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LAS VEGAS, April 7, 2013– Sony Electronics is announcing prices and availability for its new 4K Ultra 
High Definition TV sets unveiled at CES in January. The new XBR-55X900A (55-inch) and XBR-65X900A 
(65-inch) 4K Ultra HD LED TVs will cost $4,999 and $6,999 respectively and are available for order 
online and at retail beginning April 21, 2013.

Sony is also announcing its 4K Media Player, the FMP-X1, and video distribution service
 – both industry firsts.
Sony’s new 50p/60p digital triax camera live production system allows sports broadcasters 
and rental houses to increase their operational efficiency and produce incredible content using 
existing triax infrastructures.The camera system offers broadcast-quality transmission at both
 1080 50p/60p and 1080 100i/120i frame rates, regardless of whether the venue has pre-installed 
optical fiber or triax cabling.
Sony is developing 4K OLED monitors that can reproduce video signals with the highest degree 
of accuracy. 
This R&D technology will be demonstrated at NAB with 30-inch (4096 x 2160)
and 56-inch (3840 x 2160) prototypes. 
Sony’s 30-inch 4K OLED monitor is planned to be launched in 2014

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