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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
  • So rather than hijacking other threads and adding to the clutter, I've decided to start a ColorGHear thread as a more centralized place to handle questions, suggestions, demos videos (mine and yours), and other concerns.

    So as not to be misleading, ColorGHear is an add-on of MODULAR PRESETS, and not a true plug-in.

    The toolkit isn't just a collection of drag and drop "looks." It is a series of modular presets, or nodes, specially designed to contend with the codec limitations native to HDSLR footage. Along with these modular nodes, comes a system of use - learned through the online tutorials - which will open up the full power and functionality of After Effects to absolute beginners as well as long time users. Doing so will give users amazing power and flexibility to reduce noise and artifacts, and apply vibrant, astounding color grading to DSLR footage. In short, ColorGHear transforms After Effects from a Animation and Compositing tool, into a Color Grading Monster!

    The power of ColorGHear is presented in the video demonstrations below.

    ColorGHear is available at

    CGT retails for $50

    With your purchase of ColorGHear, you will get a free subscription to my video tutorial series showing how to unleash the power of After Effects using ColorGHear to turn your footage into stunning, film-like images.

    As of July 1st, 2012 CGT will only be available under a subscription plan. $50 will get you CGT and access to all Grading and Filmschool tutorials for one year. If you choose not to renew, you can keep the GHears, but will lose access to the tutorials, and oh, the tutorials I have yet to show you. (Yes, a mild Hellraiser reference)

    All of you who currently have CGT or buy it before July 1st, 2012 will be grandfathered in (no annual subscription rate for the current "CGT for AFX" version....ever. I did say early adopters would be rewarded, did I not?)

    Subscription plans for other platforms will vary. Those currently in development are Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro. And while CGT won't really work in FCP X there will be tutorials for getting the most out of the grading tools in FCP X, as well as creation and integration of SpeedGrade LUTs into AFX. '

    Also, as I promised, all CGT Members will get discounted prices on versions for other platforms.

    Below is a link to our special deals portal, which will change often, and without notice. Some days you will come here and find fantastic deals on ColorGHear products, and on other days you'll find no deals at all. We reserve the right to offer our products at our set price, and give discounts when we see fit. If you come here and see a price lower than what you paid for a product we will not offer any kind of rebate or refund. It's the beauty and wonder of chance at work.
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  • Looking forward to it...thx.
  • Oh gosh! This will kick ass in my first bigger project next year! So looking forward to tutorials ..!
  • Definitely will be purchasing. Can't wait.
  • Sweet, im learning AE so I can use this. Thanks man!
  • @FGCU

    Oh man! :) Take a look on shian´s first post ... "It will retail for $50 (But from it's release until Feb 15th, you can get it for $25.)"

    Merry christmas! ;)
  • Sign me up too! Looks like a killer app!
  • I watched through these - looks pretty good. I'm interested in seeing if anyone who has more experience with Resolve can compare them when ColorGHear comes out.
  • very exciting. can't wait!
  • waiting for a demo walkthrough, if its appealing 25 bucks is a steal.
  • @dizzbit The primers (the last 2 videos in the opening post) are the walkthrough.
  • @shian

    I have one advice.
    Make small, short and really stunning demo of features and interface.
    About 3-5 minutes total, tops 10.
  • Thanks, Vitaliy. Already putting one together.
  • On the site, for some reason theVimeo videos don't play on the iPod - the play button changes into the "loading" circle, then turns back into the play button. I know I can watch on a normal pc - but don't know if the Vimeo issue can be solved on your site?

    EDIT Searched directly on Vimeo. V cool videos - enjoyed the explanations of theory in AE
  • There's two embed codes using Vimeo, a new one and an old one. The new one doesn't work well with iOS devices. Many videos embedded on this site don't work either.
  • surfing this frm my iphone i cant view the embedded videos, but will look thru the website for more info.
  • What a killer app! I was blown away when I read the price. I'll be definately a day one'r.
  • the stuff stars are made of :)
    count me in.
  • This toolset seems to be a collection of aftereffects presets. Do they only use the aftereffects engine or are additional plugins from other manufacturers also required?
  • As there is no mention to the platform available (windows - OSX), I think that this is not a plugin, but a presets, so we can use in AE under all SOs, right?
  • +1 on sebben and willyfan's questions.
  • @willyfan It will run on both platforms.

    @sebben No additional 3rd party software is needed beyond what comes with your copy of AE.

    ***Tone mapping script passed with flying colors. No longer a need for Color Finesse!***
  • I use Adobe Production Premium, if I buy one copy, can I use it on Premiere and AE?
  • I have pitched my tent and am waiting in line for the big opening.
  • @Kihlian ColorGHear only runs in AFter Effects. But since you have both, you have the ability to import your Premiere projects directly into AE for Grading.
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