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Shooting a documentary in Europe, need some help
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  • No matter you follow Seth or Horus ,Pharaon will rule anyway...

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  • Well you could interview people from Bavaria.

    Which is completely different from Berlin.

    In fact people from state to state in Germany have completely different opinions on the matter.

    Yeah would be nice to talk.

    What about making a podcast with a few people from different countries that would be very interesting. I am away till Sunday so don't expect another answer before Sunday evening.

  • Hey Goodempire, how is it going in northern germany?

  • If you are planning on visiting Germany, let me know! :)

  • Hey @ kurolaw, @ fatpig! I'm already in Germany. We have our own plan but any contribution is greatly appreciated!

  • Hey Goodempire pm me if you come to bavaria i could help you out only if you need help of course.

  • @kurolaw Sorry man we only have time to go Berlin from here :( Athens is our next stop. Is there anything related to the crisis you might want to shoot to share with us?

  • Well i can only give you a tip to take a close look on the high court judgment on the esm, europe will be done for if the esm should pass.

    Am i the only one who thinks that the song Land of Confusion is pretty much describing whats happening?

    I might do a song called 'Europe of Confusion'

    Do i have some time for it?

    I could ask a bunch of language students about the subject but i doubt that a lot of young people get even 1/100 of the picture of whats at stake. That by the way is making me sad. I am 19 soon turning 20 and i have the nickname grandpa since i take interest in the world and politics.

    I can help you translate the interview and create subtitles for you if you want to.

    Fun fact i am a language student doing videos in his free time.

    Land of confusion:

    We are screwed if the German high court does not vote against it.

    The voting is on the 12th of September

  • @Kurolaw For those that do not understand...The ESM will be established if member states which represent 90% of its capital requirements ratify its founding treaty.[1] As of 1 August 2012, fourteen of the seventeen members of the eurozone constituting just over half of its capital requirements have ratified. Of the remaining members, Italy and Germany must ratify the treaty if the ESM is to be established as each represents more than 10% of the ESM's capital requirements and together over 45% of the total. Estonia, the third state which has yet to ratify, has only committed 0.19% of the capital requirements so the ESM can be established without their ratification. I have been working with DrewNet sharp, the first one... for a moment I had doubts.. now it is a beauty. I will post mts file in the morning. Thanks @Vitaliy @driftwood@cbrandin

  • More news from Spain suggesting looting of food from supermarkets by hungry people without enough money to buy it....

  • damm its getting worse everywhere.

    The fat years are over, the tragedy begins.

  • @ahbleza we've been shooting food banks in barcelona so it sounds truthful

  • @GOODEMPIRE @janis Baltic states could be interesting. I'm in rural Estonia and there's plenty to say about the last decade although it look like a more fringe territory than much of Europe (but this is exactly why it might be interesting).

  • @MirrorMan I know, man. We are just running out of time...

  • @GOODEMPIRE , you must have 1000 miles of data, so that means a million hours of culling and then editing. he world is a mess, and I can only imagine what it is like in Europe. The US is in the throws of an election and the bottom is continuing to spiral out of control. Somewhere there is a silver lining... got to find that. Remember the movie with Douglas Fairbanks.... once the boogyman is out, its hard to put him back in the box... good shooting. Be safe.

  • The current crisis in the U.S. is relying on extreme methods of energy extraction to lift the economy from its dismal cacophony. Not sure if this helps, but our footage on the GH2 in a recent documentary on hydrofracking says something about how unregulated free markets are using the current crisis to shroud the rights of individuals to extract the last remaining pieces of fossil fuels in the hope it will bridge to a brighter future. Here's a few shots of what we're working with:

    People lose their freshwater and it's a straight line to water privatization.

  • Vitaliy wrote: "I think exactly reverse. That we are going to see animal side of people. As soon as resources and life quality will be dropping it'll happen for certain."

    I have had some really hard times in my life and it has changed me for the better. It didn't bring out my animal side. It made me a more caring and compassionate person. Quality of life dropping is a spiritual test. Not everyone reacts the same way. Possibly some for the worst but some for the better.