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Is there a patch against jelly?
  • I am doing a lot of tele-shots. If the cam vibrates a little bit, which is hardly seen and would not disturb the viewing, parts of the picture show an clear visible jelly. Is there a patch, which can help against this? Is this a rolling shutter- or a codec deficiency? Specially, if I shoot in ETC. Thanks.

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  • No. Sorry. I would suggest using a VR lens... (obviously something Panny m43 for electrical connections)

    Haven't you ever wondered why Wild World of Sport uses those massive cameras with big block lenses? VR baby...

  • You could also give this a try: Then again for the money you get a lens with OIS as well..

  • Hi Meierhans, thanks for your help. Since I have a very long lens (Tamron 200-500) with no Ois (and if it would have OIS I would have a problem with pans and tilts) so I am very interested to hear, if such a program works well. Do you or somebody else have experiences with such programm? Thanks.

  • It has a 30 days trial. Just download and see if it works for you. Herr are some useful numbers:

    Its interesting that using ETC basicly halfs the effect technicly.

  • That's to be expected, since a smaller part of the sensor is read, so it's faster. Might be a good alternative to using a very long lens under sufficient light.

    Regarding the RS tool from The Foundry: it's one of the best, but none of them is working miracles. If there are many different motion vectors in the frame (e.g. vehicles passing at different speed/direction in a pan) you'll still see problems.

    If you want to give the tool a hard time, try a clip from a cellphone ;-)

  • FWIW: I once had a 7D and was shooting off a monopod outdoors, shots of trains off a bridge near a major train station. There was a little wind and I had no OIS lenses. The tele end of my zoom was ca. 105mm, no problems with rolling shutter. I attached a 500mm mirror lens to it and it was jello city and totally unusable, like I was shooting off a warped mirror at a carnival. It looked kind of funny actually.

  • Yes there is. It's called After Effects' Warp Stabilizer and you don't want to know how much it cost. You can also use VirtualDub + Deshaker.

  • AEFX is free for 30 days ;-)

  • Stabilizers in post actually make jello worst, you are better off shooting correctly with the camera. Skew can be corrected much easier but still requires lots of work.

  • True! Shakiness can cover jello up to some degree. Once stabilized it'll look like the image is bending inside the frame.

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