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Uncompressed recorder for cheap?
  • BlackMagic today announced uncompressed recorder using simple and already cheap SSD drives.

    Thing will be called HyperDeck Shuttle.

    With $345 announced price.


    BlackMagic recorder


    Something tells me that selling old facioned cameras like AF100 for 200% profit will be tougher and tougher.

    Bad thing is that BlackMagic is famous for paper announcments, like their H.264 recorder that had been postponed for almost a year.

    Good thing is that making uncompressed recorder is not so complicated as proper H.264 encoder, contrary to common beliefs spreaded by camera manufacturers.

    Modular cameras are real future.

    See more details at :

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  • Look out Ninja and Nano - Great price and it looks like it specs out well as an entry level portable capture device
  • Now if we could only get a clean live HDMI out of the GH13 or a stable output from GH2 then BlackMagic would for sure be out the door faster.
  • I don't think that GH1 have any hopes really.
    And GH2 hack is only coming, so we don't know for sure.
    HDMI on GH2 will require really detailed research.
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  • Love the prive point, I really would like to see this unit used on a senser only camera, like an apertus.
    This on a 2/3 ccd chip with an EVF is basically a € 10k Ikonoskop.
  • You are almost right.
    Problem for traditional camera producers is that audio recorders with xlr and video recorders with low compression will be cheaper and cheaper with time. With FullHD small panels becoming cheap we'll see very good viewfinders.
    Next problem is that Japanese companies are misinforming all people as usual about their current supply problems.
  • now with the GH2 hack eminent, and hyperdeck uncompressed 4:2:2 for so cheap, it's probably gonna be a new dawn for sub 2000$ package indie filmmaking!
  • Finally. Maybe I'll get one for my HV20 and ditch the tape :)
  • I read that uncompressed HD means 400 Gig - 675GB an Hour. If that is correct, it means expensive SSD drives. And what would be the hardware needed to deal succesfully with such a huge files???
  • >I read that uncompressed HD means 400 Gig - 675GB an Hour. If that is correct, it means expensive SSD drives.

    Do not rush with this calculations. They did not provide enough actual details, so we do not know, may be it implements some form of compression.
    But it is not designed for long shooting :-)

    >And what would be the hardware needed to deal succesfully with such a huge files???

    I do not see any problems with hardware.
    You could get gigabit media server with 8-12Tb of space for storage for very cheap (and it can use e-SATA for direct fast transfer).
  • Remember that Shuttle is available on ebay for $328 (plus shipping)
  • I am assuming VK@ this means that you are thinking seriously about GH2 HDMI recording?
    S u p e r !
  • @alcomposer

    Not yet. I just informed guys who can be interested.
    But HDMI related patches will be introduced with time.
  • I don't understand. Didn't we already have a way to extract the signal from GH2 HDMI recordings? I mean they tested this with Ninja and then AviSynth etc. What's the difference with using that same type of file conversion for Hyperdeck?

    I also hear that Atomos is saying you can use Red Giant software called Grinder to extract the 24p from the GH2 HDMI file.

    I think Hyperdeck will be a game changer. Price is great and product fits the needs of DSLR/Prosumer video community.
  • @Aria
    GH2 HDMI has many issues still.

    And remember - SSD price must be added.
  • I sure hope the GH2 can eventually accommodate external recorders painlessly. What are some of the inexpensive cams that can already utilize these types of recorders? Someone mentioned HV20?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    One good thing about the technology is that SSD's will eventually come down. The sales of SSD's have been picking up and devices like Ninja and Hyperdeck will only help to build demand. I like the concept if only the Camera companies can give us better HDMI from these DSLR's.

    Also I noticed that the list of framerates the Hyperdeck supports didn't include 1080/60p!

    720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 1080i60, 1080PsF23.98, 1080PsF24, 1080PsF25, 1080PsF29.97, 1080PsF30, 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p30.
  • @Aria
    The issue with the HDMI output is: 24p packaged inside 50i (60iNTSC) with incorrect cadence. The jury is still out as to the issue with colour- but the patch in AviSynth simply blurs the RED channel (It first kills 4:2:2-> 4:2:0 then with blur-> 4:2:2).
    I am just wrapped that @VK is seriously considering this for the hack.
    What I like about the BMD Shuttle is that it accepts SDI & HDMI, with also output! Im not sure as to the USB port- I think that it can also allow remote control - (be good to work out in future what exactly the command is - especially for 3D Stereo capture)

  • I saw this online but with the GH2 hack still in its early stages who knows if it will become usefull. A lot cheaper than the Ninja though by a long way.
  • As @VK said- the Shuttle is inexpensive- but the SSD will make up for that saving... What I do think is amazing is the HD-SDI and in/out.
    What I like abut the Ninja is the screen (which needs a Firmware update to do realtime playback) - but still love it... & the fact that you can get any 2.5 inch HDD and fit huge amounts of 4:2:2 ProRes onto it. (something like 4 hours per 500GB) Also the ProRes is already in an editable format- which the Shuttle is not in- as I don't even think you would want to edit uncompressed
  • @alcomposer
    I'll make special strike team for HDMI patches testing, so, stay tuned.
  • I'd be interested to see the gh2 working with the sounddevices pix220/240.
    SSD recording/monitor/xlr preamp in one.
    Should save a lot of syncing time too.
  • "I'll make special strike team for HDMI patches testing, so, stay tuned. "

  • If you need any help with this let me know. I have a nanoflash and BMD intensity ready to go. H
  • I'd love to help too. I have several HDMI recording options.
  • Oh good!!! I cant wait for the first HDMI patches....