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The Definitive Hackintosh topic
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  • Hi, I am thinking of building a hackintosh to use only for video and sound editing, I wont need to use any windows programs, I just want it to run mac stuff. I want to do it, since I will get more powerful computer for less money (I can not afford a Mac pro) I never build a computer before in my life, I can get a friend to help me with that, and I am willing to do all the necessary reading to learn how to set it up. Do you people think it will be very hard to do? Any advise? I have a basic computer knowledge, but I am a mac user...

  • @artiswar: Thanks! Very cool. Look forward to it.

  • As soon as my build comes in all do a little video of install and assembly as we as parts selection!

  • At least basic istructions how to install Hackintosh (and where you find installer), and what are minimum rquirements for hardware would be nice.

  • Here's an interesting approach to selecting hardware for your Hackintosh.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Sounds great. I think the most reader/newbie friendly guide I've seen is on the nofilmschool website. It'd be sweet if we could get a "personal-view hackintosh" going.

    @dtr Yup. Good to clarify that for all. :)

  • On the Z68xx boards you can poke F12 during boot and choose whatever drive you like to boot from - USB Internal etc works just fine, super simple setup using that board and they tend to have premade DSDT's on Tonymac also. A clean install takes about 10 mins on a clean drive and off you go.

  • Btw, to avoid misunderstandings, installing on a USB drive doesn't mean any PC can now be booted with this OSX install. The tweaks required in order to make a system boot and run optimally are highly system-specific, so the chances of successfully booting a random other system are quite slim.

  • That's super easy to do, just install the system to the external drive as you would as if it was internal. The tonymacx86 multibeast app just installs the boot loader to that drive, have the bios boot from the external drive and you are good to go!

  • Guys, what do you think about instructions to make dual booting hackintoch, so all Mac system will be located on external USB 3.0 drive?

  • @artiswar: i don't think i will go that route either cause the performance for that price doesn't correlate with an overclocked x3930.

  • I went the hackintosh route

    dual booting fcp studio 3 and fcpx

    Z77X-UD5H, core i7-3770, 16gb ram, sapphire 6870 delivered 3 network projects so far at lightning speed!!

  • @pvjames - Pricey pricey. I can't justify a Xenon system. 3770k i7 is enough for me.

  • @driftwood - My machine isn't even built yet but I've heard using Xenon processors require a X79 based board which has issues with sleep. My current slated build is x77 based which has no real issues.

  • @artiswar You shouldn't be having problems with Sleep in ML. Remove Sleepenabler kext as you dont need it anymore. All kext extensions now run from system/Library/Extensions. There's also no more 32 bit mode in ML so be careful about using any old 32bit kexts to 'fix' things.

  • @pvjames - Isn't that an X79 set up? Major sleep issues and tapering support from Apple doesn't seem worth it.

  • @soundgh2: Thats cool. I'm using PT&Reaper. What Motherboard?

    Right now, still doing research. How much more do you really get in the real world with PT/3D/Video with the Xeon2687's? The overclocked 3930k looks to be excellent price/performance. I think that may be the way to go for me.

  • I have a core i5 2500k, overcloked to 4.3ghz and 16gb of Ram at 1333ghz, Gforce GTX560, a only one 1tb hard drive, all running in an Asus p8z68. Fortunately i have usb 3.0 on board. All stable. Hate macs, its for non powe users. Still got work to do, to make it run at 4.8 but heat is the issue when i hit the 4.5ghz barrier. Voltage twaeking and memory timings is time consuming. Good luck on your system build up.

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  • At first my mobo's USB3.0 wasn't working, fixed now. And a weird glitch with the ethernet port. My macbookpro and hackintosh can only communicate over ethernet if I boot the hack with the cable connected on both ends. Have to check whether that's resolved with my latest update.

    Apart from that in the process of installing and tweaking there were quite a few steps to take, like a wrong ethernet kext (driver) was causing a kernel panic, had to tweak the BIOS a bit to get intel speedstep and turbo boost working, finding the optimal SMBIOS for my system, deleting a kext that was preventing that SMBIOS from booting, and more. Also with past multibeast/chimera/OSX versions I had to test and tweak my DSDT a lot before my graphics card was fully functional (all display outputs, acceleration, etc). In more recent versions it's recognized automatically by chimera.

    All info for fixing these things can be found on the net. It just can take a while before finding it. Choosing hardware that has been tested by others before is advisable.

    A minor glitch that I'm still having is the USB2.0 ports on my firewire+usb PCIe card not working. Firewire is working and I have enough USB on my mobo so I don't really care.

  • @dtr - What issues did you run into with your install?

  • I got a working Hackintosh for over 5 years now, recently upgraded to the i7 2600k GTX260 and 16GB DDR, runs buttersmooth.