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GH2 - 2.5fps AVCHD 24h Timebuster/TimeHBusteR 2.0 settings - The day is not over!
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  • @zcream: If you mean video, then the answer is No. The slowest SS is 1/2s.

  • @duartix I was wondering if you can help me or someone else maybe.

    I used your timebuster 1.3 for my wall project last year in 24p mode and 1/2 shutter speed, everything worked fine. Now I'am trying to merge it with flowmotion 2.02, because I'm gonna use it as B-cam to my AG-AC90 for skateboarding purposes.

    Now the result is that the picture is flickering and stuttering in all modes. I already tried your Timebuster 2.0 patch, but it's still not working and I think the bitrates in 24p 1/2 shutter speed are really high compared to those of the 1.3 patch.

    I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong in the merging process.

  • @Stiffla: This latest patch has a much different implementation (I/P/B GOP) than 1.3 (which was I/P GOP exclusively) and as a consequence it is a lot less tolerant to bad frames in a way that you REALLY NEED too weed out the bad ones because starved B-Frames (unlike P-Frames) look really bad and to add insult to injury they twice as much in bitrate... :P

    I've had other reports on the bitrate issue. I will try to investigate it, if only I can find the time...

  • I installed the Latest 30fps TImebuster HBR from the front page= Followed the rules in page 7 and everything seems to work.

    But when I switch to Cinema Mode and record, upon playback it looks choppy and messed up. I thought the TimebusterHBR patch was supposed to leave the cinema mode alone?

  • where is the 2fps option??? i cant find it is it in the menu??

  • It's your shutter speed. No menu option.

  • Please tell - if I need to record timelapse in day time at 1 \ 2 sutter, i need to use the ND filter. Because it will be overexposured video?

  • Yes, of course. You are using quite a long exposure!

  • sorry for my ignorance but is this a patch?? can i use this for timelapses?? how does it work?? is there any tutorial? thanks

  • Hi. Noob question - how does it work, when the expo is changing (sunset)? Any sort of bulb ramping?

  • duartix, can you say please - in this last alpha patch inpossible use else 720p60 mode or 1080i60, because when i try record - it's write "motion recording was canceled due to the limitation of the writing speed of card". My card is 45 mb/s

  • maby it's possible leave this modes by default? i mean not make high bitrate?

  • When I making TL in AE with the workflow explained here, Ive got some frames with artifacts (movement objects all in square, color artifacts - is this some P-frames with trash?). Any advice what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  • Please read the initial explanations, it's meant to be like that. You'll need to drop those extra frames, which don't change content due to long time exposure.

  • Am I need to do it before processing in AE?

  • Sorry for the delay, I'm sort of in between jobs and I haven't been following this thread closely.

    @monoseba: This is a patch dedicated to getting the best IQ possible from timelapses. The documentation can help you (it's attached in the first post):

    @mityazabuben: When the expo is changing, you have three options:

    a) You change the shutter speed to accommodate the light change, and if so you shouldn't be using this Timebuster patch because it is tailored to one specific shutter speed and will give you s**t if you use a different one.

    b) You use a Variable ND filter and watch your histogram as the light is changing and adjust to changing light.

    c) You do nothing of the previous and adjust later in post.

    IMHO a) is the easiest, b) will get you the best IQ, c) should be your last resort.

    So, you have met the famous trash frames. Those were totally bitrate starved on purpose. You need to weed them out from the good I-Frames! This might help:

    @3dwint: timebuster by nature is very undemanding on the SD card speed, and I've targeted an extremely frugal set of parameters, and only on the modes it is supposed to use. Everything else was left untouched. If you are having speed errors, please test the merger patch (did you use the FlowMotion variant?) in the same conditions. Most likely the speed issue should be in Flowmotion as well. BTW, IIRC, 45MBs cards are known for causing speed issues, but Flowmotion is also known for being solid on Class 10 cards.

    And no, you don't need to use the high bitrate Flowmotion variant. You can use the GH2 vanilla patch if you use timebuster/timeHBusteR Base version. Quality will drop though... noticeably.

    @nomad: Thanks for dropping in.

  • @duartix

    Hi. One simple question: How do you achieve running times of 15hrs (HBR25) when my GH2 shuts down with an empty battery after ~2hrs? AC power I´d guess, or are my batteries weak?


  • External power for sure.

  • @JackBayer: I don't! I never did. I just lifted that possibility for those who use external power sources like @nomad mentioned.

    But... my guess is that either the sensor or the h264 encoder must be a beast on power resources on regular usage, because IIRC when switching to 2fps, my batteries run for almost 4h. And it's no wonder... there's over 10x less data to move/compress.

  • Love your effort, but the first post is a mess.

    I'd like to achieve the longest possible record time at 1080 (25p).

    I assume i need a 1/2.5 GOP 10 settings, but i cant find that in your post.


  • I tried the "24h (Timebuster + timeHBusteR) FlowMotion" the one with gop 10.

    Recording stopped on its own at exactly 2 hours.

    I thought this could go longer?

  • Sorry for the mega long wait and for asking the obvious, but did you still had battery power and card space left? That exact 2h limit looks like something programmed but I'm positive I have longer captures (~4h).

  • I decided (and enormously late to the party I was, I'm sorry) to finally repack the Timebuster/timeHBusteR 2.02 FlowMotion variants (there is only updates to the HBR version (timeHBusteR)).

    There was a note telling you should remove the "1080i50 and 1080p24 GOP Size=5" for better preserving 24p, but no one seemed to read it and it was causing more trouble (to most of those who wanted 24p preserved) than it was worth (for those who wanted more timelapsing versatility.

    NOTE: The mergeable timeHBusteR wasn't updated! Just the the FlowMotion variant. I ASSUME that if you are using this HBR base for merging with other patches, that YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, and read the DOC.

    Once again I'm sorry.

    Timebuster FlowMotion