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Need help with patches in PAL land
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  • another thing that you can do if you want best quality: shoot in 24p and conform lossless to 25p later. Don't worry that your clips gets 4% faster, that's how we watch in PAL countries Hollywood movies in TV for decades.

    In the beginning with GH2 I was worried about that PAL thing too because 24p has evident better image quality. Try to think if your footage really ends up in TV? Mine does not. Even my commercial work is "only" played on big screens on fairs or is embedded in internet pages. Probably it will play smoother with 24p on a 60Hh computer monitor than with 25p. Up to now I heard no complaints about my work - quite the contrary I get compliments about it.

    If you know from the beginning that you are shooting for PAL TV and are worried about frame rate issue: buy a FS100 or at least go for a rental. A scenario to shoot 25fps with GH2 is if it's the B-cam on a 25fps shoot. In this case you are probably the B-guy ;-) and I would not care too much.

  • @peaceonearth A very good point about how we watch our TV from America...

  • @driftwood If you did editing in 24p and converted to 25fps after, you probably you might wish to pitch down your sound a little. I guess nobody except the cutter will realize the difference. But if you listened several times to your audio during editing you will notice that it's higher and faster. I your footage has voice over, some music and athmo only you can convert your 24p to 25fps ProRes before editing.

  • @droftwood @peaceonearth good point, thanks lads its worth trying.