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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • I just wish they(BMD) had the foresight to add an "active" m43rds mount in the first place. To me its an obvious match maid in heaven given the sensor since lens lenses for m43rds are designed with a similar crop factor in mind. I just painfully coughed up some cash on the 25mm F1.4 Leica branded lens...which I LOVE btw... and it be a shame to not be able to use it since the mount is passive. I am gonna have to get a GH3 instead and spend the rest on better Rig/FF etc...

  • @DaVeat

    I've only heard the Ultra 16's do work, though it's unconfirmed rumours and I haven't tested it personally. If that's the case the 9.5mm, 12mm and the 14mm (all T1.3) would be of interest.

    They are very very expensive and pretty rare lenses though.


  • can you try or borrow some lenses and test the super 16's? i think they should work! doesnt get in my head!

  • Had an excellent time at the #blackmagiccinemacamera seminar here in Hong Kong. Not shipping til March though!


    All looks really bad.


    drastic price drops on the Epic and Scarlet to be announced later today.

    There might be a handful of BMD early adopters that are gonna be mighty pissed if the Scarlet comes down below 5K.

  • I think that laws must restrict preorders, so you sign kind of agreement and seller will pay you fees each day if target date is not met (with 60 days equal 100% of sale price :-) ) .

  • "Had an excellent time at the #blackmagiccinemacamera seminar here in Hong Kong. Not shipping til March though!


    All looks really bad."

    This is super-bad as no one will even bother comparing any new camera to BMCC soon because, it is almost non-existence. And no way SCARLET going to be something as low as USD 5k!! No way!!! No way....

  • I can't find any confirmation of the march shipping date, not on black magic site. Nowhere else either. I was at the black magic event in stockholm 4 days ago and they were still saying december.

  • I was at the black magic event in stockholm 4 days ago and they were still saying december

    I think idea is that December is estimate for preorders, but all new orders will be shipped in March, at best.

    Anyway, I thind it all very bad, very RED like.

  • Man Stuff like this happens with smaller companies not used to having such a major release. I think they make bad decisions based on trying to grab buyers before other companies come out with their product. It's easier for established camera companies like Sony, Canon etc. They have experience and tons of current customers who are already fans of their products so they don't have as much to worry about. If customers who pre ordered are unhappy they can cancel, but i'm not really gonna bash the smaller companies too hard knowing that they are pushing the envelope on design and forcing the big companies to make better and cheaper product just to retain their status. I'm pulling for BMD to catch a break and get their product rolling.

    RED, BMD, SLRMagic, Digital Bolex etc. All of these companies are doing some really amazing things and I hope that customers are patient with them and their issues. In the end we've all benefited from their efforts even if not entirely successful.

  • BM has been doing electronics before, they should have more experience than most of the others you mentioned.

  • RED, BMD, SLRMagic, Digital Bolex etc. All of these companies are doing some really amazing things and I hope that customers are patient with them and their issues.

    They are just very different.
    SLR Magic is not manufacturer, but reseller. Digital Bolex is just collection of guys spending money.
    RED is producing good stuff. but the sooner it'll go bankrupt, the better for all.
    BMD just had some back luck, I guess.

  • anyone know for sure if ultrascope and capture work with thunderbolt port on a windows based laptop? The camera manual only talkes about apple.

    I can get an asus g55 with a thunderbolt port but that would be a waste if they don't work on windows.

  • Btw, BMD community quickly turn into RED lemmings (I can't use word community here).

    With claims "how you can even mention that delays are bad!", "this is small company, give them a break, it is so revolutional product, they could take any time it needs to make perfect product", and similar shit.

  • Every electronic company be it small or big have had some big delayed product. Let me remind everyone here about the gh1 and gh2. It took me about 7 to 8 month to get a gh2. Lately about 4 month for my Nikon D800.

  • o.k but there is a little "big" difference, I know what I will get from mystery play about clean hdmi out etc.

  • @Amadeus5D2 shure? BMD has a lot of mysteries too. e.g. you don't know when you will get it.

    BMD's good reputation is crumpling and I agree with Vitaliy that BMD community is turning into something strange. People ordered with advance payment a camera, they have no clear information when the camera will be delivered - and nevertheless they defend BMD's non-information policy. And why? It's because of greed. 3000$ for cinema RAW seems to be good to be true.

  • I purchased in the past Sony, Canon and Panasonic Cameras and BM Hardware products. Execpt with my GH2 I feel messed around concerning info about what a cam can do or NOT do. So it's like a showbag and nothing has changed so far. I trust more in BM.... and the other thing is to be patient about delivery time.

  • i'm not sure why people complain, if you payed in advance, then you can get your money back and buy something else.

    i payed 500€ in advance and will pay the rest when my camera is ready for shipment, also got it for 2400€ and with a free 128gb ssd :>

  • If people are so stupid as to put up their money on a preorder without any warranty; then that is up to them. Plenty of shops offer preorders without taking any money. Personally I´ve been so stupid on another occasion (well technically it was an order, not preorder) and I´m NOT doing it again. Regardless of the product.

  • Manufacturers do this to "chill the market", or prevent people from buying other products in hopes that, when theirs ships, that it will have pent up customers with cash ready to buy. You will see it's common practice for manufacturers who don't currently have products in that market or price range, that they need to sell this quarter. This is just business as usual.

  • The pre order is with the retailer not the manufacturer, let's not forget that.

  • I won't order before i see some "real life" reviews. All of what i have seen are just small reviews and not "real world use". Either way I was expecting to order one in the begining of the year... and apparently they wont have it for standard deliver before spring or something.

  • @MovieArmada, i'm surprised you need "real life" reviews in order to make up your mind about the BMC. It's fairly evident by now that this is a landmark product. They may have issues with production, but the ones that have been out in the wild have proven to produce beautiful images and the RAW format is just a boon to any film maker. If I get a big job I would have no hesitation buying a BMC MFT when it comes out. I can't think of anything else I could buy that would give me everything that the BMC can.

  • Love the stuff I'm seeing from this camera and I bashed the hell out of it at first. I'm pretty much eating my words now despite the delivery problems they are having. Not too surprised though. This and my GH2 and I'm set!