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GHx/Gx/GFx/GXx questions and suggestions
  • Hello all, as, looking to a multiple number of posts, I haven't found an answer, I look for an answer.
    Meaning, technically, what would take to have the gh2 encoding in AVCHDintra 10bit?
    Does the camera lack of processor juice? Is it too complex programming wise? All of these combined? Developers need more supports?
    And please no aswer like "Ask Santa for next Christmas" or similar.
    Thank you all

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  • Turned it to general topic :-)

    About 10bit. It requires hardware changes, big software changes.
    10bit won't happen in HDSLR world for long time (as it is useless for usual people).

  • Hi @Vitaliy, what's up? I see... Then I guess, it'll be old school polarize filter and grain in post (or high iso) for banding like I used to do on the first Nikon d1. thx

  • Is anyone able to explain a bit further the "digital sharpening" process? I mean the black outline drawned around every little form captured by the sensor, that make the panny lenses look "busy" and unpleasant (to my eyes). LPowell has already talked about the problems it causes when it comes to using it with high bitrates patches, but main problem for me(and for many) is aesthetically.

    Does this process really happens in-camera?

    is this sharpening process the only difference between lenses that "talk" to the camera and manual lenses? or auto-focus and other "small-talks" also interfeer the way the images comes out? Does panny do it because the think the lenses are not optically sharp enough and try balancing it? I mean, do they it on purpose or its a consequence?

    Is there a hope this process will be one somewhat controlled, hacked ?

    Thanks for any clarification, I would love knowing why the hell this cheap pocketable almost dream lenses don't manage to make me like them. I've been blaiming the "digital sharpening" thing but I actually don't know if it really happens or how it actually it works.

  • ttancredi, the only reason to dislike them is if you only want the film look and motion, for everything else like events/sports/docs etc they are fine and make the job easier.

    The m43 lenses/system is a compromise. The tiny relatively cheap m43 lenses need distortion/sharpening and other corrections like CA to be equivalent to full frame lenses. That's my understanding of it anyway. I love the Pany lenses, i have 5 of them and will buy more.

  • Thanks @Rambo . don't take me wrong, I like the pancake and it's actually the only lens I own. the rest I borrow or rent.

    I have used the gh2 in 3 shorts and now intend using it for docs. I don't have the need to emulate a film look, but I just find the 20.7 unpleasing. it brings a lot of information and the images comes out with a very agressive, plastic mood. just wanted to understand how much of this look came out of panasonic's choice, and how much came out of limitation, consequence. Thanks

  • If you want see the difference, put tape on the 20 1.7 contacts and record the same scene, it does get much of it's LOOK from the processing. Are you dialing down the profile? Some like a gentle diffusion filter upfront.

  • I would buy the Samyang 35 1.4, and I wonder if the GH2 and this optical manual, continue to operate the digital zoom on the monitor for a correct focus or do I absolutely need an external monitor?

  • @joeevento: You need an external monitor (and one with 1:1 zoom) Ruige...

  • Hello,

    I have read many posts around GF2, and I watched several movies with differents patches...

    So i'm just curious to know if G3 is near GH2 for video resolution or near GF2 ?

    GF2 CMOS 12 millions pixels, but an Full HD mode near HDV quality so near 1440 x 1080 instead of 1920 x 1080 (25p encapsuled in 1080i)

    GH2 CMOS 16 millions pixels, and a full HD 1920 x 1080 with a true 1080p mode

    G3 CMOS 16 millions pixels, but 25p encapsuled in 1080i and not true 1080p (like GF2).

    So, for G3 video mode is the result near 1440 x 1080 or near 1920 x 1080 ?

    And with Vitaliy future hack can the 1080i be changed to a real 1080p ?

    I hope to be clear. My question is just around resolution to make a choice beetween GF2 or G3.

    Thanks to share your observations.

    Best regards


  • @Schol

    Do some price research, watch the deals, and you can just get GH2.
    G3 will be phased out pretty soon.

  • @joeevento you can use any non legacy lenses like the Samyang 35 1.4 with the GH2 built in zoom in focus assist function. This will only work prior to recording and only if you do not have an external monitoring device attached.

  • @rigs thanks for your answer concise and comprehensive.

  • My question stay the same.

    I would prefer a GH3 to stay compact (VS GH2).

    But with his sensor 16 millions pixels (like GH2), is the G3 video quality equal to GH2 in full HD (1080)...

    If the quality is just GF2/GF3 like, so i can choose beetwen these last...

    Thanks a lot and best regards.


  • Hi, my respects to Vitaly and all this community for making better video available to everybody. Now to the point: I´ve shot wildlife with a Red One and the main feature that made this camera stand out from the others in the process of selecting the appropriate camera for the project was it´s pre rec buffer function. This is to be able to record and erase at the same time having the 30 or 15 last seconds recorded in a buffer, once you press rec again it stops erasing and this way you have the entire action and never miss the beginning. You also don´t have to record hundreds of false starts which makes this feature amazingly important for some kind of works. Is there any possibility to develop this in the GH2? I´ve recently bought one and after hacking it I am really happy with it ;) THANKS IN ADVANCE

  • @GuilleKloetzer

    In hack it is hardly possible.
    But. Most Panasonic consumer and prosumer video cameras have such feature, so you can bother them and ask to add it to their top HDSLRs.

  • OK. Thank you so much Vitaly for your fast response. Any suggestions or names of to whom in panasonic should photographers contact to ask this? THANKS A LOT

  • Sorry again for posting on the wrong place. Does ptool have a plan to enlong the exposure time? Like 30s to 2hr for GF2/GF3. Thanks!

  • if the g3,gf2 and gx1 has a live view as GH2? output hdmi as seen on lcd kamera when record video?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev manual controls in addition to lead, it is also possible to mjpeg 1080 in GF2 / 3 thanks!

  • sorry if the g3,gf2 and gx1 has a live view as GH2? output hdmi as seen on lcd kamera when record video?

  • @kool To my knowledge the gf2/gf3 only have live video out when taking photos, not when recoding video. This is something that has been talked a lot in this and other forums.

  • 24/25p in mjpeg without frame skipping will be nice

  • for all panasonic cameras, is it possible to allow the user to map AEL to the half-pressed shutter? along with AFL or not?

    (ideally, it would be awesome if the half shutter could become an additional Fn button so you could map it or not depending modes but that would probably be tricky :p )

  • I really miss the "Elegant" color profile from my GF2 on the GF3. Any suggestions on tweaking the GF3 to get the same results? I tried raising contrast and color on "Portrait", underexposed a bit and changed the WB to +5 yellow +2 green, but it nowhere near as "Elegant" as on the GF2 ;) The Elegant profile seems to have green in the shadows and orange in the mids/highs.

  • A small suggestion to @jakepowell

    Rather than reducing ISO, why not use a variable ND filter on the lens?