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Shooting a documentary in Europe, need some help
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  • Let me know when you plan to pass through Italy. This autumn will be very hot!

  • Are You Interested in Latvia?

  • @janis Maybe. I heard it's really rough in the Baltic states now. @lisergicsyn Just got back from there. Of course we couldn't cover the whole country. What is going to be hot in particular?

  • @GOODEMPIRE "rough" is usual here :) . That's why we can do what Greece can't.

  • Got stuck with the visas again. August isn't the best time for shooting. @janis I spoke with a guy last week who said that the depression in Latvia, Lithuania and other new European states is very revealing of the broader picture. Meaning the countries lost their industrial base and were not given what they expected to get in return. I was also strongly advised to go to Germany. Trying to build connections there too.

    Anyhow it's moving on. One problem we are experiencing now is that the crazy bitrate we are using with one of the newest GH2 hacks is already overloading my machine (not a weak machine I need to mention).

  • I am from Regensburg in Bavaria(which is the biggest and richest state in germany) if you need any help just pm me (i got 2 gh2's myself).

  • Good morning from California. Yeah, Europe is a mess and then some, but if you look back to the cradle of the problem, the US, you will begin to see that a political war is about to begin. The elections now have 2 distinct platforms. Those 2 opposing systems will become more obvious as the machinery kicks in. Voter suppression, the demands of the gun lobby, the corporate oligarchy, our tax laws and so on....but now the people will awaken to the broader injustices that are being pushed from places when we can not see. This system is on the verge of huge changes and it will be played out over the next few months, this is the story. The wealthy do not want to take care of the 99% they want more money and more control. Do the German people really want to take care of the Greeks or the Spanish, do the French want to continue on their austerity programs? Do the miners in South Africa want to continue to work as the wealthy plunder the resources and not allow them a dignified life, What's happening in America is happening in Europe and all over the world, it is cancerous. Political change is now the story. When we find Marie Antoinette she will certainly have the answer.

  • Well the Germans are more like whatever to the topic as long as they can afford beer and food. But we don't want to support the Greek any longer(as it is impossible to save them). The problem in Germany is almost everyone under 40 gives a shit about what our politicians are doing, they are just voting for the people that their parents vote for. And we got a huge problem with our pension system coming so Germany will be done for in 20-30 years, which is why i will leave the country and go to America or canada as soon as i get my green card. We also go a really huge tax(between 35-45 % of the income for most people).

  • @kurolaw Here in the US we think that Germany is the strongest of all economy's in all of Europe, for the moment they well could be, but in similar fashion, we the US have taken on the roll of peace marker and democracy, through war and capitalism. The military says, "win the hearts and minds of the people" when it should be BUY the hearts and minds of the people" One of the problems here is we do in fact try to buy not try and understand a culture or know its history. The wars of Bush are killing our economy, our young, their young and our futures together. If you read about the wealthy in the US they pay very little tax and nothing when their money is hidden around the world. This is the new story, but no one here will talk about it. They will vote for the people their parents voted for. Leave Europe for America or Canada? Why, it is the same.

  • @exilenorth

    Please, not turn it to political discussion. If you can, help the guys making film. As for political debates, we have other places.

  • Well exilenorth because i can't stand living in germany we got the worst film industry and we have to pay for the rest, also germany is dying out, we got almost no kids.

    < check this out exile

  • Been drinking for too long which made me to stay away from computer. Very interesting exchange between the US and Germany:) Okay now we are either going to Germany/Greece or to one particular place in the ME (still waiting for the visas). Hard to decide. And the pressure is growing

  • Been drinking for too long which made me to stay away from computer


    Okay now we are either going to Germany/Greece or to one particular place in the ME (still waiting for the visas).

    I think Germany is best.
    France can be also not bad.

  • I would go to Bavaria or Austria.

    B.t.w vitaliy it is not, the pension system will break down in 20-30 years leaving millions without money when they retire, the pension age for people from my generation will also go up to 75-80(from currently 67), meaning that you will work till you died or till you break down, we will have to pay into it even if it breaks down and everyone knows that they wont get any money if they should reach pension age.

    Germany is also losing 100000 people every year due to the low birthrate so it is kind of shrinking, this problem kinda comes from the fact that almost every german girl is bitchy as hell.

    We work 42-45 hours a week to pay for the rest of europe while sales assistances are starving because they make less than minimum wage, working 42-45 hours a week.

