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I Directed a no-budget Game of Thrones Fan Film - 30% GH4 & G7
  • Last year, myself and a friend wrote a Game of Thrones Fan Film script and gathered a crew of enthusiatic and talented people trying to break into the local industry. The show is filmed where I live in Belfast and we were trying to make ourselves known. I directed the film, although I shot small portions on G7 as either B cam or when the DP was unavailable.

    Here's the finished film.

    It was mainly filmed on the FS700 with the firmware upgrade that turns it into a 4K beast. Some scenes shot with GH4 and G7, and even a few LX100 B cam shots. Personally, I think it shows that money is best spent elsewhere as long as you have a half decent and reliable camera system. It was a massive headache though matching vintage lenses on GH4 to more the modern canon and panasonic glass, nightmare. Don't do it, stick to one or the other.

    Cheers, Ciaran