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Z-CAM E2 camera is coming with 4K at 120fps
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  • @flash your comparing it to what camera ? I think everyone knows Alexa is king of dr and its rated at 14 stops by arri . Blackmagic 4.6k is rated 15 stops by blackmagic and its 2 to 2.5 stops below the Alexa. The E2 is right below the 4.6k sensor . Maybe a stop below . That makes it around 10.5 to 11 stops (compared to that Alexa 14)

  • Z-Cam haven't been super forthcoming with how they're measuring DR to get to their claimed numbers. They're probably optimistic, just as pretty much every other vendor is optimistic.

    There are two higher DR modes (with tradeoffs)
    - WDR mode which does two exposures and adds some more headroom in the highlights, but with the risk of artifacts if something is moving in the highlights - this one is only available at up to 30 fps if I recall correctly
    - Set the sensor to some sort of "high quality" mode which increases DR, but at the cost of reading much more slowly from the sensor (this increases rolling shutter quite a bit) - I can't remember, but I think that this one is also only available up to a certain FPS (maybe 30 or 60)

    As far as saying you can't see 16 stops of DR in footage, bear in mind that in F stop terms, 14 stops is everything from f/1.4 to f/128 and 16 stops would be everything from f/1.4 to f/256. It's a lot. If you're intentionally lighting any scene, it's very unlikely that you'd have any realistic need for that many stops of DR - and no, your monitor almost certainly can't show that.

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    It is always better read about DR in scientific papers :-)

    m43 sensors now can rise DR at lower ISO only by cooling sensor and implementing similar tricks.

    For higher ISOs dual amplifiers also help a little.

    All cameras are still extremely dumb in their noise reduction capability as it required big buffers and calculation efforts. This is where big improvements can come (won't add anything in pixel capacity only in the random noise reduction).

  • When I say "I don't see 16 stops", I mean the hilights are clipped, burned

    I have a GH5s which is very powerful in all lighting conditions. But I need 120fps slow motion in 4K.

    Is there other solution than E2 in same price range ?

  • This guy tested DR, found a little more than GH5, Sony..

    Camera seems great on paper, love form factor. Really like that you can plug iphone/ipad in directly for monitoring/camera control. Still waiting for some truly impressive footage though. So far, looks very "Sony", drab colors and not very "thick" image. Hopefully just hasn't been put in good hands yet.

    I am member of the Facebook group and apparently they are imminently releasing the Z-Cam E2G with global shutter/less DR

  • @theconformist That video is garbage and the authors blocked me from commenting on their channel because I posted a polite critique of it. They claim to be testing dynamic range across cameras, but their testing methodology includes Premiere scopes which are obviously clamped to 8-bit. You can actually feel yourself becoming dumber as you watch their video.
    If you're a member of the group and have seen all of the footage that people have posted and found none of it "impressive enough," then your expectations are insane. But by all means, please show some of your incredible footage with "thick" images and bright "non-Sony" colors. Or maybe stop using "bullshit" terms to describe images. :)

    @flash There are no other cameras that shoot 120 fps 4k for less than $2,000.

  • I have to admit, they got my attention more than kinefinity team. Im excited to see what they might do in the E3 version

  • Thank you

  • @eatstoomuchjam Jeez... If you have samples that wow you, feel free to post them. Nothing I have seen so far really looks that great. I am super interested in the camera, I'm sure it can create great imagery, just haven't seen it. Whether the test is flawed, it is still comparing to other cameras using the same measurement tool. More DR than comparable cameras like GH5/BMPCC4K, Sony is still saying something, even if not a precise measurement.

  • @theconformist I'm not sure what would really "wow" you or anybody else when it comes to a camera like this one, especially when you use meaningless terms like "thick" to describe the type of image that you like. It makes an excellent image with good dynamic range and 250 megabits of HEVC (or ProRes) is plenty for lots of detail.

