe it...

  • @Sangye Better believe it the time has come when technology vs cost ratio is none factor, myself I was shocked at the announcement I was thinking 2-3 years seeing that kind of tech in such small body..

  • @Tungee78 That's insane... but real nice collection now you'll be able to put it to good use. Gonna rack my lens collection as well.

  • Wish we could get some sample footage for this thing.. it would be nice to see the output.. Sounds good, but it all comes down to what the footage looks like.

  • At first I was surprised by how small of a sensor they are putting in this camera but after thinking about it a bit, I've decided the sensor size is actually pretty genius. You can use more lenses on this camera without vignetting than any other camera that I know of, while at the same time having the capability for shallow DOF with a Metabones Speedbooster if that's what you need. This means that you have a quite a bit of control over DOF, if you can afford a speedbooster and a decent number of lenses.

    I'll probably sell my Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 (I've used this lens a ton and keep wanting to love it, but it's just a little too soft wide open to justify its cost, when I'm consistently stopping it down to f/1.4 or f/2), and pick up an Olympus 12mm f/2 for medium-wide angle steadicam work, and for most other things use vintage Nikon and Pentax glass with a Speedbooster. Being able to use a LANC controller is awesome for steadicam work, too.

    The only thing that I think I'm going to miss having on this camera is an articulating screen. That pretty much means that I'll need to keep my field monitor.

  • Does anyone know if a smaller [vertically] cmos sensor, like on this new camera, could equate to less skew in rolling shutter? Thanks in advance.