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Need help with patches in PAL land
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  • @Albi Driftwoods new Cluster v2b is made specifically for PAL

  • Thanks guys. Rambo I love your business model and your interview kit! Kavadni I also bought a 95mb card and had problems with quantum x v4b orion: it spans in HBR mode but freezes after anything between 5 - 12 mins, the camera locks up.

    I have another question: Is HBR mode the only setting in camera that will shoot 1080 25p and not 1080i? Can I use any other modes and still obtain 1080 25p? Is manual movie mode always interlaced even with the patches?

    Thanks again.


  • Also in OZ, Ditto on the Flowmotion PAL patches, reliability and motion are what they were developed for. The strobing on pans and camera motion is something that you will have to work around, it's more noticable on GH footage than camcorders, nature of the beast. Slow pans and camera motion control using supports I've found are the best way to handle that, pretty much follow the rules for shooting 24p film.

  • I am in AU .. PAL .. I agree with you most stable is Flowmotion. I use it on my Transcend 32Gs (genuine from bhp)

    I have a 64G 95Mb card and I personally have not had an issue since I bought that card with any patch.