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Official Panasonic G5 topic
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  • The G5 manual is out.

    Type in DMCG5 and search. Download the 8.2 megabyte manual and not the quick manual.

    Here is the definitive answer on whether the G5 does manual movie control.

    It does not do manual movie control. PERIOD.

    The part where the manual says the G5 records "Normal motion picture" for the PASM modes means that it reverts to Full Auto mode with Auto or Intelligent ISO during movies.

    This is found on page 54 of the 8.2 megabyte manual.

    Motion pictures cannot be recorded in the following cases.

    – [Glistening Water][Glittering Illuminations][Soft Image of a Flower] (Scene Guide Mode) – [Soft Focus][Star Filter] (Creative Control Mode)

    • It will be recorded in the following categories for certain Recording Modes. A motion picture

    recording matching each Recording Mode will be performed for the ones not listed below. Selected Recording Mode Recording Mode while recording motion picture

    • Programme AE Mode • Aperture-Priority AE Mode • Shutter-Priority AE Mode • Manual Exposure Mode Normal motion picture

    • [Clear in Backlight] (Scene Guide Mode) Portrait Mode • [Clear Nightscape][Artistic Nightscape][Clear Night Portrait] (Scene Guide Mode) Low Light Mode

  • Here are some answers on AE lock.

    Page 105

    • AE Lock and AF Lock must be activated before motion picture recording begins. • During motion picture recording only cancellation of AF Lock can be performed.

  • It looks like the G5 records 1080p @ 60 FPS, true interlaced 1080i/60, 1080p/30 PSF, and true 720p @ 60 FPS.

    I am just going to throw this out there.

    "If you don't need 24p then the G5 is equivalent to a stock GH2 without manual controls and the multi-aspect sensor". It has the ETC modes and still image during video capabilities."

    Basically, if you are interested in using m4/3s video just like a camcorder then the G5 will be a dream come true for you.

    The video from the G5 is outstanding for stock bit rates. This camera is not a replacement for a GH2 because it does not do 24p and Manual controls during video. However, for people that don't use those things this is truly an excellent hybrid camera.

    That being said I can't wait to see what the GH3 brings. It will have to have everything the G5 has and then some. I just wish I knew what the "And then some" is?

  • I wish the GH2 had this feature that the G5 has.

    Detects orientation of camera (Direction Detection Function)

  • What about the high dynamic mode, any example to see if we can have a high dynamic range video mode that would be fantastic for a gh3.

  • @amateur , the G5 have moire but not GH2 :-) check color cards ...

  • or maybe same moire o_O ? they maybe called gh2.5 because it has same based sensor ?

    look with tabs you wills judge

  • lumix GX1 :

    G5 beat it in noise for sure but for moire look close to GH2 and G5 i'm confuse :/

  • Here's the critical G5 stuff, Streamparser, Streameye etc... PAL info.


    • The rogue P frame is still in the AVCHD mix.

    • The mp4 mode is similar to the GX1, etc... and that it is as before, Baseline 66, level 4.0 profile.

    • Note that 1080p50 overall i/p/b frames are half the size of the GH2 and look at the GOP. 24 for PAL 1080p50. The max I could get it to is around 480,000.

    • 720p50 AVC is profile High, Level 4.0.

    1080p50 under streameye proves its;-

    resolution : 1920x1080 AVC

    profile:level : High:4.2

    aspect ratio : 16x9(1:1)

    chroma format : 4:2:0

    interlaced: no

    IQ /Q = 20

    True HDMI Out at 1080p? Find out tomoz.

    G5 Price - Local Panasonic dealer price in the UK at £699.95 and available /in stock now.

    G5 under streamparser 1080p50.png
    1726 x 841 - 102K
    G5 under STREAMPARSER 1080p50 note the rogue p frame is still on the G5.png
    1720 x 832 - 113K
    G5 under STREAMEYE 1080p25 MP4 MODE BASELINE 66 LEVEL 4.0.png
    1422 x 1255 - 745K
    G5 under Elecard buffer analysis 1080p50.png
    722 x 983 - 66K
    G5 under Elecard Stream analysis 1080p50 matrix.png
    1309 x 1039 - 106K
  • @driftwood Does it support true multi aspects like Gh2?