    Whether you generally like the stuff Philip Bloom shoots or not, some of his footage with the E2 looks very nice, I think. Here's his video:

    Otherwise, spend some time actually reading the group history and looking at the footage which has been posted. Michael, James, and Tat have all posted some very nice stuff.

  • @theconformist "Thick" means deep rich colors, contrast, good skintones... Images that pop. Can't really judge by Bloom's footage, his color grading makes everything look the same, low contrast with muted colors. I have watched some stuff on the group, it's not bad, very detailed for sure, it's a technically great image. But if you told me it was shot with an a7iii I wouldn't doubt it.

  • @jleo....I just navigated their labyrinthine ( and dysfunctional ) fb page and the e2c will have 24p. I can't wait for it to be $200 !

  • @theconformist Then you should probably try renting one and shooting for yourself. I'd say the same about "if you told me it was shot with an a7iii" about half of the movies in the cinema now, as well as about 98% of online videos.

  • Zcam told me that RAW come very very soon

  • @flash

    Who told you this?

    Z-CAM raw that is really not raw? More new formats?

  • Highlights of Z CAM E2C:

    • 4K 30fps / 1080p 60fps, 11.5 stops dynamic range
    • H.265 10 bit color, H.264 8 bit color
    • 4/3″ Sony CMOS sensor, MFT lens mount
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet) is supported
    • WiFi, Ethernet port, LANC remote, USB-C
    • 4K HDMI output
    • Recording: SD card or SSD (via USB-C)
    • Power: Canon LP-E6 & LEMO port
    • Button configuration (same as Z CAM E2)
    • Shoulder LCD (same as Z CAM E2)
    • Live streaming via Z CAM iOS app and PC software
    • ProRes recording on SSD via USB-C (pending on license approval)
    • RAW recording on SSD via USB-C (under development)
    • Z-Log2/FLAT/sRGB
    • Smaller form factor then Z CAM E2

    MSRP: USD799.00

    shipping fee will be added

    Target ship date: March 2019.
    Early bird price is 699,-

    This is more of the proper way.

  • @kurth thanks, that's good news, hard to find info on the E2c!

  • image


    773 x 689 - 44K
    690 x 727 - 43K
    1. It will be still E2 series as we mainly changed the sensor. If you put the cameras together you will finally found them almost the same. They will be of similar size. Small body is the key. We want to build a series of handheld powerful cameras.
    2. S35 version can do up to 6K60fps.
    3. S35 version can do 6K30/60fps sensor input and then down scaled to 4K30/60fps recording. Super sampling recording is amazing.
    4. Target mass production is October. We set 3 target mass production target in the past for different products and we delivered them.
    5. All E2 series cameras share the same codes if it's not feasible with that sensor so it has all features E2 has(resolution/framerates are not in this claim).
    6. Planning EF/PL mount with active lock for many reasons.: a. We planed short flange mount before and we found E mount isn't an option for 3rd party camera makers. The new mounts are lack of lenses(waiting to be proved) and also not open to welcome 3rd party to join. b. exchangeable lens mount needs more space which means the camera needs to be bigger. And also we don't think user can make short flange lense mount FLAT enough. If you make a test on E2 you will find E2's flange is the most accurate one in all M43 cameras that all the cameras have exactly the same flange. The shorter flange the edge blur issue will be more serious if we open it to user for exchange. c. If we make an own standard we need to make all the adapters by ourselves, and that's not possible to set up ecosystem. We are still open to suggestions.
    7. If an accessory works for E2 it should work with E2 S35.
  • @VK, Kinson Loo

    Is it possible to make a Metabone for S35 to have Fullframe ? I am not technician sorry if the question seem dumb ^^

  • " We want to build a series of handheld powerful cameras." ...if that's true, why did they restrict the the e1's bitrate ?

  • @kurth

    I think they did not. They just used Ambarella provided libraries and their limits.

  • The E2c is really interesteding.
    Too bad, its not coming with 4K60 ...