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Olympus most expensive and last m43 camera comes in January
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  • And with 8 lenses coming in 2019 ist is nearly clear that you have curious sources or you want them really Go Down with Camera Department

  • @Vaterfreuden

    I am very careful with wording here.

    It can be such, but can be as you told. Depends on how things will unwind. I just want to remind not to use


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  • 'last m43 camera?' WTF

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    Possibility that it is last Olympus m43 camera (that will be wide sold, not only in Asia and Japan) is around 50-60% (my personal judgment).

  • In 2019 Sony will buy both Olympus and GoPro. :-p

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  • Rumors are that dealers are very unhappy with upcoming model and preliminary initial orders will be very small

    One dealer even told that Olympus representative was so upset that told they can cease all new m43 bodies manufacturing since March in case of bad perception of this new camera. As Olympus management hope for very big profits (margin is around 300-350% for manufacturer) and if they will be absent whole department can be axed.

    43rumors report 20 January announcement, may be they are right, my source tells that it'll be from after CES to late January without date.

  • Wow. I'm not bothering to watch that EM1X video, but if those images in the preview are to scale, Olympus will have managed to make a Micro 4/3 camera around the same size as like a D750. The GH5 is already huge for a Micro 4/3 camera - there's almost 0 excuse for making a bigger camera.

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    there's almost 0 excuse for making a bigger camera.

    Actually it is Japanese managers logic. As they increased profits on body around 5-6 times compared to GH2 times they wanted this to be visible - and size increase helps. Plus it actually makes camera much cheaper, as main LSI can be designed and made in around 4x cheaper price and this compensated with bigger heatsink.

  • Olympus did not even make any new LSI

    • 2x TruePic VIII processors making it just 2x the processing speed of the E-m1II

    Same cheap old one made using cheap process.

  • So what are the chances for Olympus making an new LSI for possible future cameras after the "X".

  • @EspenB

    And what are chances of alien invasion right after this camera will be complete flop?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev If Olympus buys GoPro they can both use the GP2 LSI. ;-)

  • Olympus is down. Their stock is under preforming and they need to trim the fat. Aside from that it's all about the GH2 baby. GH2 has the size and the raw that you want.

  • On the E-M1X launch day around Jan 20 Olympus will also announce the development of new MFT lenses. The only “production ready” lens will be the 150-400mm f/4.0 MFT lens


    Again, most of announcements will be just declaration, as management want to play safe and not invest to production for now.

  • Olympus teaser. Date:1/24/19

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    One of our Asian Sources (Thanks!) sent us these three product images of the E-M1X. And for the first time we also got an info about the pricing. In Japan the E-M1X will cost 365,000 YEN. Rough conversion in dollar is $3350 or 2900 Euros. Keep in mind that usually the prices in USA are lower which makes it sound the final price might be $2999.

    My sources tell that all who saw camera had been badly surprised and that management had been told to lower price countless times, but all this price craze clouded their vision.

    Get my words, before September this will sell for $1999 for kit with lot of accessories and even gift card thrown in.

    It won't reach in the discount amount the Panasonic FF cameras, of course as this ones will be absolute champions.

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  • "Video specs are on par with the GH5s, autofocus equal to the Sony A9, best EVF in the industry!"

  • New FT5 rumor: It can control your neighbour's barbecue by wifi and launch guided missiles at Syria from US destroyers.

  • @Fahrenheit

    Finally we know why the price is such.

    I heard that you can also call Trump directly using it.

  • Built in espresso maker? Its certainly big enough to have one. Who is the target market for this at the proposed price?

  • @Bernie

    Target market is 10-25 people who had been only input in making this product.

    As soon as companies returned to all this ambassadors and such you can see fast degradation of progress and extremely strange management decisions. And this is consequence of such strange input. It worked more or less good in time of simple film based cameras, but now it is disaster.