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Safe list
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  • Interstate 60

    Some love it, some hate it for various reasons. But balance is right.

    -- Fred, Mr. Oliver is a potential fugitive. Lock him up.
    -- Lock me up?
    -- Of course. We lawyers have to protect our livelihood.
    -- Wait; you can't do this to me. I have rights.
    -- I know you do, Sweetie. I'm here to protect them.

  • Nightcrawler

    Good film and dialogs-monologue are very good written and funny.

  • The Hunter

    Almost instinct kind of film.

  • Escobar: Paradise Lost

    Josh Hutcherson does not belong to this film at all (he tried hard, but you can't jump other your head), but otherwise quite watchable.

  • Il racconto dei racconti

    Unusual and visual. Pacing and editing are also made different to most modern movies.

  • 7 Beonbangui Seonmool (Miracle in Cell No. 7)

    Good Korean film.

  • The Man from Nowhere (Ajeossi)

    Korean specific mix of Taken and Man on Fire. Dark and spot on.

  • The Horseman

    Even more dark and brutal revenge film, low budget one.

  • De Surprise

    Good, 80s films style. Something simple that Hollywood lost.

  • Karakter

    Film made by same director as De Surprise. But film is very different.
    Good script, good directing and good acting.
    Film about life and dreams of bourgeoisie, just with drama and talent added :-).

  • Kill Me Three Times

    Slightly black and very simple.

  • Interesting list, thanks for posting, many films i have not seen, The Salvation , The Hunter & The Horseman were all very enjoyable, an older movie but with great characters (RIP Bernie Mac & John Ritter) and story arc i suggest is: Bad Santa

  • Michiel de Ruyter

    Good Netherlands film (if you forgive them love for slow motion).

    As usual artists did not like actual history, so added some facts, changed others, made it better by making "actual", "modern", "democratic" and about "union of everyone". Plus added lots of political idealism. They also unintentionally made good example of that happens if you are politically idiot (on screen, as actual history was different).

    Good reason to read more about actual events and that happened, as it is 100x times more interesting.

    Btw, all this done for 8 millions of euro, only.

  • Time Lapse

    Perfect illustration that you do not need big money, costly locations, lots of gear to make good film.

    Sharp script and quite good acting. Really underrated thing, some people still think that movies are about machines and future, well they are about people (same advanced monkey species they are for long long time).

  • Everest

    It is not that movie is very good, it is ok, but have many flaws. From film you can not understand around why 90% of things even happened. But it is good reason to read and research famous event it is about.

    I suggest Anatoly Boukreev "The Climb" book ( ). Very good description about that money and capitalism can do even with experienced people.

    Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.

  • The Snow Walker, 2003

    Interesting sample as it shows that can happen even from not very strong screenplay if you do not rush and do not put shit money in CGI.

    Of course, film has logic flaws like very strange sickness development and illogical behavior, but...

  • Groundhog day, 1993

    Every year you need to watch it and today is the day.

  • Panic Room, 2002

    Properly shot minimalistic film. Has some shortcomings, but every film has.

    This film is one of originals ToM member is based on

  • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, 2003

    To counter today ToM post just need to add this film.

    Showing that you do not always need tons of CGI and stupid editing and script to make movie about sea and ships.

  • Slow West

    It is not usual western. It is slow movie showing that can happen if modern teenager somehow will get into "old good times", and how it can look. And how it will end.

    Writers and actors complete lack of understanding that teenagers of the time (most of them also had been immigrants) had been completely different add some fun spice.

    But it is good thing.

  • The Terminal, 2004

    It is main theme by Williams, and not trailer even. Good old days.

    Very good movie. Simple and slightly romantically absurd.

    Bureaucrats are the same still, for example this guy


    lives 7 months at airport for almost exact same reason, and counting.

    611 x 415 - 61K
  • No Escape

    - Don't thanks me. I'm the one who started this shit storm. - What do you mean? - Guys like me pave the way for guys like you to wind up here. - They don't usually fight back. Most of the time, they don't even realize what we're doing. - Why? What do you mean? - We... have interests in this region. - We? - Our countries. - The corporations who run them have interests here. - So I show up all nice and friendly, offering to get them a loan to pay for our services. - Which they can't afford. - Then we build them power plants, waterworks, freeways... - It doesn't really matter. - And when they can't repay us the debt... - We own 'em. - It's all a fuck job. - The rebel leaders said we were trying to enslave their people by controlling the waterworks - And they were right - Most of those merciless men out there.. they're just trying to protect their children, just like you.

    Sounds like something from "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" book or Greece reports. With few small exceptions, usually they never build anything in reality, but are doing reverse thing by using privatization, hiking rates and destroying any possible competition.

    Of course authors did big job to portray "guys who protect their children" as mindless, ruthless terrorists who do every horrid thing to kill and rape white guys (any one will do, really).

    Only idiots start huge hunt tearing apart half of the city for valves specialist.

  • Dead Like Me, series

    Unusual and strange. Weird and funny.

  • Odd Thomas, 2013

    Slightly related to previous entry.

    Good, weird, solid. May be Addison Timlin is not subtle, but she is a cutie here.