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Panasonic moved all force to Full Frame bodies, 8K HDR will be announced in March
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  • @Manu4Vendetta

    Can be instead "people watching at camera priced like Leica" :-)

  • The Leica of the people.

  • Some people says that it could be a Towerjazz sensor...

  • @zsound

    Well, may be it uses "Nikon style" sensor, I mean where top engineers are designing company logo being added to Sony sensor (and for all else they have IR to make fake PR).

  • (FT3) Word on the street is that the new Panasonic Full Frame camera will NOT use a Sony sensor

  • What is the ramifications for the M43 system?

    A significant price drop in the future? The one and only thing which has never been small with M43 is the price level.

    Pressumably no more 2000 euro GHx cameras. Will Panasonic still make a GH6 when they might only ask 1500 euro?

    You can understand Panasonic here somewhat. Why sell a 1500 euro camera and make 200 euro in profit, when you can sell a 2000 euro FF camera and have a 400 euro profit.

    After the Canikons mirrorless systems have the blast at Photokina and Panasonic announces FF developement it might kill any future interest in the M43 format.

    As for the current GH5 it probably need both a price drop as well as an updated firmware with new features to stay current until the summer of 2019..

  • The leak as well as the developement announcement comming at Photokina is just set up to make people not jump to Canikon mirrorless.


  • The next Photokina show is in may 2019. Probably no real product until then.

  • The leak as well as the developement announcement comming at Photokina is just set up to make people not jump to Canikon mirrorless.

    Product will not be out until summer of 2019 in 9 months I pressume.

  • I had been told that Panasonic see current moment as decisive, This is why actually 43rumors sources can suddenly come with such information, actually site can be used blindly. In reality camera could exist as few prototypes, but with informational stunt Panasonic just want to buy more time. Expect that at announcement date it'll told very few information.

    This is my personal view on situation.

  • ""In addition, conventionally, even in scenes where it was necessary to utilize different ND filters [2] according to capturing conditions, the technology realizes a new electronically-controlled variable ND filter function which enables stepless adjustment of the OPF sensitivity [3] merely by controlling the voltage applied to the OPF.""

    This would be absolutely outstanding if built in!!!!


    Panasonic PR in February 2018 already said it has developed an 8K 36MP CMOS sensor... I wasn't sure if what size, but FF makes perfect sense considering they can no longer generate new M43 sales/market share at $1999 or above pricing due to the FF competition

  • Does that mean no more nice lenses for m43?
    I loved mine 75/1.8 I would buy 65-75mm T/1.4 or 150/2.0, long(er) extreme sharp - no coma macro on the first day.

  • Exciting. Surely it must have on-sensor PDAF though. They'd be marginalizing their own product without it.

  • Panasonic makes excellent cameras. I wouldn't hesitate to buy their full frame camera. Now that Nikon dropped the ball again this seems like an excellent alternative. They have good ergonomics, excellent battery life, and I am pretty sure it will have stellar video performance as well. Good news I can't wait for this camera to be released!

  • Exactly. M43 for masses and FF for rich folks.

  • Why can’t they do both?

  • What the hell Panasonic?? Noooo... stick with making awesome MFT cameras!

  • A FF with GX7 design... pure orgasm, please Panni.

  • close mount has its downsides, currently the Sony E-mount can accommodate a electronic VDN in the FS5, any thinner would make that difficult.

  • @bannedindv

    I believe it is fight for largest and closest mount.

    Some talks are that Panasonic camera will be most thin of them all.

    Note also that Panasonic can initially postpone flipping screen and can try to copy Sony in everything, including in making screen tilting up only.

  • It's about time! Very interesting to see what's coming from this.

  • Leica L mount would make minimal sense, given that almost nobody currently has or uses it. Unless they are trying to make a very compact camera, I would expect them to use the EF mount since they already have experience with it on cameras like the EVA1.

    Bear in mind that the EVA1 is already 5.7k. It wouldn't be at all surprising to see this camera using the same (or a very similar) body, but with different guts and maybe a couple of red accents to show it's fancy, similar to the GH5/GH5s.

  • @bannedindv I would think it's the Leica L mount just like the SL. I believe Panasonic is the OEM for the SL anyway so this makes perfect sense that they would start releasing their own branded FF cameras.

  • Curious to see what lens mount if true