  • Does HDMI Out work? Only in Playback mode. The G5 is UNABLE to record thru the hdmi out port showing no picture or no input in Live View or Record mode. Tested and confirmed on a Atamos Ninja and Viera TV.

  • It's confirmed. G5 uses Gh2 sensor but disabled the true multi aspects.

  • Quick question, I'm thinking of getting this at release, but buying at Japan means there will be only japanese interface. Is there any simple hack enabling language in near future, or should I buy GX1 instead and use the other money on lenses?

  • It's only a guess. If the sensor of G5 is larger than that of GH3, it won't be too difficult to use the multi-aspect function in still photography. I mean, it might be poosible to use RAW output and appropriate Raw decoders/camera profiles to bypass the firmware restriction. In fact, the Raw processor I use (RawStudio) always gives more pixels than the default sizes and I can manually change the cropped boundaries for a Raw image. For example, I can get a normal 4616 x 3460 Photo for 4:3 in GH2 (default is 4608 x 3456). (Sorry, I corrected the numbers)

    I think GH3 is a complete new line for Pro and Panasonic has merged the old GH style (semi-pro or family photography) to the G series.

  • So the RAW images on the GH2 aren't cropped? Hmm, I never knew that. Must add quite significantly to the file sizes.

    I'm hoping that manual video control and multi-aspect can be added back in to the firmware by some intelligent folk. I don't really want to buy a used GH2 because the shutter count will probably be high, and I don't want to get a GH3 because it's massive. Perhaps getting an OM-D is the best bet for me, multi-aspect is cool and gets more out of your lenses, but stabilisation is also very nice to have.

  • I checked the Raw exif of various cameras in the 4:3 aspect. Here are what I've found:

    GH2: 4616 x 3460 GX1: 4600 x 3456 G5: 4616 x 3464

    Compare to the official spec.

    GH3: 4608 x 3456 GH2: 4608 x 3456 GX1: 4592 x 3448 G5: 4608 x 3456

    However, I'm not sure what 3:2 or 16:9 for G5 looks like...

  • @OASYS

    Btw, you can just test GH3 raw from samples we got (see GH3 wiki page for link)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thanks for the hint. :-)

    I checked the exif from GH3 Raw . It shows 4616x3080. I guess it is in 3:2 aspect. The exif of GH2 Raw shows 4760 x 3172. It's almost 100% for sure that GH3 is not capable of shooting multi-aspect photos. I'm still looking for the exif information of G5 in other aspect. If panasonic has restricted the output size of Raw as well, the last hope would be a hacked firmware. Would it be difficult/possible to modify the resolution of a still image in a hacked firmware? I remember Ptool can change the resolution of motion pictures.

  • @OASYS

    It is quite simple actually. The G5 is indeed the GH2 sensor with multi aspect ratio disabled. Here is the proof.

    The GH2 has a max "Sensor photo detectors" of 18.3 megapixels. The G5 has the same. The GH3 has a max "Sensor photo detectors" of 17.2 megapixels. The G5 and GH2 simply have more pixels of the same size than the GH3 does.

    The pixel size for all three cameras is actually equal. That maintains the exact same crop factor and resolution for the 4:3 mode. You can take an identical picture in 4:3 mode with all three cameras.

    With 3:2 and 16:9 the G5 and GH3 give you cropped images with a 2.160x crop factor for 16:9 mode. I didn't calculate it for 3:2 mode.

    They definitely could enable the multi aspect ratio feature on the G5 if they wanted to. As the GH3 stands right now it is not capable of being a multi aspect ratio camera.

  • Is slowly insinuating the idea that G5 (hacked G5) is a an economy alternative of GH3? Sure GH3 has more features, better body ecc. but: same registration formats, same 4:2:0 and 8 bit. Will be interesting to see some footage comparison between GH2, GH3 and G5. If G5 really has the same sensor of the GH2 (even if it is called Venus VII), could also be the upgrade of the GH2, if it is real that GH3 has Sony sensor on no more the organic look of GH2 that many are complaining of. Personally I wait for a comparison before judge GH3, but have to say I hoped had better specifications.

  • The level profile of the Gh3 (profile High level 5) is much better than the G5 apart from the 1080p50/60 modes which appear identical.