    We also got the worst kind of school system separating children at the age of 10 after 4 years of school into 3 kind of Schools : Gymnasium : 8 years of school in which they have no childhood and have to learn all the time but they will get a good job and life later on. Reakschule : 6 years of school in which they have some free time and get a chance to get a decent (not well paid job). Hauptschule : 5 years of school in which they have a lot of free time but they will have almost no chance to get a job making more than minimum wage.

    Once you are in one of the schools getting into a higher school is very hard and impossible for most, gymnasium is also the only school which enables you to study and get a degree.

    We got a huge problem with foreigners which come to our country without learning the language and once they are here some of them are insulting Christians, trying to force people to believe in Muhammad or Allah.

    This country is not the best but pretty fucked up since the 90's and its getting worse and worse.

    empire send me a pm if you need any help.

  • @kurolaw

    You got me wrong.

    I told @GOODEMPIRE that it is best for him to go to Germany. Or France. France is also pretty fucked.

  • Oh ok.

    Well i at least gave him a quick overview of some of our bigger issues.

  • Yeah. I'm just thinking where exactly to go.. any thoughts/ideas? Just had a conversation with a local producer. She has been trying to persuade me the country is in a really good shape. I'm mostly interested in human stories which could be used to show the broader picture.


    I suggest to focus on real manufacturing in Germany and France. Many weird things are happening.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev @GOODEMPIRE @kurolaw Vitaliy perhaps we should start a section on World politics or World problems, Here in the US we are being fed crap, France,Germany financial giants of the failing EU, also the British are pointing to the EU breakdown, hiding the fact that they are equally in trouble. I am reading what you are talking about or GoodEMPIRE and now Kurolaw. This could lead to a larger effort, the breakdown is worldwide, the reactions are few but they can be found if we look in our back yard. Vitaliy, the work you have done on this little camera is truly making it the "peoples" camera, there is no way around it... People are dangerous with this unit. GOODEMPIRE what do you say, New Topic connected to "Planet of Babel". Vitaily you should be proud, so should Driftwood. Chris etc. Hey I am 60, I may be fucked, but I am not going down without some sort of protest. Blah Blah Blad.

  • We really should have such a section i am also interested in making a podcast with people from different countries. Mainly because i want to inform people that germany is not that healthy our economy cant hold the rest of europe much longer in fact we can't do it right now but we are always keeping the charade up.

    So if anyone is interested doing a podcast shoot me a pm.

    GoodEmpire you should really come to bavaria and talk to people from the age 35-75 most of them are fearing a life in poverty. The ones under 35 don't give a shit as long as they can drink alcohol. We got a huge problem with kids starting from age 12 who drink to much alcohol but the police walks around them not stopping them. The producer had to say that, if you say just one word against Muslims or the European dream then you are immediately a nazi and believe me if you get beat up by a real Nazi (yes some still exist) or a Muslim say one word to the police they wont help you they will throw you in jail instead.

    I will help you out as much as possible.

  • @kurolaw you seem to have more troubles with Muhammad, Allah, muslims than with economic crisis...ôÔ

  • Not really you can believe in whatever you want to unless you try to force your believes onto me which many Moslem's have tried till now mainly the young ones at school. I am a Christian and i am happy with it so let me be one.

    I was just pointing out a problem with Muslims and Nazis.

    That was one sentence what makes you think something like that?

    And b.t.w i got a huge problem with the economic crisis. Hell i am 19 and i am really afraid of what happens if they keep up the charade any longer.

    If we keep going like this it will most likely end in a complete breakdown of the European union making us a new china.

  • @Faudel, you seem to have more troubles with Muhammad, Allah, muslims than with economic crisis...ôÔ Brilliant observation, or at least the expected one. @kurolaw, it is easy to divide the tribes and keep them weary of each other. Both sides are a lot easier to control. So.. we all need to beware of the divisions that are put forth on our daily news, what was the phrase, "divide and conquer". The plant is being push along by all politicians that want to maintain their control. Whether Conservative or Liberal, one religion to another, we need to unite against those policies.

  • @kurolaw I don't see anything wrong with what you said given that you are a 19 yo local resident. It's an interesting observation. Would be cool to meet and talk. At this point it looks like we are going to Saarbruken, Kaiserslautern and Berlin. Don't know if we can make it to Bavaria (btw what exactly can we film there?). We take off on Sep 1-2. At the same time I do agree with @Faudel and @Exilenorth — the masters of the world are dividing us to dominate us. Nationalism is the best peer of capitalism. While traditional culture is its #1 enemy. So I can only repeat we are all tenants of the giant tower of Babel destined to collapse if we don't fix the strategy.