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Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI-M1 m43 camera, 4K video, $213 only now for kit
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  • @eatstoomuchjam

    May be some Chinese developer daughter was born in 2010 :-)

  • Seems like the cam has potential, hope they can fix a few things.

  • @DrDave

    It is already highly usable for real work. As it is quite strange to see salivating on 400Mbit and 10bit numbers (with HDR!) from people who can't make simplest music video without looking embarrassing.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Can I use the Xiaomi 42.5mm lens using AFS and AFC in video on G7 ?

  • @zcream

    Have no idea. We need someone who has both.

  • I was at the point of buying this camera but then read there's no full manual controls in video mode. Would this be implemented later in fw update? I saw a post where it says maybe in version 3.0 (if that has already happened or not, I don't know.)

    Looks like a great little camera for my youtube channel. Would love to use 3 of them!

  • @andrevanberlo

    I was at the point of buying this camera but then read there's no full manual controls in video mode. Would this be implemented later in fw update?

    Already done. Check links on previous page for 3.0 pre firmware.

    Note - time limits still exist, but promised to be fixed in firmware.

    Looks like a great little camera for my youtube channel. Would love to use 3 of them!

    We for now plan to try one as secondary camera on IBC. If will perform well, can try 2.

  • Thanks for your reply @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I'll await the fw update first for the time limit. I want to use the cam for its 4K and 7+ minutes of recording time is a bit on the short side for me at the moment but this could be my next youtube camera.

  • @andrevanberlo

    Thing that I like them to make is cheap F2.8 push manual 12-60mm zoom, like $300 retail.

  • can some1 please reupload the firmware?

    the wetransfer link is down and the "lookaside" one redirects to a phishy login form

  • Someone in the group says they re-uploaded it to google drive

    Otherwise, if you join the fb group, here is the message where the yi folks attached it.

  • Late review

    Dynamic range is on an average level for MFT cameras. The Yi M1 achieved a maximum of 10.3 f-stops at ISO 200 mode, but dynamic range drops to 8-9 f-stops in higher ISO speeds and shows a significant loss in its maximum ISO speed setting.

    To start video recording the photographer has to use the additional record button on the top (marked with a red dot), located in the center of the mode dial. By pressing this button the camera automatically switches into AUTO mode - irrespective of the chosen photo mode. Changing ISO speed mode isn’t allowed.

    This part is not correct with v3.0 pre firmware.

    The camera performed well in our video tests, but also showed some issues. The ISO 12233 chart was reproduced with 1747 of 2160 lines per picture height, which is an excellent result. But just like in photo mode this result is based on an intense sharpness filtering and an artificial boosting of contrast reproduction by the camera. In Full HD mode the look is more natural: The camera reproduced this test chart with 888 of 1080 lines.

    Link to pre beta firmware

  • At the end of the day, I can only recommend that you purchase the YI M1 in two specific circumstances. You might want one if price is absolutely the most important thing for you, and yet you absolutely need a large sensor and an interchangeable-lens design. Or you might decide to buy it if you actually see the challenging "Stop, think, then stop and think again" experience of shooting with it as a positive thing -- which indeed, some photographers may.

    But for the average photographer, and especially for the entry-level customer it targets, I simply cannot recommend that you purchase the YI M1. Frankly speaking, you'd do better to defer a lens or accessory purchase, and put a bit more of your cash into buying your camera body instead. And if you can't afford to do so, I'd suggest that you look for an older (but still recent) camera instead. You'll get better photos with less fuss, and you'll enjoy the shooting experience a whole lot more.

    Photo performance is not really good, video actually have any use only with beta firmware.

  • I was puzzled by the excerpt since I've found stills performance totally acceptable on mine (if not brilliant) - it looks like their criticism is mostly leveled at jpeg output. Raw is fine.

  • YI M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 42.5mm F1.8 Lens, $299

  • I though the photos looked good, with good color. If they can add 24p and unlimited recording I would probably buy one or two.

  • @DrDave

    Not sure about 24p, but unlimited recording in official plans.

  • Couple qestions. What battery life, capturing 1-3 min videos, on-off continuously? Does it have some image adjustment in video(color, contrast, etc...)?

  • YI M1 4K Mirrorless Digitalkamera mit Wechselobjektiv, 12-40mm for 290 EUR today

  • Well, if you happen to be speaking with them, tell them they will sell more cameras if they have 24p, and they will sell fewer cameras if they don't. If they want to sell more cameras, fix all the problems, not just a few problems. It's like a car with three flat tires. If you take the car into the shop, fix all the tires.

  • @DrDave

    At first you need to understand that Yi is extremely diverse company.

    At second you need to understand what M1 is selling not good, hence it is low attention priority.

    To make fast good firmware changes you need many best developers and for me it seems like all of them allocated to new and existing action cameras and upcoming VR cameras.

  • Subject: Important Service Advisory for YI M1 Camera Users

    We’ve listened to your feedback and wanted to let you know that YI M1 Public Beta 3.0 firmware is now available for you to try.

    We've improved virtually every aspect of the YI M1 camera's performance including image quality, focus speed and overall operation along with many bug fixes and added many new features including the following:

    • Exposure, Autofocus and Manual Focus controls when shooting Video
    • RAW+JPG still image format
    • Still Image option in Time-Lapse and new Time-Lapse options
    • Live Histogram

    To download and install the Beta firmware, please follow the instructions below.


    Be sure your camera battery is fully charged. This firmware will last for 500 shots before you will need to either back-rev it to the prior firmware version or update it to the final 3.0 firmware, which will be available later this month.

    Please ensure your camera and lens firmware is updated to the latest release before installing the Beta firmware:

    Please go to this link to download the Firmware and also to read the instructions, enhancements, updated Android App and feedback form:

    You will find the following files:

    • Installation Guide: Manual Firmware Update Instruction
    • Testing form and feedback: Beta Test YI M1 - Firmware 3.0-int-pre-review.xlsx
    • Android App: yimirrorless_v2.0.2_20170807_release_YI.apk
    • Firmware file: Firmware.bin
    • Video feature updates: YI-M1 video function instruction.pptx

    If you decide to fill out and return form: Beta Test YI M1 - Firmware 3.0-int-pre-review.xlsx along with your name, email and shipping address, we will send you a YI Home camera as a thank you gift for your time.

    If you want to be a member of our YI M1 community you can join our dedicated Facebook page here. You can share photos, discuss any issues you are experiencing with your camera and stay up-to-date with all YI M1 related news.

    We welcome your feedback, and if you decide to write a new or updated review on Amazon, we would like to take this time to thank you.