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4K Recorder and monitor - Convergent Design Odyssey 7 and 7Q
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    Specifications (all recording parts for 7Q only):

    • 7.7″ OLED, 1280×800, RGB 8-Bit
    • Waveform, Zebras, Histogram, Vectorscope, Focus Assist, False Color, Timecode Display and Audio Level Meters, and 1:1 Pixel mode.
    • SDI Video I/O
    • HDMI Video I/O (up to 1080p60 422 8-bit)
    • HD/2K RGB 444 8/10/12-Bit up to 60p/60psf
    • HD/2K YCC 422 8/10-Bit Up to 120p, QHD/4K 422 up to 30fps
    • ARRIRAW (16:9) 12-bit up to 60fps, ARRIRAW (4:3) 12-bit up to 48fps
    • Canon Raw QHD/4K 10-bit up to 60fps
    • LUT Support (ARRI, Canon, Sony)
    • High-Speed (120fps) and Simultaneous RAW + Proxy (DNxHD-36) mode
    • Record File Formats: DNxHD, Uncompressed, HD/2K Raw, Canon Raw, ARRIRAW
    • SDI record trigger (ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, Red, Sony)
    • 2-Channel Embedded Audio (48KHz, 24-bit)
    • Odyssey7Q support 8 channels
    • 2.5″ server grade SSD in 240/480/960 GB sizes
    • compatible with off the shelf USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt adapters
    • 540 grams cast-magnesium case
    • 200 x 155 x 25 mm)

    More information at:

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  • Those are some mean specs and a very reasonable price point.

  • Those are some mean specs and a very reasonable price point.

    First, it is all preliminary and price point is for monitor only.

  • No prices for the 'downloadable upgrades?' So its basically itunes app store mentality here?

  • @last_SHIFT

    They even told something that you could rent recording time on your purchased thing. I mean really, pay for few hours key, after this it turns back to monitor only.

  • Very interesting piece of kit. This approach 'could' shift the market, although the cynic in me thinks not. Either way, utility pricing within technology is taking place all around us, so why not hardware? Just look at our beloved GH2, capable of so much more, but Panasonic won't unleash it because it's a fixed price unit with a finite usage and shelf life.

    I'd love a camera manufacturer to come out and offer a utility priced piece of hardware. £10/month for 2k/60p or 4:2:2 etc... Obviously hardware has to support it, but most stuff is intentionally crippled these days. Bravo Convergent Design, bravo!

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    So it's just begging for a hack! ;-)

  • Price of the Odyssey7Q will be $2295 in US.

    Both the Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q are monitors only, but both can be upgraded to record via extra cost options. The Odyssey7 records a maximum of one video stream, and the Odyssey7Q supports up to four video streams.

    • Can monitor four separate video streams simultaneously.
    • Record, with an extra cost feature, four separate video steams (cameras), simultaneously, to a compressed codec (initially Avid DNxHD) up to 30 fps for each.
    • Play simultaneously, four separate video streams, recorded in a compressed codec.
    • Record, with extra cost options, ARRIRAW or Canon Cinema Raw, plus a Proxy file, with the same filename, same timecode, same starting and ending points, to Avid DNxHD-36 simultaneously.
    • Odyssey7Q supports Avid DNxHD-36, industry standard for offline (Proxy) recording.
    • Can display various image analysis tools in four separate quadrants.
    • The Odyssey7Q supports up to four HD-SDI 3G Inputs and two HD-SDI 3G outputs or up to two HD-SDI 3G inputs and four HD-SDI 3G outputs.
    • The Odyssey7Q adds two bi-directional HD-SDI 3G connectors to the 2 inputs and 2 outputs of the Odyssey7.
    • Both models have HDMI input and HDMI output.
    • Supports high frame rates, up to 120 fps in both compressed codecs and full uncompressed. (The Odyssey7 supports up to 120 fps in full uncompressed only, not in compressed.)
    • Odyssey7Q will also support recording, with an extra cost feature, up to 240 fps, from certain cameras in specific modes, such as HD or 2K.
    • The Odyssey7Q has a built-in Four-Channel Live Switcher.
    • The Odyssey7 records a maximum of one video stream, and the Odyssey7Q supports up to four video streams.

      Scheduled for July 2013.

  • So this is like Smallhd's top of the range oled monitor but at a lower price and with the option of it becoming a video recorder? This is just the thing to bring massive price cuts across the whole high end monitor spectrum. A very black magic thing to do.

