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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • @shian, will previous knowledge of AE be require or will your tutorials take into account first time or new users of AE?
  • @HillTop1 The first tutorial covers the basics (setting up your project, configuring your compositions, adding footage, working in the timeline, and your export settings) and the rest you'll just pick up through watching me work. It's a pretty intuitive program. You should have no problem keeping up.
  • @shian thank you sir.
  • @Shian:

    >ColorGHear only runs in AFter Effects. But since you have both, you have the ability to import your Premiere projects directly into AE for Grading.

    I was just thinking of this. Is it a major programming headache for it to also work in PPro? I am just wondering. I'm looking forward to the release.
  • Gosh. Too much content. How about cutting to the chase? Wasn't til the third video that you even showed the software.
  • @Shian
    In Pt. 1 you speculated about the blue channel in digital cameras and said you might need further tests. If I may help here: all silicon based sensors are less sensitive to blue and much more to red or even infra-red (that's why we need IR-filters with strong ND). So, they are daylight cameras insofar as needing lots of blue to have acceptable noise levels.
    Tungsten is lacking blue, so you need more gain to bring it up to neutral than in daylight – that's why blue is the noisiest under such conditions.
  • I think i'm going to buy it it looks very promising.

    what do you think about creating a 'Kodak' preset? Like the lut present in cineform? For me that kind of look is very peculiar and fascinating
  • @pvjames At present, it's AE only, if the launch is successful enough to hire a few hands to help with programming, I'll explore other platforms.

    @nomad That's kinda what I figured.

    @Elenion just show me a before and after of what they're look does, and I'll get to work. Same goes for any other looks you guys you would like included in the Toolkit.

    @brianluce - Working on a more concise walkthrough this week. Be patient. Having problems getting the eStore to function properly, and trying to get tutorial content to stream reliably, so I need to focus on that first.
  • I have an After Effects question, I don't know the software but have dinked around with it a bit. As I recall, I had to render uncompressed AVI files for AE to see them. Is my memory wrong? Does AE work with native GH2 footage? Should you use native GH2 footage if it does?
  • @brianluce After effects is incredibly diverse, it reads almost every format out there, including the raw MTS files right off the camera. I'll cover all the ways you can bring footage, sequences, xml, etc into AE, and the best ways to work with each in the tutorial series. (in the first video you can see which files were Prores from FCP, which were converted in 5DtoRGB, and which were raw MTS from the camera)

    Your best option is DNxHD on windows, I have a helpful links page on the site that'll take you where you need to go to download it.
  • Very nice work there shian. I guess I'm buying it, added to other interesting stuff I've got as Magic Bullet's suite, possibilities are infinite, but your workflow with the toolkit looks like quite an easy one. With an educated eye, or ear as you say, it's quite easy...until we go crazy with "why the heck" things as it happened to you with Andrew's clip :P .

    I enjoyed the walkthrough too, really nice way to explain this difficult stuff (most of which I know theoretically, but not in a practical way with AE). The tutorial plus the toolkit for 25 bucks until 15th feb is quite a good price for the most of us I guess. Hope it all works right for you, and the toolkit gets more and more developed in the near future, which would be nice for us, the users.

    Such a nice community we are, hehe. Happy holidays to everyone, and once again, excuse me for me English.
  • thanks @Raysito22 I think your English is fine. I did finally figure out what caused the disparity. I had started noodling around with the Tony Scott gear and had improved it and saved it over the old one, but the version I did the original grading with was with the old gear and was still saved within the adjustment layer. So it was due to the ever improving toolkit.

    I'm keeping logs now so that I can keep everything consistant from version to version after the release so users have the option to keep older gears, while still downloading and implementing the new and improved gears.
  • Also, I learned today that Adobe acquired Iridas a few months ago, and will be integrating Speedgrade into the next version of AE. ColorGHear will integrate and interact with Speedgrade perfectly. And take my word for it, Speedgrade running inside AE instead of ColorFinesse will be AWESOME, Speedgrade+AE+ColorGHear will be mind blowing!! Speedgrade was the first program I learned color grading on.

    And of course my Tutorial series will expand at that time to teach you the inner workings of Speedgrade (**note** This statement is only true if it turns out to be the same interface and operability of the full Suite version EDIT: It turns out the version they released is not as fully functional as it should be, and an actual hassle to use as part of your workflow. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update, soon)
  • Adobe Speedgrade presentation: it's speed is simply astonishing - realtime 32-bit on a ... laptop :D
  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the croud, Shian.
    I'm eagerly expecting ColorGHear.
  • It's here - Join the revolution!
  • @shian i just bought colorghear but i can t download it it stops at 6.1 meg and cancels you have a yousendit link???
  • @shian Okay I can't download anything it says that the link has been closed because it was used too many times...It's great for you :D...but quite bad for those of us who cannot download ColorGHear, can you please provide an alternative??
  • @AlexManta So, very sorry, Alex. I verified your purchase and sent the file to the email on your receipt, let me know if there are any problems.

    I'm really mad at my host, I've been up for 36 hours debugging the site, and thought I finally had it all worked out. Just so I can run down the problem, was the time-out from the emailed link, or from the members only download page? Or both?
  • ok, just woke up from new years celebration and next thing what I see is that ColorCHear is out now! Sweet morning! I'll buy it asap. The price is awesome even for film school students like me and with your plugin and knowledge I will be able to color my projects with ease but with powerful results!

    one more thing: I hope we will be able to watch your tutorials on iOS devices (iPad) - HTML5 player :-) that would help a lot!
  • @MarkV Thanks - they are streamed through vimeo, so they should work with their html 5 player.

    BTW if anyone else is having problems downloading or installing, let me know so I can run it down for you.
  • @shian Same problem for me. I just buy ColorGHear 5 minutes ago and the downloaded zip is corrupt. Please, tell me what can I do. Thanks.
  • @pc_bel I just updated the file and deleted the installation video, and instead uploaded the video to the site. Try downloading from the members only area. Download size decreased to 497.3k should eliminate time-outs.
  • @shian @pc_bel okay problem is solve...but i d like to have at least a pdf of what the various presets do...i know the name seem obvious but going through each one of them is pretty time consuming...could you provide a description of what is what??? Maybe it's in the videos but i didn't get them with the smaller version of ColorGHear...
  • @AlexManta - Go to Tutorials and watch tutorial #2 - "Get to Know ColorGhear" - In it, I walk you through what each one does. But I will get to work on a PDF right now. Thanks for the input. And thank you for your patience while I get all this stuff ironed out.

    I'll stay up for a few hours more to try and catch all your questions, but if I go dark for a few hours it's because I ran out of gas, and had to get some sleep. It's 2:40am here, and I've been up since Friday trying to get everything working.
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