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  • I had one of the indian ones and the hague, both took an age to balance, sold both, got the Blackbird - very quick, well thought through and excellent customer relations, definitely worth a bit more money to have something that does what you hope it will.
  • wondering if anyone has heard of this one , being developed by the same company that does the blackbird, they are developing one with gyroscopic stabilisation. does anyone know if there is any other similar product on the market already?
  • @belfryman +1 on the Blackbird. Great service.

    @bezerk55 I think their Gyro thing has been under development for many years - not sure that's a serious product. However if you have plenty of money going spare you can buy individual gyros (eBay sometimes has them) - they're quite expensive and you need more than one to get good stabilization. Main maker is Kenyon at and you can explore some great links to videos from there.
  • Just a note that I recommend the steadicam merlin.

    I've run the GH2 with both 20mm pancake and the 14-140mm, and have even run it with HPX170's for a few years and been very satisfied. Worksmanship is solid, generally precise machining, and a very smooth gymbal.

    The one drawback is that the piece interfacing with the gymbal seems a touch weak. Nonetheless, very pleased with it as a small, lightweight steadicam (one can pedestal/boom much more than a vested rig). Takes more sensitivity than a vest rig to operate, in my opinion, but a great kit tool. Looking forward to doing more with the GH2 as those 170's get awfully heavy after an hour+ performance.

    An example of the merlin is on pg 18 of the low GOP thread if you care to see it in action.
  • Can somebody tell me if a normal Flycam Nano suits the GH2 or that you'll need a more expensive DSLR Flycam Nano. Can't really find an answer. I see people using the normal version with the GH2. It depends on the weight of the camera the description tells. The GH2 seems to be 900g and will be used by me with different, not that heavy, lenses. I'm thinking about buying a normal but maybe need a DSLR. Would be nice to hear your experiences.
  • @mennofokma

    If you want to use Indian stuff, look for Ultralite model.
  • I just bought the glidecam hd1000, I'll post a review with the GH2 once I get balanced and practiced.
  • @pingpongcomputer "I just bought the glidecam hd1000"


    Me too! They're seriously the best. Glidecam is all I use. I had a Merlin, but it was garbage. It never balanced right, felt awkward, and the plate would always slide around... ruining the balance. Never again.

    Also, if you're thinking about the vest and arm... you don't need it. The only purpose the vest/arm ever had was for the weight of cameras like Red or film. With small cams like DSLRs you can easily hold it without support.
  • good to hear, I should have it by late next week, I hope to get good enough to use on a shoot within a month
  • @mennofokma I fly the flycam nano (regular version, not DSLR) and I've been rather pleased with it for the price. The largest difficulty is achieving perfect balance (Glidecam HD1000 probably beats it in this area as it's better-built and easier to adjust on the fly). But for all intents and purposes a Flycam Nano works just fine. I'll post footage later to support my claim.

    PS- I fly it with the 14-140 stock lens and purchased some half-weights from the hardware store to balance exactly right. Definitely takes practice to master.
  • Do these things really work? Tried one aeons ago, gave it up cos I found my hands to be a tad more steady. The only real steadicam rigs (Steadicam as trademark) are those used by broadcast DPs. Those are so heavy they will break yr back in the long haul, but they produce images that are stunningly stable and smooth.
  • Has anybody tried/have an opinion on the steddiepod?
  • I see many using the Wondlan Ares for the GH2. But would the Wondlan Pegasus suffice as well?
    I'm asking because I can get a used Pegasus cheap, in very good condition.

    I'm mostly using light lenses, like the 14-42mm kit lens or some 50mm 1.8.
    Is the Ares any different or is it just so it can carry a heavier setup?
  • @starstuff

    Ares cares heavier cams and balancing plate is a bit different ...
    Pegasus might work well as it is for DV camcorders and light DSLR's.
  • @bwhitz and pingpongcomputer

    How's your Glidecam HD 1000 working out? Need to know. Wanna buy. Maybe
  • It looks like we need a shootout to decide which steadicam is the best. The contenders are the Glidecam HD1000 vs Steadicam Merlin vs Black Bird vs Wonderlan Ares/Pegasus vs Flycam Nano. Seems like the HD1000 is the winner so far.
  • @davhar I'm happy with the glidecam, still learning how to move properly for smooth results, but the construction is good, and it's fairly easy to balance. I would recommend getting a quick release plate to go along with it though, it makes switching the camera easier, and adds a bit of weight, which is nice since I think the GH2 with 14-42 kit lens is almost too light for the stabilizer to work at its best
  • @davhar

    It's working out great for me! Nice and compact... easy to "fly" around. It's so light that I can even sprint with it. Try doing that with a F3 or Alexa glidecam rig... ;)
  • Getting a Wondlan Ares now. Am happy to post some samples once it's set up though I'm afraid the tests won't be very usable since I don't own any other steadicams to compare to :/
  • For a stabilizer, is there anything more in the ilk of the equipment in this photo, for the GH2:
  • I worked on a glidecam 2000 last weekend for some running stuff and it came out great...
  • Glidecam still has the same build as the other steadicams. Check the link I posted. I'm after something like that.

    As for Glidecam, there's so many 1000, 2000, 4000....which one is best for it's value?
  • just made a 15 EURO plywood steadycam..
  • @bert

    for 15 EUR that's pretty impressive
  • Definitely need to add top weight. Vitaliy's weight solution is the way to go. I'm about to order one and try and get this ASXMOV Steadicam ST-10 stabiliser working which has been sat in its bag for weeks! Great for big cams, but the spring/suspension action needs a lot of weight to even get it it to work. Stick a cage or weighty mount on and its ok.