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Need help with patches in PAL land
  • Hello, first I'd like to introduce myself and thank everyone who makes this place run, its amazing the amount of knowledge and resources here introduce myself. I'm Albi and have recently bought a GH2 and a bunch of lenses. I have been working as a camera assistant for other camera men who have budgets. I have been a long time waiting for a camera system that I could afford and that shoots nice images so I can begin shooting my own work and getting it out there. After having read and watched so much about these great patches I ditched my cannon stills gear and invested in the GH2.

    I'm looking for advice on which patches to use. I would like to be shooting 1080 25p Pal. I'm looking for a patch which is reliable for long takes, documentaries. A patch which is good for motion and doesn't give the strobing effect when panning or moving the camera around, I will be shooting on a shoulder mount a lot. I'd also like to be able to project the final production. Am I looking for too much out of this tiny camera?

    I also need advice on settings. Because I want PAL 1080 25p does this confine me to shooting in HBR mode only? I see a lot of work has been done in the cinema 24p setting but I need 25fps and therefore this is useless for me, advice appreciated.

    I have tried many of the patches and so far find Flow Motion V2 to be the most stable in my limited experience. Some of the other patches freeze the camera when I'm in HBR mode or don't span, I'm probably missing a setting.

    Finally this is what I'm using:

    GH2 Nokton 25mm Zeiss 28, 45, 50, 180mm Takumar 135mm 1x Scandisk 30mb/s 16gi 1x Scandisk 95mb/s 64gig 3X Transcend Class 10 16gb

    I'm really looking forward to hearing any advice, especially from people who shoot in PAL land. Thanks guys.


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  • I am in AU .. PAL .. I agree with you most stable is Flowmotion. I use it on my Transcend 32Gs (genuine from bhp)

    I have a 64G 95Mb card and I personally have not had an issue since I bought that card with any patch.

  • Also in OZ, Ditto on the Flowmotion PAL patches, reliability and motion are what they were developed for. The strobing on pans and camera motion is something that you will have to work around, it's more noticable on GH footage than camcorders, nature of the beast. Slow pans and camera motion control using supports I've found are the best way to handle that, pretty much follow the rules for shooting 24p film.

  • Thanks guys. Rambo I love your business model and your interview kit! Kavadni I also bought a 95mb card and had problems with quantum x v4b orion: it spans in HBR mode but freezes after anything between 5 - 12 mins, the camera locks up.

    I have another question: Is HBR mode the only setting in camera that will shoot 1080 25p and not 1080i? Can I use any other modes and still obtain 1080 25p? Is manual movie mode always interlaced even with the patches?

    Thanks again.


  • @Albi Driftwoods new Cluster v2b is made specifically for PAL

  • @Albi,

    You are correct HBR is the only 25f progressive format.

  • @albi and @DeShonDixon ..

    +1 Cluster v2b, that is the one I was using and still use on my GF2s

  • Thanks guys.

    DeShonDixon: I will test the cluster v2b today.

    Any advice for a time lapse patch for 1080p 25?

  • Cluster v2d please.

  • @Albi and @Kavadni Yeah sorry driftwood changed it to Cluster v2d which is better than v2b
  • @driftwood If I asked a question about why am I having trouble importing my mts files into after effects would that be on the beginner thread or can I start my own topic on it?

  • Beginners threads - there's loads about this if you search - plus you could transcode to a prores flavour first using clipwrap or 5dtorgb, etc.... I wouldnt start a new thread.

  • @Albi and @Kavadni Sorry its been changed again but this is best for PAL
  • Thanks guys. I went out earlier with cluster v2c and sedna. It was just shooting stuff around the town, mainly static, short takes. I'm viewing the footage now. Cluster is not playing back smoothly but I'm pretty sure it's my mac book pro which is a dual core and probably outdated for this kind of stuff.... al though it works fine for viewing RED footage in Redcine-x-pro!?

    Driftwood I see you have a new version of cluster out already so that'l be next in line for me. Thanks. The sedna stuff looks amazing.

    DeShonDixon thanks for the links with the files.

    Ralph_B I've heard great things about sanity and have tried 4.1, it looked great but didn't span so I didn't pursue it. I have 5.1 sitting on an sd card in the camera bag and didn't get time to try it today, I'm really looking forward to using it. Thanks.

    Another thing, I'm getting really fond of the EX Tele feature, its really good. I am getting some banding and grain even at 160 iso tho and its pretty much unusable after 320....

  • @Albi No problem! Need anymore questions answered just ask me! :D

  • Just did a spanning test with sedna Q20 B settings. Scandisk 95mb/s 64 gig. Doesnt span for me. Stops at 11min or so. Pity cause I really love the image quality and its stable in camera.

  • Thanks, will do that now.

  • @Albi

    Cluster is not playing back smoothly

    you mean .mts on your computer? If so try mPlayerX instead of VLC. Seems that VLC is overchallenged by high bit rates.

  • peaceonearth thank you so much. The mts files play perfectly in mplayerx! btw how do you select the person you reply to in a post. i.e: @peaceonearth ... ?

  • .... or maybe its as simple s typing it out the old fashioned way.

  • @Albi Just put the @ sign before someones name and they're mentioned