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Olympus most expensive and last m43 camera comes in January
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  • Do we have the sales numbers for Panasonic m43? Just a few 100.000s I guess?

  • @EspenB

    No, I don't. Except Panasonic top management no one have, and even they have distorted numbers as lot of current sale go to shelves and it is lot of unsold stock.

    I think Thom also got his number out of his fantasy, I mean that he knows total CIPA number and tried to interpret Olympus marketing share.

  • From April 1st Yasuo Takeuchi is becoming the new Olympus president. And in an interview released at Sankeibiz he directly debunked the rumors saying that shareholder ValueAct Capital asked to get rid of the camera business.

    Yasuo Takeuchi once more confirmed how vital the camera business is for their much bigger medical business. They will never get rid of their camera business period :)

    The more they debunk this, the more insiders become assured.

    One of the people inside industry even told that we can see series of fast mergers during 2019 and early 2020.

  • For some reason the statement was about not selling their consumer camera division.

    Who would buy that? Canon looking for 5-axis stab?

    There has been no debunking of actually closing down.

  • When is this "last" camera going to appear? January 2030? It's probably better to wait for Olympus to announce something rather than make gloom & doom predictions without any actual information.

  • @caveport

    Look who came out of the long sleep:-) Welcome to real camera industry. If you want happy press releases and managers nice talk - we have plenty of such, just in different topics.

  • " If you want happy press releases and managers nice talk - we have plenty of such, just in different topics."

    Yeah, I have seen most of the PV team interviews with company representatives at the various trade shows. Thanks for letting me know. :-)

  • I got word from one single reliable sources that Olympus did kill the PEN-F line. I am awaiting confirmations from other reliable sources just to be 100% sure about this. But I fear this “rumor” will get positive confirmation.

    They will kill all m43 lines, but can leave top camera until imaging department sellout or closure.

  • Olympus has announced that Geraint Radford and Marcus Clackson are set to become Olympus Ambassadors.

    Restoration and growing of so called "ambassadors" played extremely negative role for cameras market.
    In reality we got lot of people who day and night asked for small fixes and otherwise told how all is good and nice, plus most of them asked for price hikes as I know from my source who worked with them in EU (even if publically they always tell you otherwise).