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Z-CAM E2 camera is coming with 4K at 120fps
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  • I “hacked” it, though it’s not much of a hack.

    And yes, ProRes is latent in the firmware and just not enabled yet. And with the new beta firmware, they distribute as a pw protected zip file which makes it harder to find the trick.

  • Love that Toronto footage jleo <3

  • Aside from the E2G which is pretty much ready, they are also going to release a budget version with a smaller body and reduced dynamic range and only 30fps for $799.

    K30fps 10bit with all the codec E2 has + POE with USB type C and SD card as storage.

    HDMI 4K30fps as well.

  • Hmmmm. Wonder if the budget version could be hacked to shoot 4K 120?

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    they are also going to release a budget version with a smaller body and reduced dynamic range and only 30fps for $799.

    It must be $499, and idea to reduce dynamic range and such is very bad.

    But it seems like my communication with them got real response.

  • I'd guess that the reduced dynamic range comes from whatever cheaper sensor they are using. Judging by PoE as a feature, I'd also guess that they intend the cheaper camera to be used in multi-camera streaming setups which are frequently indoors where lighting is fairly easy to control.

    In any case, a ProRes/raw capable camera available for $799 is still pretty great. There's pretty much 0 competition in that range - and if it doesn't sell well at $799, I'm sure the price will come down similar to the E1.

  • Z-Cam just linked to this youtube video:

    (from this post)

    Apparently some of the footage for the LED waterfall was shot with an array of E2's using their frame sync feature - the result was 30,000x20,000 pixels. That's pretty darn neat.

  • How about special PV Edition for less $$$ that can use hoverboard &c?

  • They officially have pro res now at 422 ..interesting little guy now

  • @DrDave

    Well, I want PV edition for $499 with all the features except some unnecessary hardware interfaces change.

  • no 24p. no sale :)

  • Like sammy said - announcement here with instructions on how to enable it (aka the "hack" I found a while back)...

  • @jleo 24p is available and has been for some time. I'm using it for my current project.

  • @eatstoomuchjam may I ask what other cams have you used in past and how the image (my main concern is IQ ,DR and color ) compare? Nothing has convinced me yet that it has better image than the Fujifilm xt3 or pocket 4k (again in terms of color ,DR and IQ mainly )

  • @sammy I haven't done scientific tests, but the DR looks better than my Sonys (A7r III and A7s II). Color looks nice. IQ is nice with newer firmware (they added a minimal/no sharpening option finally).

    The primary significant differentiators between it and the pocket4k (they use the same sensor and unbiased tests have found the image quality to be very similar, with a slight edge to raw from the bmpcc4k):
    - bmpcc 4k: shoots raw, built-in touchscreen with a nice gui (does not rotate, though, which is annoying), has a built-in shoe, various reports of instability/crashing, poor battery life with lp-e6 batteries (30-50 minutes? I'm not sure - I don't have one), janky autofocus (or no autofocus)
    - e2: 4kp120, all shooting modes/speeds are full frame/non-windows, smaller more attractive body, better battery life (uses np-f batteries natively, I get about 90 minutes on a third-party 550 and about 210 minutes on a third-party 970), 8 1/4" mounting holes so you can add shoes if you want them or other accessories if you prefer, mine has been rock solid since firmware 0.82, janky autofocus which has basic human tracking

    tl;dr - If you have the bmpcc4k, like it, and it is serving your needs, I wouldn't even consider the e2. If I were going to choose one, I'd choose the e2.

  • I mean 24p on the PV edition :) not likely since the budget version is 30p only?

  • @eatstoomuchjam thanks. Really want a B and C cam to the Alexa mini that is compact and can cut with the mini on a couple shots when needed. Funny you say the pocket and z cam 2 have same sensor,as they them self on Facebook group said its not (or dont want to admit it haha ) . I got also an ursa 4.6k ..its good . Just too big compared to alexa mini and can not use it for B cam stuff as much as I want to .

  • As far as I remember from looking at the firmware, the E2 is using IMX299. BMPCC4K is also using it (as far as I know), as is GH5s. I dunno who in the group is saying that it's not, but I'd be surprised if it's a Z-Cam employee. :)

  • Firmware 0.84 released with lots of improvements including that the test_prores file is no longer needed to enable ProRes.

    Firmware 0.84

    • Add: Apple ProRes Proxy/ProRes LT/ProRes 422/ProRes 422 HQ are supported
    • Add: H.264 proxy file is supported while recording ProRes.
      If you want to playback the ProRes file in E2, please turn it on.
      It requires more CFAST/SSD bandwidth.
    • Add: Center Mark & Frame Line
    • Add: 4K/C4K Low Noise resolution.
      With 4K/C4K Low Noise mode, it would get better noise performance and DR.
      With normal 4K/C4K 30/25/24 fps, it would get less jello effect.
    • Add: Magnify the HDMI preview while recording
    • Add: Z-Log2/Rec709/FLAT use seperated image settings(Luminance Level, Sharpness, etc)
    • Add: External LTC module is supported, the hardware will be ready soon.
    • Update: Optimize the writing speed of CFAST/SS0D
    • Update: High bitrate for 4K/C4K P120 is changed to 300Mbps
    • Update: [GUI] Use Resolution & Project FPS instead of Movie Format
    • Update: [GUI] Move Video System item to Record menu
    • Update: [GUI] Move Flicker Reduction item to Exposure menu
    • Update: LANC command support AF and playback
    • Fixed: Greenish under Z-Log2 in some low light environment
    • Fixed: WDR C4K image artifact
    • Fixed: ISO 640 bad noise performace under Z-Log2
    • Fixed: Timelapse interval > 1s under 50/60 fps doesn't work
    • Other minor bug fixed.
    1. After install this version of firmware, the E2 can NOT be rollback to previous version.
    2. To get better writing performance, the CFAST/SSD must be formated by E2.
    3. While using ProRes, the Luminace Level must be Limited.
  • Nice looking vid quality.

  • Who tested the camera ? I would like to know if the dynamic range is really 16 stops. Because I don't see 16 stops when I look the E2 video WDR demo on zcam website (Do I need an HDR monitor to see 16stops ?) t