  • @bimdas

    I have huge doubt about price cuts. As they are selling MONITORS and are tight shut about recording options.

  • Even if its just the monitor, $1299 for an oled with scopes is more than half the price of smallhd's dp7pro sx with probably the same oled panel. I know which one I'd rather buy.

    Edit: I didn't realise smallhd have a cheaper dp7 pro version for $1999. That's still a lot more for the same monitor features.

  • looks very interesting and if the announced SSDs really will be "very competitively priced" it seems that it's way cheaper to pimp a FS700 than with the original Sony recorder. Additionaly you get a monitor with focus assist, YRGB waveform, histogram, false color, vectorscope & zebras

  • Looks great.

    I wonder what the "FS700" support will cost. I am really debating with myself if it is time to go 4k with my small company.

    FS700 + 7Q and having 4k and 240p recording or maybe just go with the flow and order the BMC 4k which might not be much more expensive than the 7Q with all necessary options and has a better codec for HD and free software. Hmmm...

  • @Tobsen no questions If you already own the FS700 :-) I own it since Sept and it's almost paid by slomo jobs. In your inner debate dont forget the worth of the monitor.

  • @peaceonearth I have the feeling that this might be the more reasonable option. I am gonna follow both options closely now. Hope the 7Q won't be too expensive with all the options. Are you thinking of adding 4k? Like with this need device :)

  • Off course I am thinking of adding 4k because everybody is talking about it - that means your clients are talking about it too. There is a huge difference if they decide for 2k / 1080 for what ever reason of if you have to talk them out 4k because you cant't

  • I am thinking of adding 4k because everybody is talking about it - that means your clients are talking about it too.

    How to explain economic crisis?

    It is simple - for 4K you need to buy new computer, new camera, new monitor, 10 new HDDs, spend more time in editing and do it all for 10% discount to your usual 1080p rate.

  • Yes, there are extra costs involved, but owning part of the necessities already makes you think if you just add the missing parts of a 4k workflow. Then, you can work on optimizing the workflow and start offering it to agencies and better paying clients in the beginning. in my opinion, the 7Q could open up a lot of possibilities for FS700 users and extends the use of it.

    Just having the option to keep the camera running at 200/240fps longer than a couple of seconds (AND (!): without that annoying writing time) is very appealing and time saving.

  • Another interview with Sony rep regarding FS700 4K/2K options incl. the 7Q here:

  • Convergent Design Ships Odyssey7Q: 7.7” OLED Monitor & Professional Video Recorder

    (Colorado Springs, CO, November 4, 2013) Convergent Design, maker of the popular nanoFlash and Gemini 4:4:4 onboard recorders, last week shipped the first production units of their new flagship product, the Odyssey7Q, a full-featured 7.7” OLED monitor and professional video recorder. The Odyssey7Q is a no-compromise device at a revolutionary base price of just $2295.

    In spite of the affordable price, a comprehensive set of professional monitoring features is included: Waveform, RGB Parade, Zebras, 1:1 Pixel Zoom, Focus Assist (Peaking), Vectorscope, Histogram, LUT Support, False Color and more. The 7.7” OLED has a 1280x800 RGB pixel array, wide color gamut, and 3400:1 contrast, with virtually no motion blurring and true blacks. Bluetooth LE supports simple remote control through iPhone and Android apps.

    As a recorder, Odyssey7Q supports a wide range of recording formats. Uncompressed RGB HD video is included, with compressed HD video soon to be added in a free firmware update. For RAW capture, ARRIRAW (4:3 and 16:9), Canon 4K Raw and Sony FS700 2K RAW are available as purchase or rental options. New 2.5" Premium SSD media supports read/write bandwidths in excess of 500 MBytes/sec per drive, enabling Canon 4K Raw at 60 fps on a single recorder.

    The Odyssey7Q also features a unique Multi-Stream Monitoring mode, which allows up to four HD Video signals to be input and displayed simultaneously in quadrants onscreen or switched between in full-screen view. A purchase or rent record option (Multi-Stream HD) allows up to four HD Video feeds to be recorded to simultaneous individual files, or even to allow a “live-switch” edit be captured.

    A wide range of battery accessories, mounting options, and sunshade, are available to support the Odyssey7Q. While Convergent Design has significant preorders for the Odyssey7Q, it is on target to fulfill all current orders before the end of 2013.

  • Odyssey 7Q 2K FS700 Post-Production Workflow with DaVinci Resolve

  • hands on the Odyssey 7Q, 3 videos by Convergent Design