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Powering GH2
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  • @sam_stickland The cut off the GH2 uses to work out if it is on battery power is 7.4V, if I remember correctly. Lots of the early 3rd party batteries worked by using 7.4V as a way to work round the battery detection in the GH2, but of course you loose the battery indicator. I've yet to discharge my 12/9/5V battery, but I'll voltage check it when its nearly empty and see how it varies.
  • @Ptchaw: Thanks! I've ordered the coupler and the battery, will figure out which adapter to get once I have them... :-)
  • @Ptchaw

    To clarify: if you have the right connector/adapter, then you don't have to worry about the polarity? Or is there some further adjustment you have to make, even if no soldering is involved?

    Secondly, what connector adapter does one get? Is it available on ebay?
  • @Roy_Batty Thats correct. The 9V lead from the battery does not have the same connector as the DC coupler. Buy an adapter and you're fine, no need to check polarity.

    I can't find anywhere the dimensions of the DC coupler, but go to an electrical store and you should be able to find one.
  • @Ptchaw Sorry I wasnt trying to be a dick, I just heard allot of stories about people ruining their cameras with this stuff. Did you look at the Dolgin thing? Same issue about the indicator with that solution? I think its pretty cheap if you already have some HVX Batteries laying around.
  • i have a question, the ac8 ac adapter how much mah sends??

    i have just look at one of my old ac adapter from a canon dv camera (consumer, zr64mc) and it sends 8.4 volts at 1500 mah, so? does anyone has the specifications of the ac8?

    or does any one know if i could use this ac adapter, because i think that it will send a much more low risk output than a non-camera ac adapter, but i couldn´t find how much mah the gh2 can take
  • @No_SuRReNDeR No worries. But you're right, you do need to be careful! The Dolgin looks like a good solution if you already have batteries and has a charge meter.
  • @Ptchaw,

    I believe the dimensions of the DC coupler connector are 1.7mm (inner diameter) and 4.75mm (outer diameter).

    Do you know the tip dimensions of the 9v connector from the battery?

  • @Roy_Batty Brilliant :) I'm away from home until Sunday so can't check now, but I will measure the 9V connector. It is very slightly bigger.
  • @Ptchaw the battery you linked was ~$24 on ebay when, a few months ago.

    I'm glad to see the idea embraced here, that battery has everything you need beside the connector. It's a lot less trouble than building your own voltage regulator and battery housing. :)
  • @Ptchaw can you recommend an adapter to connect the DC coupler and the Li-ion battery?
  • The battery and the coupler have arrived (for a while now). I tried to find a suitable adapter, but the guy at the electronics store told me the connection on the coupler side is not a common size. It would be cool if we could find out the precise type of connector to see if we can find an adapter. Otherwise, I guess we're stuck with soldering and checking polarity, right @Ptchaw? :-)
  • @7hau Nice find. I tried to run a google translate on some of the products. To me it seemes like this one includes both the external battery and the "empty battery insert":

    I hope some of this turns up on ebay with international shipping, and better descriptions :)
  • they have oso modified battery grip to fit gh1 n gh2 using 2 nikon batteries or 6 AA batteries. I 'll try asking them if they could put up on ebay.
  • I've contacted the seller, he'll put up on ebay soon. He oso mention his modified battery grip(not sure about external battery) can show battery level in GH1 and currently in an effort to do that in GH2.
  • I have a nice IDX battery system with 12v power tap. Is there an affordable, turn key regulator I can use to bump my voltage down to 8.4 volt for my GH2? Ideally I'd like to have something that has a few outlets so I can also power my 12v LCD.
  • @7hau you are the man ;)
  • was wondering on powering the GH2 when it gets here... I am a DOP on set all day sometimes for multiple days, and the factory batteries just wasn't going to cut it... BUT, being a professional photographer I have some interesting tools at my disposal (p.s. many of which are cheaper and more powerful that switronix and anton Bauer setups) also there is some interesting info about the power inputs. I will folow up on this when I get in my gear, I order next week monday and will be testing in FULL the day it arrives.
  • For people looking to step down a 12v power source to the 8.4v or 9v required by the GH2, I've had pretty good luck with this device:

    It's designed to plug into a 12v car accessory jack, but you can easily snip that off and attach whatever plug you need for your battery or battery distribution system. On the other end it comes with a bunch of different DC power plugs which are interchangeable, one of which fits into the GH2 DC Coupler (DMW-DCC8). The device has a switch for 5v, 6v, 8.4v, 9v, and 10v output (9v seems to work best for the GH2). I think the maximum current is 3 amps, but that should be enough for the GH2.

    Sells for a little under $30 on Amazon:
  • It had been mentioned in separate topic, and I stil do not see it here
  • re: eneloop

    Saw other topic,.. what is the deal with this? Its a Li-Ion battery pack, but includes 2 outputs and an inbuilt current regulator?

    Any ideas how long it would power the GH2 for?

    Probably is the easiest way to power the GH2 if it works well... any one used or is it still too new?

    Eneloop does have a very good name when it comes to batteries,... and unfortunately - like everything specs can lie so - so don't believe everything that batteries say...

    This baby is the whole deal (charger included) for the same price of ONLY a Sony DV (Brandname) battery.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  • @Retina For the GH2 DC coupler you need a DC power connector with a 4.75mm outer diameter and 1.7mm inner diameter. It's possible you could find an adapter, depending on what kind of connection you need on the battery end.

    If you're comfortable soldering, that actually maybe end up being cheapest and easiest. Here's one place to get a solder-on DC plug you could use:

    You want to solder the center pin (which is the shorter of the two contacts on the soldering end) to positive and the outside cylinder (longer contact) to negative. Use a pliers to crimp the tabs (at the end of the long contact) around the wire to hold things in place and you're good to go.
  • Greetings, we were told about this thread concerning the GH2 power options, so I checked it out :-)
    As No_SuRReNDeR already mentioned earlier, we make several adapters designed specifically for this great camera. The "Power Plate" solution allows to use common DV batteries as a source of power, the DC converter device powers the camera using any 12V-25V DC power source, so any battery that you already own, including car power, can be used. Please feel free to either post a question here of contact us directly, if have any specific question or a suggestion, will be happy to help with an answer/ custom solutions to your needs.
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  • Chaps

    Although not a pro-rig solution, I have been using an XPAL 18000 and the DC couple to great effect for a bit now. I must average around 10 hours of usage with it. It's got a 9-12v auto sensing rail, so won't over power. It also has a 5v USB and 14-19v rail for other equipment (although it's designed for laptop use).

    I made a little YouTube video of it a while back

    Appreciate it won't be of use to everybody, but it's a neat little unit if your considering a consolidated power device for gadgets and filming. I just rig it up using cable ties.